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Unhappy Mundy and desperate journalism – Towards Indyref2…

Unhappy Mundy and desperate journalism

It wasn’t a particularly funny joke.  Stuart Campbell suggested Tory MSP Oliver Mundell’s speech was so dreary that some listeners may have wished that the son of the Secretary of State for Scotland had never been born.

“Oliver Mundell is the sort of public speaker that makes you wish his dad had embraced his homosexuality sooner.”

The joke was offensive.  The joke was satirical.  Satire often offends.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were all tweeting the supportive hashtag #JeSuisCharlie in response to the attacks on the satirical, and often offensive, French magazine Charlie Ebdo.


But was the Mundell joke homophobic as is being claimed by the Mundells and some of their media supporters?  No, of course it wasn’t.

The joke makes no judgement on homosexuality.  David Mundell’s homosexuality is used as a metaphor.  The phrase “embraced his homosexuality sooner” is used as a substitute for saying it might have been better had he not had sex with Oliver’s mother at the time of his son’s conception.

This kind of offensive satirical joke is pretty common.  It was used when Boris Johnson announced he had pulled out of the contest to replace David Cameron.

Was the joke taking a swipe at Boris Johnson’s father’s heterosexuality?  Was it a suggestion that Boris’ father was unable to exercise control?

Of course it wasn’t.  Johnson, as far as I can tell, didn’t issue any statement condemning the joke.

When controversial columnist Katie Hopkins tweeted a picture of herself standing beside her father asking what an appropriate present would be for his 70th birthday, one response went viral with over 50,000 retweets and 90,000 likes.

Hopkins father is a Catholic.  Condoms were forbidden by the Catholic Church at the time of her conception.  Was the tweet, with its reference to a condom, anti-Catholic?  Was the tweet a suggestion that Hopkins is despised by her father to the extent that given the opportunity again he would rather she had not been born?

Of course it wasn’t.  It was a joke whose target is one of the UK’s most offensive columnists.  Hopkins’ obnoxious character is the joke in the same way as Oliver Mundell’s dreary speech is the joke.

Political Media

Stuart Campbell’s joke has been manna from heaven for what passes for a political media in Scotland.  I won’t list the number of outlets that have headlined David Mundell’s claim that the joke is homophobic.  There are just too many.

The story is similar to the now forgotten ‘Dykey D’ episode which followed a similar joke of a satirical nature and a subsequent tweet from a female SNP MP.  Joanna Cherry is herself gay, but it didn’t stop headlines claiming she was defending homophobic abuse.

That story made headlines on BBC Scotland and was featured by Kaye Adams on her phone-in show.


Like the ‘Dikey-D’ coverage, the headlines following Stuart Campbell’s tweet have nothing to do with exposing homophobia and promoting tolerance.  They are motivated by a desire to kick the shins of an individual who highlights all too often the corruption that lies at the heart of Scotland’s pro-Union media.  It’s also being used as an opportunity for this same pro-Union media to attack on the SNP.

Attack the SNP

Stuart Campbell has no connection to the SNP.  As far as I know he never has.  Yet journalists have peppered the party for comments about the joke.  The party has responded by supplying a statement that is generic and make no reference to either Campbell or his website.

Why do this?  Because if the SNP ignores the request to supply a condemnatory statement then the corrupt media we have will twist the story into an outright attack on Nicola Sturgeon’s party.  The story becomes one of SNP refusing to condemn ‘homophobia’.  That’s how this kind of corrupt journalism works.

But one journalist has gone further.  Not content with the media attempts to link the SNP to claims of homophobia, an Express journalist has actually accused the SNP of knowingly tolerating party supporters who are bigots.

David Maddox went further by implying the SNP was actually standing bigots as candidates in the forthcoming local elections.

But let’s return to Stuart Campbell’s tweet and the claim it is homophobic.  Here, again, is the phrase in question “embraced his homosexuality sooner“.  In order to see offence in this phrase one would have to see the sentiment itself as offensive.  But is it offensive to urge people to embrace their homosexuality sooner, even in the context of a satirical joke?  I’d have thought it more offensive to suggest someone should in fact delay embracing their homosexuality.

