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We all knew Ruth’s 13 MPs wouldn’t stand up for Scotland – Towards Indyref2…

We all knew Ruth’s 13 MPs wouldn’t stand up for Scotland

It didn’t take long did it? Ruth Davidson’s claim that her thirteen MPs would stand up for Scotland has melted away faster than a Better Together promise.

The DUP are laughing all the way to the bank courtesy of a weak Theresa May.

One billion pounds of taxpayers cash was what it cost to secure the tenancy of Number Ten for the Tory leader.

Scotland’s windfall according to the much vaunted Barnett formula should have been almost three billion pounds.

That though remains in a UK Treasury Vault after the new batch of Scottish Conservative MPs abandoned the nation they pledged to defend. Speaking in the House of Commons after the DUP deal was announced, Scottish Tory MPs backed the decision to refuse any equitable payment to Scotland.

There’s an obligation on BBC Scotland to pursue Ruth and her MPs. The broadcaster pushed what has proven to be a false narrative of ‘Influential Ruth’ and her MPs who would ‘fight Scotland’s case’.

These news reports look a bad joke today. Not as bad a joke as David Mundell who on Sunday promised that Scotland would indeed receive its Barnett consequentials from any DUP deal.

On Monday Ruth Davidson was attacking the SNP for demanding the Secretary of State honour his promise.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this treachery by the Scottish Conservatives. Scotland will always come a distant second to British Nationalism. Their general election pitch was a single issue ‘No Indyref2’. That is all that motivates them. It’s all they have to offer.

The episode though has confirmed the Scottish Conservatives as politically inept. They lack deftness to capitalise on their recent electoral success. Ruth, as I have long argued, is no politician.

I said days after the general election when ‘Ruth-mania’ was at its hype that things would change very quickly. They have.

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8 thoughts on “We all knew Ruth’s 13 MPs wouldn’t stand up for Scotland

  1. Big Jock

    Sadly there are some Tories in Scotland who are actually delighted that their own country is getting nothing. Such is the depth of their bitterness and self harm that they seem to take a masochistic pleasure in being continually deprived.

    This will in no way bother any Tories in Scotland. They don’t agree with the very notion that it’s a nation state. They see the UK as one country and Scotland a region of the UK.

    1. Ayrshirelass

      I think for a few its not even about the UK. They have no loyalty to anyone but themselves and their families – the law of the jungle.
      Patriotism doesnt come into it. The way the UK is set up has provided countless opportunities to evade tax and squirrel away wealth for very little effort. We are running out of things to sell off and asset strip hence the desire for Brexit which will open the way to a mini USA
      These are the people who are putting the big money into the anti -SNP and anti independence campaign
      However there are plenty of people who vote conservative who have workd hard to get the security they now have and dont think in these terms at all. They are the people we need to convince to win independence.
      There is quite a large section of Scottish society in their 60s who benefitted from the enlightened values of the 60s and a good education system and have done well for themselves but still value the welfare state.
      We can win them over but we have to give them a vision of an independent Scotland which looks after the most vulnerable and poorest but accepts that it is human nature to strive for a better life and that an independent Scotland is best placed to provide that for their family.
      i think the SNP have the balance right but calls for the SNP to become more ”socialist’ to win independence are misguided.
      While I am one of their biggest critics, attacking the Tories will only get you so far.

  2. bringiton

    The Scottish unionists are now in bed with their fellow unionists in Ireland but without the money because as far as the Tories in London are concerned,they don’t count.
    That is what these succers voted for and that is what they have got….nothing.

  3. Mark,Rowantree

    As others have alluded to many of those who voted Tory will be delighted to see their fellow Scots suffer financially, providing it makes their ‘precious Union’ appear more secure.

  4. Alasdair Macdonald

    And, did Good Morning Scotland press Ms Davidson? No, it pressed her case, flimsy as that is.

  5. Ottomanboi

    The Union was spawned in the mire of treachery, double-dealing and bribery. Scotland sold by its ‘leading citizens’ on the make. The ambitious Ms Davidson is continuing that ignoble tradition. Our country is looking rather pathetic at the moment, we appear to have taken a giant step backwards.

  6. Contrary

    To be fair to GMS, yesterday morning (Tuesday…. Was it Tuesday? I may have missed a day) Gary Robertson did a big piece on the DUP deal, saying that Fluffy and Ruth wouldn’t be interviewed, he found some non-entity Scottish Tory MP to interview (for one of the Aberdeen regions) who did an abysmal job of lying and a good job talking himself out of supporting the Scottish people (he said, Mundell didn’t say that – probably lots of ‘to be clear’s too – Gary said, yes he did. Rinse and repeat).

    But, I can’t see much of a reason to be fair to GMS, they are not fair to us, back into their comfort zone of telling us how disastrous and rubbish Scotland and their government is, quick enough. We knew, of course, that they’d be loving late farmers payments – though they haven’t been slavvering over the issue as much as I thought they might enjoy.

    I suppose that is one thing I find irritating about Tory/labour/BBC actions and reporting; they delight so much on human suffering just for the political point scoring. Every hysterical report, every reinforcement of our sub-class status, every bad-NHS report, every reinforced untruth, causes us harm. All this is presented to us with smiles and happiness and giggles, so glad they are enjoying their jobs.

    This morning on GMS, on independence referendum, they are saying it has been delayed. Richard Lockhead, Jackson Carlaw are being interviewed. SNP says, we are leaving the timing open to depend on circumstance etc and most people want one. Gary says SNP has independence in their manifesto, Carlaw rants about taking it off the table ,,, did he say ‘the people were wrong’? Gosh. Gary says, there used to be consensus for staying in the single market in the Scottish Parliament, why not now. Carlaw says, we want a good deal for the whole UK ,,, 75% think leaving EU is good idea (eh? is that really true??). Gary did say, but what about Scotland?

    Carlaw doesn’t believe there will be an independence referendum, there will have to be a sustained desire for it blah blah. He gets the last word.

    So all polls have shown majority desire for holding a referendum at some point, but Carlaw still doesn’t believe it exists, and thinks we are wrong to think it,,, I guess democracy only works for him when it agrees with him. They think it’s a joke eh? Our livelihoods and well-being are just a joke to him.

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