Wings Over Scotland continues its dominance of Scotland’s alternative media

Scotland’s so-called alternative media continues to be dominated by the media monitoring site Wings Over Scotland.

The site, run by Stuart Campbell, has attracted over 200,00 unique visits during the last thirty days, which is over 120,000 more visits than its nearest rival.

Visitor statistics according to online traffic monitor site showed Wings Over Scotland remains the most popular independent Scottish politics site with a total of 211,400 unique visits.

The second most popular site was Robin McAlpine’s Common Space, with 88,800.

The battle for third spot was close, but the Wee Ginger Dug site run by Paul Kavanagh just pipped Mike Small’s Bella Caledonia – 80,000 versus 79,800.

Taking fifth, sixth and seventh respectively were Thought Control Scotland run by academic John Robertson, this site and James Kelly’s Scot Goes Pop with 59,500, 48,600, and 44,400 respectively.

Random Republic with 42,200 and recent newcomers The Ferret with 42,100 were eighth and ninth.

The relative health of the pro-independence alternative media was in contrast to that of their pro-Union rivals.  There was not enough data to estimate the number of visits for Unionist websites Scotland In Union or These Islands.

The figures for Scotland’s main stream websites were mixed.  Pro-independence outlet has received an estimated 328,100 visits over the last 30 days, which compares to 559,200 unique visitors for its pro-Union sibling Herald Scotland.  Herald Scotland numbers are down by 8.7% over the year.

The situation at the Scotsman is a similar mixed bag.  The has received an estimated 946,500 unique visitors over the last 30 days, but this is down 9.6 over twelve months.

The most popular newspaper website was which has received an estimated 1,154,700 visits over the last 30 days.  Tabloid rival has received an estimated 664,500 unique visitors over the same period.

In terms of broadcasting, has received an estimated 658,900 unique visitors over the last 30 days.  It is not possible to calculate an equivalent for BBC Scotland due to there being no specific BBC Scotland website.  BBC Scotland online is a sub-section of the UK site –

The figures were compiled on July 26th, 2018.

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12 thoughts on “Wings Over Scotland continues its dominance of Scotland’s alternative media

  1. James Kelly

    Thanks for the mention, but for some reason TrafficEstimate are now splitting Scot Goes Pop’s traffic between two domains – 44,400 on .com, and 16,800 on So the total figure is 61,200, which would put Scot Goes Pop in fifth place.

    1. scrandoonyeah

      please don’t die yet, at least wait until Scotland is Independent and maybe a few years after… fact a lot more years after to savour our self-determination

    1. John

      I think your Thought Control Scotland site will do better in the future ,you jiggered your site name around a bit and it might have confused people initially , but your on the right track now .You are the first site I visit for proper statistics on a very wide range of subjects , I am sure you will soon start to take a bigger share of the market .

  2. Ann Rayner

    “BBC Scotland online is a subsidiary of the UK site –”. Says it all really.

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