As I’ve said.  This episode has nothing to do with tolerance and/or exposing homophobia and more to do with smearing an individual loathed by elements of the corporate political media.  It’s also an opportunity to link false claims of homophobia to a party with no known links to the individual.

Indeed if Maddox and his ilk had any genuine concerns about the plight of homosexuals then they’d be pursuing Mundell to explain why Gay Afghans are being deported back to their country by the Tory Government and told to pretend to be straight if they want to survive.

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64 thoughts on “Unhappy Mundy and desperate journalism

  1. brobb

    Well said. Part of me wishes Stuart had not tweeted this but mainly because we know the media will jump at any opportunity to blow anything they can out of proportion rather than because I found it particularly offensive. Good to see you pointing out similar tweets that didn’t receive anything like the same attention (or face calls for political party comments). It certainly doesn’t put me off backing Wings, funny how MSM can ignore his forensic analysis of Scottish/UK politics but zoom in on a throwaway tweet.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Nail on the head GAP.

    “They are motivated by a desire to kick the shins of an individual who highlights all too often the corruption that lies at the heart of Scotland’s pro-Union media.”

    It is Wings forensic debunking of their lies and pointing out their hypocrisy that is the reason for this.

    If you can’t attack the message attack the messanger.

    I also think the NUJ BLiS and Unionist supporters are also a bit p*ssed off Wings 2017 fund raiser looks like it will raise more than BLiS did in 2016 from membership fees.

  3. Roboscot

    The big news story regarding Stuart Campbell this past week has been him raising £100,000 in 2 days for his blog. This is the per capita equivalent of a lone English political blogger raising £1 million in 2 days. That happening would have been reported in the mainstream media. Stuart Campbell’s fund raising seems to have got no further than the National. So not just fabricating a non-news story but ignoring a real one.

  4. Alex Beveridge

    I’m not going to comment on the tweet from Stuart Campbell, but as all of us who want an independent Scotland are all too aware, the British establishment will do anything, and employ any methods, to deny us our wish.
    In the main, the M.S.M, and their fellow travellers, the unionist-supporting politicians, the Westminster civil service, the security services, will scan every important independence supporter looking for something, anything, to blacken our movement.
    And we are all too aware of how big a thorn in their side is W.O.S, and they would like nothing better to witness its demise. Especially since its latest crowd fundraiser looks like breaking all previous records.
    From now until the next Scottish Referendum day, every word, or deed, done in the name of a prominent, or otherwise, independence campaigner, will be subjected to the closest scrutiny by those who wish to prevent us gaining our independence, and if our opponents think there is anything to be gained from publicising, through their co-conspirators in the M.S.M, this, whether they be any truth in it or not, then they will do their best to damage our campaign.
    I know it’s going to be difficult, but we must try not to give them any possible reason to harm our cause, because our task is going to be difficult enough.

    1. 1971Thistle

      “From now until the next Scottish Referendum day, every word, or deed, done in the name of a prominent, or otherwise, independence campaigner, will be subjected to the closest scrutiny by those who wish to prevent us gaining our independence, and if our opponents think there is anything to be gained from publicising, through their co-conspirators in the M.S.M, this, whether they be any truth in it or not, then they will do their best to damage our campaign.”

      Bad move. Then you allow your opponents to determine the terms of your argument. Do that, and every day the goalposts will move, usually closer together. Even if you don’t say it, they’ll say you did and attack you anyway.

    2. donald anderson

      I was telt a long time ago that there was no lie to big, too wee, or too dirty for the Brutish State.

  5. prj

    It doesn’t matter if the tweet is politically correct or not, what it does highlight is the hypocrisy of the media. If it was not this story it certainly would have been another created by baiting.

  6. One_Scot

    With the greatest of respect anyone who finds that comment or joke offensive, really needs to get a life, and I would stand by that no matter who made it, be it The Rev or Brian Spanner.

