Unionist parties reverse Single Market support stance in Holyrood vote

record-single-marketUnionists parties at Holyrood have refused to support a motion calling for Scotland to remain part of the European Single Market despite previously pledging backing.

The Scottish Conservatives were joined by the Lib Dems in voting against the SNP motion, whilst Kezia Dugdale’s Scottish Labour group abstained.

The motion, lodged by SNP MSP Keith Brown, called on the Scottish Parliament to recognise the “overwhelming vote” in Scotland to remain in the EU.  The motion also called for “Scotland’s place in the single market to be fully protected”.

Despite Unionist opposition, the motion was successful with 65 MSPs backing the calls, 32 voting against and 20 abstentions.


The failure of Scottish Labour to back the single market vote was ridiculed by independence supporters on social media.

Many highlighted tweets posted by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale where she voiced support for the Single Market.

The Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish Lib Dems were also targeted with images of a Daily Record front page highlighting both parties’ recent pro-European stance.

Video clips showing Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson pledging support for the Single Market were also posted.

The vote followed earlier reports of chaos at the heart of the UK government over Brexit.  A leaked memo is said to reveal that Number 10 Downing Street has no overall strategy for leaving the EU.

According to The Times newspaper, the document says, “It may be 6 months before there is a view on priorities/negotiation strategy as the political situation in the UK and the EU evolves,”

A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister challenged the claim, saying, “We do have a plan, so I dispute that wholeheartedly,”


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7 thoughts on “Unionist parties reverse Single Market support stance in Holyrood vote

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    I have been told there is a though that “the reason for the Unionist party’s voting the way they did ,was so that Holyrood can’t present a United front to Brussels over the single market.”

    If so this is pretty despicable behaviour but no less than we have come to expect from The Ruth Davidson ‘No Surrender to Referendums’ Party, BLiS and the Fib Dems.

    The Union, Central Office Funding for their Branch Offices and their place at the trough is more important to these jokers than protecting their electorates and Scotland’s interests.

    The good old BBC/MSM will no doubt report this as accurately as ever 🙂

    1. Adrian Dunbar

      Perhaps if indyref2 brings doubt over the UK as a whole then we should have a UK debate as to the common goal/risk to the union

  2. finnmacollie

    The London based parties have just voted against the (overwhelming in the case of Ruth Davidson) wishes of their own constituents and in doing so have put up a big middle digit to 62% of the Scottish electorate and said “We don’t give a toss for your opinion, you are going to have to suck up what England voted for.”

    I agree that this will send out a message to Europe that Scotland is divided on the issue – shades of the Chinese “deal”

    No doubt the MSM will find an SNPbad angle to report it – if they mention it at all.

  3. Iain Ross

    I see the BBC doing their usual on GMS this morning and playing the ‘omission’ card in regard to these shenanigans, oops sorry my mistake they must have just forgotten, honest mistake and all that………….

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Whisky makes up ¼ of the UK’s food and drink revenue for a start.

    Dr Dr Paul Monaghan MP (SNP MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross) says on 14th November:

    “UKGov told me today just 44% of Scottish manufacturing exports are to rest of the UK but don’t know how much of that is passported to EU.”

    Also says:

    “Interesting UKGov reply today on question of proportion of Scottish exports to RUK destined for EU. They don’t know. My figures suggest 75%.”

    So the:

    “Scotland exports 4 x more to rUK than EU and is important” fae JaBa and Murdo (TQ11) Fraser is complete Bullsh*t as we all suspect.

    What Murdo and JaBa actually means is that the 3/4 of those Scottish exports to rUK that the rUK then exports to EU is the important bit.

    As always it is Union First, the truth a lot further down the list as we have come to expect from BLiS and the Ruth Davidson ‘No surrender to referendums’ Party.

    Fib Dems irrelevant.

  5. millie

    BBC GMS had lawyers on at 7.53am talking about Scotland and the EEA.- Dr Stuart Maclennan sounded extremely negative about the possibility. Professor Steve Peers sounded a bit less emphatic. At the end of the day, I’m sure it will be a ‘political decision’, and where politics is concerned surely anything is possible.

    Just wondering, is that the same Stuart Maclennan who was a Scottish Labour candidate in 2010?

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