Tory MSP accused of lying by SNP opponent after ‘Rape Clause’ spat

A Scottish Conservative MSP has been accused of lying by an SNP councillor after the two became embroiled in a twitter row over the so-called ‘Rape Clause’.

SNP Councillor Susan Aitken described Tory MSP Murdo Fraser as a “fibber” and accused him of posting a “straight up lie” after the latter accused the SNP councillor of “debasing political debate”.

The accusation was prompted by a tweet posted by the SNP councillor in which she gave her backing to Nicola Sturgeon after the FM had criticised the Rape Clause.

Responding to criticism of the First Minister by Tory MSP Annie Wells, Ms Aitken said: “I stand 100% with @NicolaSturgeon righteous anger at your party’s filthy woman-hating policies @AnnieWellsMSP. There’s *never* an inappropriate time, place or occasion to call out the rape clause for what it is.”

Tory MSP Fraser then posted a message on social media which contained the following: “… the SNP leader of Glasgow Council has used the word ‘filthy’ in relation to my colleague @AnnieWellsMSP.”

However several users of the social media platform pointed out that the word ‘filthy’ had referred, not to Ms Wells, but to what Ms Aitken considered “woman hating policies” of the Tory party.

Responding to Murdo Fraser’s accusation, Susan Aitken tweeted: “That’s a straight up lie, @murdo_fraser. Seems you’re a fibber as well as a cheerleader for impoverishing families and using women’s experiences of sexual violence as a weapon against them.”

The Tory MSP remained defiant, tweeting: “You & your pals just keep debasing political debate, no point in you denying it now…”

The SNP councillor refused to be silenced and added: “This is entirely about trying to silence women who dare to express anger and revulsion at Tory policies that treat women & families who receive benefits as lesser human beings. It’s just doubling down on misogyny. We won’t be silenced, Murdo.”


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3 thoughts on “Tory MSP accused of lying by SNP opponent after ‘Rape Clause’ spat

  1. Cubby

    These Tories keep trying trying to outdo each other as the most obnoxious people in Scotland. Used to think it was Ross Thomson then Maurice Golden started to catch up but the Golden oldy nag Murdo Fraser takes it by a clear length.

  2. Bugger (the Panda)

    Murdo Fraser and Annie Wells together; a missing depth of Dante’s Inferno

    Alternative a dead Halibut and a withered leathery unused Kipper.

    Who does what to whom and how.

    You don’t suppose Murdo was Ruth’s donor. I am told when the received Ruth’s letter of request, he thought she wanted a kebab.

    1. Robert Graham

      ha ha naughty now , and i thought i was pushing it by asking if the perpetrator of the foul deed had be caught yet , oops eh identified , a foreign donor might be embarrassing oops again sorry , but its a open goal when this tory is involved in fact any tory is fair game , they dont hold back why should we .

      Good line about the Kebab ha ha Priceless .

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