    But if we are arguing that supporters of independence can’t do or say anything out of place to the ‘nth’ degree, while unionists can use any language they wish and make death threats and it is not frowned upon by the media, well that is just pandering too far to the point we might as well just get back in the box and eat our cereal .

    1. B2k

      It is not ‘pandering’. We have a corrupt media that will use anything to destroy our case. We cannot change this,
      so, we need to avoid giving them anything that they can contort into an anti indy attack.

  7. Andy McKirdy

    I’ve always thought that 99.9% of people who are offended by something have an agenda to be offended, you couldn’t verbally offended me if you tried.(and their would be plenty of material to work with).
    The people offended here fall into that category, they have an agenda.
    What The Rev said was funny, end of.
    Venues around the country are filled regularly with people of all political and religious persuasions laughing heartily at mainstream comedians cracking riskier jokes.
    Ignore Maddox and The Bumbles and make more jokes, they have made themselves figures of fun by their actions and their incompetence!!!!!

  8. Sandra

    Whether or not the joke was funny, or whether it was offensive are side issues. Anything will be used to discredit Wings. We should brace ourselves for more of this nonsense as indyref2 gets closer.

  9. Jamie Whiteford

    I am more offended by Mundell and his nasty, right wing Tory party, led by the unelected Theresa May, than I am of any joke about his sexual preferences.

  10. Kevin

    Ah, yes, Brian Spanner, I’d almost forgotten about him/her – squeaky-clean, no history of..
    Oh, Historywoman, nope, never said anything out of turn in her life, far too smart to be..
    What? Ian Smart? did he really say that? No?
    “Ah, but the folk above aren’t ‘prominent’ people, like Campbell is. Are they?”

    Stuart Campbell is infinitely more effective than the 3 x desperados mentioned and they can’t hack that simple fact. I’ll continue to throw £££ at Stu – let Maddox ‘bad’ that fact.

    Thankfully this’ll all blow over by the time the next Scottish Independence Referendum comes-along, and Wings Over Scotland can continue to blooter the union, with ease, and continue to provide the Scottish people with a devastating source of information in the shape of the Wee Blue Book. Everything in that Wee Blue Book is what they’re trying to suppress; won’t work, we’re winning the hearts and minds, and a feeble Sunday’s name-calling won’t damage the fine work.

    Speaking of great work, great work, GAP!

  11. Macart

    Mr Maddox can’t think of another mainstream party that tolerates bigotry among its supporters?


    Quite an admission that…. y’know from a hack. I’d be embarrassed for him, but… well he does work for the Express.

    1. c rober

      meanwhile brushing the anti catholic rhetoric of the tory party in NI at Westminster , anti EU , anti immigration of the conservatives under the carpet.

      1. Macart

        Let’s not forget Labour’s anti immigration policy last campaign with its fetching mugs, their courting of the more extreme unionist vote in Scotland, or indeed the very existence of UKIP.

        Like I say, you’d be embarrassed for the chap’s lack of politcal knowledge, but y’know…

  12. Breeks

    Some jokes aren’t funny. An Express Journalist???

    A lot of this legitimate anger and faux anger seems to assume the media in Scotland is a level playing field. It isn’t. Give the Unionists an inch, and they’ll help themselves to a mile or 6000. That’s not an apology for Rev Stu, but a reminder of what we’re up against. Being irreverent, or is that a reverend, is what drives Rev Stu to do what he does. Love him or hate him, he single handedly skewers more Unionist claptrap that any other blogger I know. He does it so well he comes well up the Unionist hitlist, and we can all be sure there’s a knighthood in the post for the Unionist who can discredit Wings.

    I don’t think it’s worth being pedantic about whether it’s homophobic or not. Call a Tory Prime Minister Xenophobic and it doesn’t seem to impact on her career. Insults are designed to get under folks skin, and be insulting. Who knew? You could argue that calling it homophobic carries an implicit element of counter insult itself… I said you could, not would.

