Theresa May is joined by Ruth Davidson as both hide from media scrutiny

Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to give any interviews to the Scottish media whilst on an official trip north of the border.

The Tory leader was in Scotland to sign a City Deal agreement with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that will see the UK and Scottish governments pledge £300m each to Edinburgh and south east Scotland.

However desite attending a photo-shoot with her SNP counterpart, the Tory leader refused all interview requests.  The snub to the Scottish media meant no questions could be posed to the Prime Minister on Brexit and the damage it is already causing to Scottish businesses.

There was further controversy when television crew access was prevented during a visit to the Edinburgh Festival by the Prime Minister.  It later emerged that Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson – who has also been sought for interviews – was also in attendance.

Davidson herself has come under pressure after repeatedly refusing interview requests to answer questions on a range of difficult issues.


The Scottish Conservative leader is still facing questions over the so-called ‘Dark Money’ revelations as well as recent challenges to her own authority by some Scottish Tory MPs.

The Prime Minister and her Scottish lieutenant weren’t the only senior Tories seeking shelter from Scottish media scrutiny.  UK Immigration minister Caroline Nokes came under fire when she too refused to answer media questions.

Whilst in Glasgow to meet council officials over the asylum seeker row, Nokes refused requests for interviews from BBC Scotland and also refused to meet with politicians from the city.  Paul Sweeney, Labour MP for Glasgow North, said: “This is a disgrace and she has effectively undermined the role of every Member of Parliament representing a constituency in Scotland.”

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3 thoughts on “Theresa May is joined by Ruth Davidson as both hide from media scrutiny

  1. John

    They hide because they cannot look the people of Scotland in the eye , their policies are all geared to England and England wants , mothing at all to do with Scotlands needs . They are lucky they are not egged as Murphy was !

  2. Independent Woman

    It says a lot when a Prime Minister, a Cabinet Minister and the ‘Leader’ of the Conservative Party in Scotland all reel back in horror at the idea of speaking publicly in Scotland. This is on a par with the behaviour of the individuals who hide ‘The National’ behind other newspapers on the news stands despite the British Nationalist media being in the overwhelming ascendency – the action of bullies running scared.

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