What is the word for it?

My regular readers will be aware that I am not averse to a bit of ‘robust’ language. I tend to be fairly forthright in my efforts to put the case for independence; and point out the inadequacies, inaccuracies, inconsistencies and inanities of the anti-independence campaign. But I hope those regular readers would allow that I am also scrupulous in eschewing certain terms – such as ‘traitor’ and ‘quisling’. I simply don’t consider it appropriate or helpful to hurl such epithets at those of a unionist persuasion.

For the most part, accusations of treachery are undeserved; if only because those arguing for the union at any cost are almost always unaware of the cost that is involved for Scotland. They are unaware because they have never questioned the union. They have never scrutinised it. For the most part, those putting the unionist case are merely parroting stuff that has come to them from the British political establishment via the British media. They have never critically examined any of this. Those who have – even in the most cursory fashion – are now to be counted among the most ardent advocates of bringing Scotland’s government home.

True treachery is wilful. It is a deliberate, premeditated act. It is not something incidental to even the most stubborn ignorance and complacent mindlessness.

But there is a problem. Whilst wishing to avoid calling anybody a ‘traitor’, we cannot do other than acknowledge that there are people who promote positions which are unmistakably contrary to Scotland’s interests. There are those who speak and act in a manner which cannot be construed as other than having the intent of doing harm to Scotland’s reputation or economy.

We have lately been subjected to the sickening spectacle of British nationalist fanatics gleefully celebrating their success in sabotaging a potential £10bn inward investment deal which the Scottish Government was in the very early stages of negotiating with a consortium of Chinese businesses. From the very moment news of these negotiations became public, the British parties and the British media have been intent on scuppering any possible deal.

Now, I am no dewy-eyed naif who imagines inward investment to be an unalloyed blessing. Nor am I under any illusions about the kind of businesses which can bandy around figures such as £10bn. But the very commonsense scepticism that bids me be wary of Chinese corporations bearing gifts also alerts me to the hypocrisy and double standards of those who have sought to deny even the possibility of a deal which might have been of some benefit to Scotland.

Not all of us are ready to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the mindless hysteria whipped up by the British parties and their friends in the media every time Scotland’s democratically elected government looks like scoring some notable success. Some of us, therefore, have time to ponder the fact of a very noticeable overlap between those shrilly condemning the SNP administration for even considering a deal with a firm rumoured to have been suspected of corruption, and those urging us to bow down in forelock-tugging gratitude before a Westminster elite which supposedly saved shipbuilding on the Clyde by doing a deal with a company that we know to have been guilty of corruption.

And its not only rank hypocrisy that is exhibited in the malicious effort to wreck any potential deal with the Chinese. Just as sickening is the arrogant air of self-righteousness with which it is assumed that “Johnny Foreigner” must be morally and ethically inferior. The reality, of course, is that the Chinese shoot people for the kind of practices for which British companies pay huge bonuses. They execute people guilty of the sort of corruption that the British state rewards with titles and privileges.

It seems that, in the minds of British nationalist ideologues, the imperative to undermine the hated SNP takes precedence, not only over Scotland’s economic interests and the welfare of Scotland’s people, but over all decency and even reason itself.

If we are not to call such people traitors, what are we to call them?

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16 thoughts on “What is the word for it?

  1. Andy McKirdy

    No Peter, Traitor is the right word for them and if that offends or upsets them then good.
    Plague and pestilence on them all!!!!!
    It’s not just that they hold Scotland in utter contempt, it’s that an Independent and successful Scotland, both economically and socially, terrifies them. It would be the end of them and their 1000 year establishment. AND THEY KNOW IT!!!!
    Billy Bragg wrote a great piece in support of Scottish independence in the Sunday Herald during Indyref1 about how it would show the ordinary English working class that their is indeed another way and that an English independence from the establishment would follow.
    They are terrified and we better be ready because they will use any means to undermine the betterment of our Country, it’s only a colony to them!!!!

  2. Corrado Mella

    Given their stubborn resolve to see and keep Scotland as a part of their unquestioned Great Britain, scuppering a £10Bn inward investment in a UK “region” (sic) directly damages the finances of an economically failed state with a £1.7Tn debt.

    This insane behaviour can be described as schizophrenia.

    But seen through the filter of their past actions, all this malarkey is clearly part of a wider psychiatric problem afflicting many politicians, from rank and file councillors to Prime Ministers.

    It’s well known that the incidence of this illness is much higher in CEOs, political leaders and others in positions of power.

    It’s called Sociopathic Psychopathy.

    Go, read about it. Your eyes will be wide open.

    You’ll never be able to see and read them in another way again.