    Personally, I don’t use Twitter or FB. Seems to me it’s gossip that’s in writing, and some people need an occasional wee reminder that it’s both.

  13. Neil

    I think the tweet has had (probably) unintended benefits: it’s a handy and very stark reminder of MSM’s agenda, and also reminded us the Sunday Herald is part of the same cabal.

    1. Patrick Roden

      Exactly my thoughts, re the Sunday Herald.

      If anyone had any doubts that the SH was a ‘Trojan Horse’ (I did until today ) then the way they have joined in the attempt to discredit Wings, with this ‘Fake News’ will have soon changed their mind. (well it has done to me)

      Shame on everyone at the Sunday Herald.

      1. c rober

        Its not to discredit STU , its to shut him and the likes of him up.

        They are the enemy on two fronts for MSM , in shooting down their lies , and of course the fiscal enemy – as their sales die.

      2. Morag

        I genuinely think Neil Mackay supports independence and believes he’s running a pro-indy newspaper. But he has the ingrained MSM mindset that sees everything from the establishment point of view. Even to supporting the mad campaign to get SNP supporters to throw their votes at the Greens because that’s showing the paper isn’t an organ of the SNP and besides that nice man Curtice seemed to be saying that.

        He probably thinks all this is our paranoia and tunnel vision and so on. I don’t think he really opens his mind to think what the real story might be – like someone who made a coarse joke on Twitter that’s been made a dozen times before without comment suddenly being accused of homophobia, or a wealthy privileged Tory activist writing a grossly offensive article them squealing “abuse” even though there’s no evidence of such abuse and how come someone researching internet abuse turns into a screaming wreck if she sees some anyway?

  14. c rober

    With Stu being Gay , does that mean hes a self loather?

    WTF happened to gays being funny , since the opening of the closet we seem to have lost them , just like the need for gaydar where all you need today is a desire for politics to replace said closet…. so is politics not the new religion , or rock and roll , but IKEA politics.

    BTW , on another related note , does anyone think the gay mafia is over represented in the Scottish political sphere? Mibbe its just a ploy by Mundell , to remove the goosestep from the party and replace it with the mince?

    Scottish Tory at Westminster – 100 percent.
    Scottish Labour and Tory – gay leader ship , though I think Kez is perhaps floating on this as usual.
    Scottish Greens , co convenor , bi.

    Hardly representative of the demographics. So do the SNP offer themselves as the only hetro voice for Scotland? Nope.

    So I see the media is doing “what about this guy here” , pro indy unconnected to the SNP , so must be part of the HETRO racists plan of domination – “what do you think Nicola , do you support anti gay jokes”?

    Therefore it is the usual culprits , those that put Sturgeon articles next to “you are doomed , paedophiles and proper facists”.

    So where is the power , is it in democracy , or is it in shaping it , controlling it by the wealthy and MSM?

    Scotland should as they tell us , get back in its box , a far smaller one than the proverbial closet.

    And that is the MSM , millionaire , representative plan for housing itself – hetros in small boxes , gays back in nicely decorated closets…. as long as they arent council ones.

  15. Muscleguy

    And the MSM will be on the blower to ask if they can reproduce your repost in 3, 2, 1 . . .

    Is your phone on GAP? Sure it has a connection? Is the network down or something?

  16. Graeme

    I sometimes think all the fuss the MSM are making of this is a good thing because I think any down to earth Scot with a sense of humour (which most Scots have in abundance) will see the comment for what it is and only highlight how stupid and desperate the MSM are to find an independence bad story

    I honestly think the MSM aren’t doing themselves any favours twisting Stus comment they’re only making a fool of themselves for all to see


  17. George Trist

    This is a direct attack on SNP and Independence but more so on Stu himself. They know the success the WBB had and they are trying to diminish part2 before it’s written.

    Bad tweet by Stu for Independence but godsend for unionists and pro union media. But, definitely NOT homophobic

  18. Dan Huil

    It just goes to show how scared britnats are of sites like WOS and the fact that WOS was given £100,000 by readers over a couple of days.

