The tediousness of lies

It seems that Magnus Gardham is now writing exclusively for an audience of British nationalist fanatics and British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) loyalists. These are the only groups who might be taken in by this kind of blatant political spin. And only because they are afflicted with intellect-crippling hatred of the SNP and all who aspire to the normalisation of Scotland’s rightful constitutional status.

Pretty much everybody other than these two cliques will immediately spot the lie on which this latest puerile smear attempt is built. The “£10bn deal” referred to simply doesn’t exist. It is a fabrication. It is a lie. There is no such deal. There is only a Memorandum of Understanding. An agreement to discuss having talks about arranging meetings to discuss having talks about maybe discussing a deal. Not even an agenda. Barely the first step in what will inevitably be an involved and protracted process – if it even gets going at all.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the First Minister is even further from being a ‘deal’ than a Magnus Gardham article is from being a piece of informative, responsible journalism.

Desperate fro a ‘fresh revelations’ hook on which to hang what is basically no more than a clumsy rehashing of an old lie, Gardham has seized upon a story fed to him by BLiS about an approach made to Falkirk Council by a Chinese firm regarding a possible affordable housing development. He has tried to insinuated that this contradicts Nicola Sturgeon’s statement that the Scottish Government has not been in discussions about specific projects. Astute readers will not that Falkirk Council is not the Scottish Government. They may also note that the project referred to didn’t go ahead and that this actually confirms the fact that there is no ‘deal’.

Who does Gardham and his BLiS associates imagine might be fooled by such transparent dishonesty? Or have they given up on any hope that their smears against the Scottish Government might be effective? Are they now focused solely on fuelling the prejudices hatred British nationalists and BLiS loyalists?

Rather than trying to win, are they, like Ruth Davidson, putting all their effort into not losing too badly? Is their ambition no greater than to cling to as many as possible of those who are motivated by bitter resentment and blind allegiance to the ruling elites of the British state?

“Enough!”, I hear some of you crying. “We know the British media lies to us! No need to labour the point!”

But there is a point. Quite apart from the entertainment value of speculating on the motives of those who engage in this kind of propagandising, there is a rather more important point. The proximate motives are not difficult to discern. The ever-present imperative to smear the SNP administration is given an added urgency by the current need to divert attention from the unfolding revelations regarding BLiS’s disastrous PFI/PPP scheme. (Or should that be ‘scam’?)

The ultimate motive is, of course, the desire to be rid of the SNP altogether and return Holyrood to the control of the British parties. The British establishment desperately wants to stem the tide of democratic dissent risen in Scotland as a product and consequence of the Yes campaign. Democratic dissent that voters are now channelling through the SNP so as to create a political force powerful enough to challenge the smug supremacy of the British state.

If Scotland’s economy is harmed in the process, that is of no concern to British nationalists. In fact, such harm would be regarded as something of a bonus. In part, at least, the British media’s coverage of the phantom ‘Chinese Deal’ is intended to create an environment that is not conducive to complex commercial negotiations. All of which is reminiscent of Project Fear’s efforts during the first referendum campaign to deter inward investment. When you have staked so much on doom-mongering about Scotland’s economic health and prospects, you have a vested interest in ensuring economic failure. Which is just one of the reasons why the British parties cannot be trusted with the management of Scotland’s economy.

But what of that ‘important point’ to which I referred earlier? Why is it vital that people are constantly reminded of the duplicity of the British parties in Scotland and the dishonesty of the media? It is because democracy can often operate at the margins. In the British electoral system – with first past the post (FPTP) elections – and particularly with referendums, the outcome can be decided by a relatively small number of people. The lies and distortions matter – and exposing them is crucial – because it can often be the case that influencing only a very few voters can have a profound impact on the result.

So, if it all gets a bit tedious I’ll just have to ask you to be a little tolerant. Trust me! I’d rather not be doing this. I’d much prefer that we were able to trust the mainstream media. I’d be a lot happier if our media served democracy rather than seeking to undermine it. I aspire to a nation where this will be among the things that we do at least a little better.

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3 thoughts on “The tediousness of lies

  1. Corrado Mella

    Falkirk Council?

    The one where Red and Blue Tories govern together?

    The same Falkirk where BLiS have fudged up the 2015 selection campaign for their MP?

    The same Falkirk whose Chief Executive was the Chief Counting Officer at the farce that was the 2014 Independence Referendum?

    I just can’t.


  2. Ron Murray

    Two weeks or more this lie has been perpetrated I forget, as I discounted it the day it appeared as the Establishment ramping up the rhetoric
    Fortunately huge swathes of the Scottish electorate are wise to the game afoot thanks once more for dispelling the myth and pointing it out we need the whole nation to understand what is going on!!

  3. alasdair galloway

    But sadly typical Peter. Joseph Goebbels – a man who knew a thing or two about telling lies – once said “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, it should be a big lie, and one should stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”
    Fortunately, it seems as if the Scottish electorate are not falling for this thick-headed approach.
    Moreover its par for the course for Gardham – and I would suggest his young apprentice Sanderson, as well as their Court Jester, Torrance – to continue banging on, using any excuse (Torrance in particular – he recently wrote a piece on tax avoidance where the only ref to the SNP was that Tony Benn was Mhairi Black’s political hero – a “bad thing” for someone of Torrance’s pov). But check back on Michelle Thomson, Natalie McGarry, etc etc – always the same, keep banging on, never miss an opportunity to put the boot in again.
    Fortunately, it seems that if this is working at all, its to reinforce opinion, and to make the Herald seem increasingly ridiculous.

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