  3. Andrew Scott

    Shared on Facebook with accompanying comment.

    Excellent article about shooting yourself in the foot, cutting off your nose, etc. etc. And the people who criticised the prospect of the Chinese investment will undoubtedly include some (at least) who want Britain to forge its own deals outside of the EU. That’s not going to happen with people with the kind of people with this kind of self-destructive attitude.

  4. Bill McLean

    The Brutish had absolutely no problem dealing with the Chinese over Hinckley Point. What a shower we have to live with and those Scots who would do anything to harm their own country in the interests of the unitary state of madness are TRAITORS! Sorry I don’t like pejorative language but calling them traitors bears no resemblance to what they have called any who dare want Scottish independence and the foul threats issued against Nicola and Alex among others.

  5. bringiton

    The whole thrust of British propaganda against Scotland is to undermine self confidence,confidence in our country and in our elected government.
    This should have the desired effect of fostering the dependency culture,necessary to maintain Westminster control over our affairs.
    You can stick whatever label you like on this activity but one thing is certain.
    Westminster never has and never will act in Scotland’s best interest.

  6. Sandy

    You’re absolutely right to make the distinction, Peter. There are those that simply haven’t questioned the Union. Then there are the Alistair Darlings, Gordon Browns, Ruth Davidsons, and all their minions, who know the truth but unapologetically continue to promulgate the lies.

    There are also those in the BBC, I’m sure, that have merely fallen in with the ‘institutional bias’ described by Derek Bateman and others. Then there are those that deliberately present an order for 8 frigates as delivery of an indyref promise to order 13, or made the decision to close down comments on Scottish pages on their website.

  7. James

    If they run away at the sound of a bit of criticism then they either were not serious in the first place or there is a hidden agenda. Perhaps T May said “you can only invest in Hinkley Point if you ditch the Scots”…

  8. Angus MacRuary

    Rarely have I read such measured, cold fury. It is entirely justified.

    If I read you correctly, there is no alternative to “traitor” for these people who deliberately set out to sabotage in such a way.

    Damn them all.

  9. David Mooney

    Good to see the penny drop at just how duplicitous the Westminster establishment and those who serve them are. Sadly not enough people see it. But it goes further than that.

    Independence is perceived as a real, insidious and ultimately fatal threat to the English ruling classes. The lengths they will go to, to maintain the union should not be underestimated. They have already mounted the most ferocious propaganda campaign seen since WW2. There is also extensive evidence suggesting the postal vote was tampered with. Those issues were a drop in the ocean compared to what they did, can and will do to the keep the UK whole.

    It is my view they will stop at nothing to protect their interests. This includes dissolving the Scottish parliament and using military force to quell any dissent. But they can’t be sure they can do it legally until the UK has left the EU.

    So what next? A hard Brexit is achievable in 2 years. The UK government will attempt to delay Indyref2 (probably using Brexit as an excuse to stop a referendum until after they have left). This would leave Scotland with little or no political or legal recourse to stop them taking control, all in the “national interest” of course.

    This would leave us in a situation where the rest of the world would see us as another country’s internal problem. Some may be sympathetic, but in reality would have little or no will to do anything about it.

    What can we do about it? It is essential that indyref2 is called immediately after A50 is triggered. If there is the slightest hint of Westminster trying to delay or refusing to allow a referendum. All 56 SNP MPs should resign on mass. Provoking by-elections that will be fought on a straight independence ticket. Which would probably be easier to win than a referendum. This needs to be completed and an formal independence date enshrined in law, before the UK leave the EU. Otherwise we are f****d.

    If they don’t delay then it is imperative that postal votes cast during the referendum should be kept to a minimum and scrutinised to the highest degree, preferably by independent officials with no stake in the outcome (the Electoral Commission is run by a hostile UK government and have proven to be untrustworthy). A exit poll must be taken. All votes must be traceable and held secure for a minimum of 5 years. If these steps are taken it should help minimise MI5’s ability to influence the vote. Unfortunately there is a danger that the UK government may fast track Brexit so this might not work in time.

    If you don’t believe me look at “Britains” record on letting it’s colonies go. And yes as far as they are concerned we are a colony or a region, the sweaty jocks, but definitely NOT a country.

    Of course all this may well create a constitutional crisis and force a general election. So Brexit might not happen anyway.

  10. Kangaroo

    As you have suggested not everyone who supports the UK union does so with malicious intent. Broadly speaking they are all Yoons.

    Some are just misinformed or delusional. Sticknwith Yoons for them.

    Some have evil intent and deliberately misrepresent and undermine Scotland. These are the treacheeous ones. Call them Truuns. Treacherous Yoons.

    Any other suggestions?

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