  19. slackshoe

    It’s a sorry state of affairs that it had to get to the point where it was necessary to explain why the tweet wasn’t homophobic.

    And yet, I knew it would get to this point. The minute I read the tweet, I half chuckled/gasped and thought to myself, “heeere we go”.

    The usual suspects from all corners, all falling over themselves to express their faux outrage about hurting a Tory’s feelings. A fucking tory.

    Stu actually has a good knack for exposing hypocrisy in this way, but it’s not the narrative that the mainstream media will present.

  20. Sandy

    Worth bearing in mind that in all probability one of the journalists pursuing this joke is the execrable Brian Spanner. Many of the rest of them know who that is and actively follow him.

    I think if, say, Frankie Boyle had made the joke, nothing much would have been said about it. This is a desperate ad hominem attack on the Rev by a media that can’t lay a finger on his articles that demolish his lies.

    It appears to have worked though as a distraction from Teresa May’s blatant power grab. Probably time we stopped talking about the joke and focussed on the imminent triggering of Article 50.

  21. Pingback: The Claire Heuchan case: online racial abuse is a matter for Police Scotland. End of. | FROM NO TO YES. SCOT

  22. Mike

    If this were a single action I’d be more inclined to believe it was an innocent joke/satire rather than a deliberate attempt to get a reaction – but this is a pattern of behaviour from Stuart Campbell that goes back years that includes boak-inducing shit on Hillsborough and transphobia by deliberately misgendering Chelsea Manning. The problem is that every time this guy opens his mouth he’s giving any and all opponents of an Independent Scotland a way to criticise all of us who want it.

    1. Dan Huil

      I certainly don’t agree with everything the Rev says but WOS is a great site which regularly debunks britnat lies and hypocrisy. WOS is undoubtedly beneficial to the independence movement in Scotland – worth every penny.

      1. Mike

        I can understand the value of his site – but if we ignore the frankly disgusting things he has said in the guise of ‘he’s one of us’ then that does a number of things:

        1) It excuses his behaviour and gives him more reason to do it again. And again.
        2) It potentially alienates those who are offended by, for example, his Hillsborough comments from switching sides
        3) I feel it reflects badly on those campaigning for independence who do so on the arguments not on ad-hominem attacks

        Of course YMMV and I respect that. I just think jumping to his defence when he says these things deliberately to get a reaction just incites him further.

        1. Dan Huil

          Well, if it “incites” him to carry on with the great work he’s done with WOS for the independence movement in Scotland I’ll happily jump. As I said before: WOS is worth every penny.

          1. Mike

            Then I shall stand back and let you jump. Just remember to keep jumping every time he says more odious shit that you don’t necessarily agree with just because he’s ‘worth every penny’.

        2. Andy McKirdy

          Grow a set Mike.
          I for one hope he does do it again and again and again.
          I’ve said it before on this site and I’ll say it again, the toons are up for a gun fight and we turn up with pea shooters.
          I’ve had enough of always having to watch what we say and do, cause in the end they will spin anything anyway they want.
          If the Yoons are riled, good, job done, they’ve had it too cosy too long.
          Away to put ma foot through another telly!!!!!

          1. Mike

            We shouldn’t have to always watch what we say and do. We should fight, and fight hard for what we want.Of course we should. I don’t dispute that in the slightest.

            All I was trying to say was I’ve seen, on numerous occasions – on social media and on the web – his behaviour put off SNP and independence supporters and think it’s worth debating whether that has a net positive effect or not on the arguments and campaign for Independence.

            I don’t care if people disagree with me – that’s life. But let’s engage in the actual argument other than ‘grow a set’, ‘yer wrong’ and the transphobia and homophobia another poster alluded to.

            Thanks for engaging.

        3. Robert Graham

          yer on the wrong side mate , anything goes on the other side literally anything , Who questions them ? . answers on the rear of a stamp .

