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Who will ask the questions? – Towards Indyref2…

Who will ask the questions?

Truly appalling stuff from Kevin McKenna as he once again confuses the cosy consensus of the Unionist media with reality. What is being portrayed as extraordinary and vicious hounding of ‘The Foodbank Nurse’ by ‘cybernats’ was, in fact, no more than people asking the obvious if awkward questions that professional journalists should be asking, but rarely do.

Let’s bear in mind that this woman willingly, knowingly, even eagerly put herself and her claims into the public spotlight. She was not the victim of some malicious exposé. She actively sought the attention she got. She is no innocent victim. Or, if she is, then she’s the victim of her own clumsy amateur politicking. Or, perhaps, of conniving BBC programme-makers.

In all the self-righteous pontificating on this matter by politicians and journalists – Kevin McKenna being far from the first to offer a distorted perspective and an ill-informed opinion – little or no attention has been paid to the crux of the matter. In fact, considerable effort has been expended on avoiding the core questions. The only ones showing any interest in whether ‘The Foodbank Nurse’ was telling the truth, or the extent to which she was set up by the BBC, are those now being vilified by thoughtless hacks like McKenna.

Let’s be clear about this. When an individual freely elects to make a claim of fact in a very public forum, it is perfectly legitimate to scrutinise that claim. Merely questioning the veracity of the claim is not even remotely similar to the kind of witch-hunt being portrayed by the likes of Kevin McKenna. And if the even tackier elements of the media have stooped to such depths in their pursuit of cheap sensationalism and tawdry titillation, that has absolutely bugger all to do with those who are simply seeking the truth of the matter.

And why is it that politically engaged individuals feel they have to ask the meaningful questions and seek relevant information through social media? Because they know full well that they cannot rely on professional journalists to ask those questions or make any kind of investigation! They’re all too busy trying to whip up misdirected hysteria in the service of a political agenda.

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6 thoughts on “Who will ask the questions?

  1. bringiton

    Well said Peter,when she put her head above the political parapet,she was fair game.
    It was a political show wasn’t it?

  2. Dan Huil

    Old-fashioned professional “journalists”, especially britnat ones but not exclusively so, are not to be trusted. Thankfully those “journalists” are mostly working for newsprint outlets which are losing sales.The internet now provides much more balanced reporting, especially in covering Scottish politics..

  3. Big Jock

    Mckenna does this every so often.

    He is a good guy 80% of the time and then falls back into the MSM line. He hasn’t been doing it as much recently. I read his latest pile of apologist manure and thought, feck me!

    This nurse claimed to have worked for years in nursing so her salary can’t be 22K. It goes up every year regardless, unless they sack you. So she would be on at least 28K by now!

    The real question should be. Did she use the foodbank because of he lifestyle choices. Rather than as a result of being poorly paid. It’s all relative. I could blow all my money on a lavish lifestyle and end up with no food money. But that’s a result of my own greed and stupidity not my employers fault.

    This woman is a fraud in every sense and Kevin is a disgrace.

  4. Jas

    It was no accident that on QT she was planted (at the front) between two Tories who got more than their fair share of finger pointing in, while she nodded away in agreement. It was no accident she popped up again (in the front row) to grill NS about having to use food banks. It was no accident that most of discourse revolved around Holyrood issues. It was no accident the nurse moment was the talk of the media steamie.

    It was no accident.

    But it was a note-perfect performance by the BBC Symptomatic Orchestra!

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