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Who gains? – Towards Indyref2…

Who gains?

It is probably true that “Westminster-watchers” are obsessing about whether Stewart Hosie stepped down voluntarily or was forced to do so by Nicola Sturgeon. It is certainly true that this is a sad reflection on the state of political journalism. A once serious and highly regarded profession reduced to the level of sub-tabloid celebrity gossip.

The reality, of course, is that there these things are not mutually exclusive. The simplistic dichotomy is reflective of the journalist’s disrespect for readers. It assumes that we are not capable of dealing in shades of grey and require that complex issues be reduced to bite-size black-and-white chunks spoon fed to us by the mouthpieces of the British establishment.

The reality is that circumstances made it impossible for Hosie to continue in his role. More thoughtful commentary would be concerned, not with the dumb mechanics of the process, but with such questions as whether it is right or fitting or proper or helpful that a hugely talented politician, supremely well-fitted to the role entrusted to him, should be hounded from that role for reasons which have infinitely more to do with satisfying the blood-lust of his political rivals and a rapacious media eager to flex its manipulative muscles than with behaviour which, however reprehensible, in no way reflects on the capacities and talents which the role requires.

What we should be asking is, not what went on between Hosie and Sturgeon – far less what went on in the former’s private life – but whether society and democracy are well-served by the bringing down of such a gifted politician.

At a personal level, I am disappointed. I will say no more than that for fear of being even remotely associated with the pompous cant that is oozing out of certain commentators. But, above all, my politics is pragmatic. Stewart Hosie has been an adept champion of Scotland’s interests and an outstanding servant to Scotland’s people. While others obsess about who said what to whom, I ask myself who benefits from the loss – or the diminishing – of such an individual. I am forced to conclude that it can only be those who do not share his commitment to what is best for Scotland.

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4 thoughts on “Who gains?

  1. Iain Barker

    The SNP has to be whiter than white to the point of being antiseptically sterile. The SNP in my view have brought a lot of this on its own head by continuing to play nice with the Yoon Press and Media, a profession in the UK that is paid to be virulently anti Scottish Indy. When are the SNP going to take the gloves off with these people?

  2. alasdairB

    There are no winners in this shabby affair only losers. A marriage in ruins because of an extramarital affair & of one of our most able Westminster politicians now subject to unwanted press attention & salacious reporting. A sad and unnecessary event leading to the trashing of the SNP by all the usual suspects. It is to be hoped that there are no more revelations which would add to this tawdry affair.

    The losers are those who placed their trust in Stewart Hosie and of course the SNP & the wider Independence movement. And be sure the MSM will use this affair as a stick to beat the SNP. It is a depressing turn of events.

    However when I look back at my long years working overseas at a high Government level , this affair on a scale of 1-10 would barely register & doesn’t compare to the
    goings on, affairs, maladministrarion, money making schemes, vote rigging,
    escapades of Royalty, Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Governors, High Commissioners and sundry unsavoury characters from the international business world.

    The Whole event will eventually blow over but sadly in the meantime Shona, Stewart, the SNP & the wider Independence movement will by implication pay a high price.

  3. Ron Wilson

    I am disappointed in Hosie too but human beings are fallible – folk need to take a look at themselves in the mirror before throwing stones.
    Stewart Hosie is a first class Treasury spokesperson, a master of his brief & a passionate believer in the independence of our country. Give the man space to work out what he needs to work out with his family. The SNP, Scotland & Indy need him.

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