    2. Peter

      He did nothing more than tell the truth about the Hillsborough disaster. If people hadn’t kept pushing then nobody dies. Were you on Princes St in 1996 when it was packed from one end to the other and we were one slip from being crushed? Liverpool fans killed by other Liverpool fans. End of story.

      Bradley manning is a man. he’s now a man who has chosen to have his penis surgically removed. He is still a man. Just a man without a penis. You don’t get to tell me what words I can use to describe anybody. Especially when you are trying to use thoughtcrimes to supress truth.

      Fuck your transphobia. Go back to blair mcdougall and get him to sit on your face the way you like.

      1. Mike

        So because I don’t like WOS’s transphobia I’m a No supporter? Fuck me, you’re a clever one, eh? Thankfully people like you – who are obviously so threatened by trans-people – will die off eventually. And your implied homophobia with your last sentence does this whole thread a disservice.

        You’re right about one thing, though, I can’t force you to use the words ‘her’ and ‘she’ to refer to Chelsea Manning. That you choose to do the opposite says way more about you than it does about me.

        Now do me a favour and fuck off back to the dark ages where you clearly came from.

    3. brobb

      I don’t thing I know anyone, friend or foe, that doesn’t occasionally piss me off with a poor joke or different opinions. That doesn’t mean i condemn them for the rest of my life, or feel that anything else they say isn’t valid. Stuart isn’t a saint but then, who is? I have more problems with folk who are always careful in what they say and who take the moral high ground as judge and jury for all us lesser mortals. I can cope with straight talking even when every few years it goes beyond the tasteful, what I struggle with is people telling me what I should or shouldn’t say/think. And I certainly wouldn’t worry too much about giving anti indy opponents fodder for criticising us, they’ll find something no matter what we say or do.

      1. Mike

        If I implied I was trying to take a moral high ground then I apologise – that certainly wasn’t my intention. I was genuinely trying to point out that his pattern of behaviour seems designed deliberately to offend and get the kind of reaction that this joke received – and how I, as a proud Independence-supporting, card-carrying member of the SNP feel that it can do us all a disservice.

        We’re making it easy for our opponents if every time he opens his mouth – whether to insult someone or to come up with the single best argument for Independence ever – they can say ‘but he’s a transphobic piece of shit’.

        Thanks for engaging without resorting to ad-hominem attacks.

        1. brobb

          I too am a proud independence supporting card carrying member of the SNP. However I think that the vast majority of Wings readers value Stuart’s dissection of political issues even while they might cringe at some of the language or jokes used. Our opponents will seize any opportunity to blow up unfortunate comments, do we really need to play along with this? Also the level of abuse he gets must make it difficult not to lash out or say things to deliberately wind up certain sections of society, and that includes independence supporters who make very public moral judgements on occasion but don’t engage with the many clear and focused posts on serious issues. It’s easy to condemn someone (transphobic piece of shit) but in real life I would probably have very few folk to talk to if I let some of their remarks or beliefs become the markers for any other engagement.

          I use twitter mainly to pick up links to sites/blogs I might not otherwise come across. i am aware of the various spats going on but tend to avoid these as I feel people can be too impulsive and jump in with comments with no room to fully explain their point or engage with purpose. Just this morning I read an interesting blog by Lynn Blair on this very issue – I wouldn’t dream of saying this might/should change your opinions but worth a read to open up a more thoughtful debate perhaps

  23. David MacGille-Mhuire

    May I ask you, please, are you a British 77 Brigade protuberance, or simply an aficionado, in your own masked way, of Mexican wrestling and huggy bear faux concern apropos a re-independent Scotland, the struggle to get there, and the simplicity of doing so satirically, at times?

    PS “Mike” is, indeed, a nice, safe name beloved of aunties – maiden or otherwise, or, perchance misgendered, or not – unlike “Chelsea” which reminds me of a cheap, rundown, West London bedsit (no offence meant to Ms Manning).

    That’s my perception, very imperfect though it may be: A taste thing. Gendered or not.

