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Why should they take us seriously? – Towards Indyref2…

Why should they take us seriously?

There is a sense in which the US, or anyone else, is perfectly justified in not taking the Scottish Parliament seriously. After all, from their perspective the people of Scotland voted for it to be less than a real parliament. By voting No in the first independence referendum, we chose to tell the world that Scotland is less than other nations. We chose to declare ourselves unfit and unworthy to be as other nations. We rejected the opportunity to normalise our constitutional status.

On Thursday 18 September 2014, the people of Scotland had a privilege almost unique in even the most perfect of democracies. For the 15 hours that the polls were open, we held in our hands absolute political power. For those few hours, the concept of popular sovereignty was made real and and effective. For that brief period, the people really did rule.

In the first independence referendum, we had that precious sovereign power in our hands and we had to decide whether to seize and keep it for this and all future generations of Scotland’s people, or to hand it back to the ruling elites if the British state. We chose the latter. We had the power to shape and define our nation, and we timidly, cravenly gave it away. We gave our sovereign power to those we know are not fit to exercise it.

Only the people of Scotland have the rightful authority to decide the powers of their parliament. We opted to shy away from that responsibility. We said that, rather than decide for ourselves, we’d prefer that a bunch of politicians at Westminster we didn’t even elect make the decisions for us.

Until we rectify that horrible mistake, do we really have any right to complain if the Americans don’t take us seriously?

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7 thoughts on “Why should they take us seriously?

  1. Kenneth Coutts

    I agree wholeheartedly,of course with one exception.
    The small majority of people in Scotland whoever they are,were induced by a corrupt union holding on to power without representation.
    We know the lies and vows,promises came to nought for them.
    Hopefully ,unless they are deaf ,dumb and blind they now realise the error.
    As for the yanks! They are irrelevant to me and it should be the case for all, especially with their continued covert meddling in the democratic processes of countries.
    Their sanction blackmail, their political destabilisation of countries to suit their own Neoliberal corporate expansionism and American exceptionalism.
    Better they go home and stay home.
    They are a pariah on the world along with the other forces in collusion with them.

  2. Angry Weegie

    Why indeed should anyone take us seriously.

    My concern about IndyRef was that many of those who were persuaded by the Vow and the rest of the unionist claptrap didn’t vote no because they believed it, but because it provided the excuse they needed to justify voting based on their fears. Too frightened to vote yes, they needed something to justify their decision, to themselves as much as to anyone else.

    Will it happen again?

    1. dave oh what

      Oh yes. Bear in mind that the 2014 Fear Campaign was not a chuckaway project for new recruits and untasked superfluous staff, it was a highly organised campaign to stop independence. Just shows how close it was, with that borne in mind.

  3. Gordon Bickerton

    Our population is now more politically aware than ever before. The lies of the msm are exposed daily, the farce that is Westminster is there for all to see. If we were to lose the next referendum I’d emigrate if it weren’t for the grandkids. (Maybe I’d take them with me.)

  4. Philip Maughan

    I’m not sure it’s helpful to characterize No voters as fearties. Some were of course and were swayed by the Project Fear rhetoric. However, many No voters seem to really believe in the Union, in the pooling and sharing of resources and and to a degree I respect that. For the fearful we need to counter the scare mongering with effective, fact based rebuttals. For the Union believers we need to point out the inequity of that Union; the disproportionate funding of London and the South East and the relative impoverishment of the north of England and Scotland.

  5. Matthew Watkins

    The result of the Independence referendum was that 55% of those who voted disagreed that Scotland should be an independent country. This implies that they believe either that Scotland should be a dependent country or Scotland is not/should not be a country; or both. None of these options are likely to command respect globally.
    Obviously it is important to change the minds of the 55% but it is equally important to undo the damage they have done to us internationally.

  6. Graeme

    I agree as a nation we are not worthy of respect, I am a Scot but not a proud one as much as I want to be.

    I understand we need to reach out to NO voters and be conciliatory but sadly I find that beyond me, I have nothing but contempt for them they are a disgrace to our country and they have jeopardized a better future for my children and grandchildren and for that I will never forgive them.


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