    Your point, therefore, beyond pseudo-sacral, PC taboos supposedly intrinsic to the Scottish liberation struggle wherein all irreverent humour is to be angst-ridden prohibited?

    1. Mike

      I’ve been an independence supporting, wrestling-lover since my formative years – in this case over 30 years. I have made no attempt to hide my name or identity.

      I just don’t see how by suggesting that a man whose modus operandi, on Twitter especially, is to offend may not be the best person to be seen in the media as representative of Scottish Nationalists as a whole is a negative thing.

      I feel we are judged by those we stand beside, whom we allow to speak for us. In this case I’m simply not willing to be judged for standing anywhere near Campbell.

      I’m all for humour. And satire.But when I feel the intention is done deliberately to get a reaction then I have no problem with stating such. That your thoughts vary from mine is neither surprising or unexpected – I’m just not willing to give Campbell the benefit of the doubt in such circumstances.

      1. Robert Graham

        OH get a grip eh ! . does stu Campbell kill anyone ? , the same cannot be said for the tory party , who have in case you missed it been castigated by among others the UN – the Red Cross – the Courts , Yeah he pisses off everyone at some time get over it . But any hit on this Tory lot is ok by me .

        1. Mike

          No, he doesn’t kill anyone. Yet his transphobic bullshit on Chelsea Manning may well help perpetuate societal attitudes and behaviour that can have serious impacts on transgender people.

          I honestly thought people might get that this seems to be a pattern of behaviour designed for one thing only – to get the response it did. I think we’re better than that.

  24. Edward Freeman

    Well, I’m as queer as a coot myself, and I admit freely that I had a bit of a snigger at that wee joke myself – actually, I simply can’t bring myself to care whether or not the Usual Suspects think the Rev. Stu was being homophobic or not (and I know that he wasn’t), and I simply can’t find a flying feck to give about whether they get all aereated about it or not, because all it can do is change the composition slightly of the sewage and bile they constantly pump out, but the smell will be just the same.

    Actually, I think the more hysterical they get, the better for us, as the more they bark and froth, the more people there are who realize “Surely this can’t be right!”

  25. J R Tomlin

    Whether you find it homophobic or not, Stuart Campbell has a history of this kind of thing which his supporters always choose to ignore. Maybe if you didn’t, he would cut it out and stop harming the Yes movement with his nastier comments. Just a thought.

    1. Robert Graham

      OH another one Masquerading as a Independence supporter , I guess you’re a proud Scot , Aye right .

  26. Alastair Naughton

    Je suis Stuart! All joking aside though, this article is spot on in every sense. It debunks every single aspect of the smear against Stuart, the SNP and the allegations – wholly unfounded – of homophobia. It is irreverent, possibly in bad taste, but WTF happened to free speech? And the article correctly gives numerous comparable examples where not one single word was said. Indeed some of those tut-tutting the loudest at this were cheering at the fun poked at Katie Hopkins and Boris Johnson. Desperate stuff. The Mundells must be worried the gravy train is nearing its final destination – the dustbin of history!

  27. Alex Beveridge

    What offends me is the continued obsession of the Tory party in destroying the social fabric of the U.K.
    When Harold MacMillan years ago made the quote about “selling off the family silver”, I’ll bet he didn’t know just how far they would go in their aim to annihilate the Welfare State.
    Now we’re “promised” more austerity by a millionaire Chancellor, which of course means more pain for the poor, the underprivileged, and the vulnerable.
    Remind me again, who caused this economic disaster? And yet this most brutal of Westminster Government’s, goes merrily on its way, deliberately causing damage, not only to society, but to the economic wellbeing of the U.K. Brexit anyone?
    So Stuart Campbell’s comment pales into insignificance when placed aside the crimes of this most heinous of administrations, and I look forward to the day when he, along with the rest of us, can celebrate Scottish Independence, and congratulate him on the major role he will have played in helping us achieve that aim.

  28. Robin J Barclay

    I’m not sure how many places I’ve shared this video since the Rev posted his tweet but I definitely feel that this puts it all into perspective

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