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The ‘Ruth Winner’ media narrative was pre-determined – Towards Indyref2…

The ‘Ruth Winner’ media narrative was pre-determined

The media narrative is unshakeable. Ruth Davidson won the general election in Scotland. It’s a Tory revival north of the border. The SNP’s Indyref2 plans are dead in the water.

Punt that line and your main stream media career is safe. The reason is simple. This was the pre-determined narrative before a vote was cast.

It goes without saying that the SNP suffered some casualties on their way to a second majority win. Losing Salmond and Robertson hurt. But the party still won.

On Sunday I tuned in briefly to Radio Scotland. I happened to catch the programme just as Gerry Hassan appeared. Hassan gave his final analysis of the general election campaign and its aftermath. Below is what the academic said about Ruth Davidson.


I was staggered at the naivety of the analysis. Nobody doubts that Ruth Davidson ran an effective campaign. Nobody doubts that she achieved remarkable gains. But to claim that she was the clear winner is going too far. It is though the line the media wants to push.

The description of Ruth’s success as proof of a Tory revival, with areas of Scotland turn a traditional blue, was also unbelievable. Her campaign had nothing to do with traditional Conservatism; it was solely about British Nationalism. Hadn’t Hassan noticed the blatant tactical coordination between Unionist parties designed to help one another oust the SNP?

In Alex Salmond’s constituency of Gordon the Conservatives came from a distant third to oust the former SNP leader. The Lib Dems lost 13,000 votes. The Conservatives gained 15,000 votes. The Lib Dems fielded a so-called ‘paper candidate’.

This isn’t a Tory revival, it’s the emergence of a de-facto British Nationalist organisation. It relies on the support of Unionist voters from all three of Scotland’s main Unionist parties.

Hassan’s most hilarious claim is that Ruth is principled on the issue of the DUP.

This is the same Ruth Davidson who fled an interview when asked about the proposed coalition.

As far as I can see Ruth hasn’t issued any objection to the coalition with a party with links to paramilitary organisations.

This is the same Ruth whose Scottish party refused to appear on the Sunday Politics Show to face questions from Gordon Brewer.

Ruth Davidson isn’t principled. She alters her stance on key issues regularly. First she was in favour of EU Single Market membership then she was against. First she said the UK government shouldn’t block indyref2 then she said they should.

What Ruth is, is a media construct. Her image is both protected and embellished. Pundits like Gerry Hassan, eager to conform to the demands of the media, will readily burnish the manufactured image.

I could have picked half a dozen pundits with similar ‘analysis’ of the general election. The Scottish media is ten-a-penny of this kind of guff.

Emerging alongside the glorification of Ruth is the nonsense that somehow Nicola Sturgeon has been damaged by this election, that she is somehow a liability. This drivel actually appeared during the campaign when The Herald’s political editor Tom Gordon asked a question at the SNP manifesto launch.

This will also gain traction as the media seeks to undermine the First Minister. A few commentators are already pushing this nonsense. If you’re looking to maintain or establish your main stream media profile it always helps to push the lazy consensus.

Finally, although not directly related to this article, I can’t end without mentioning a rather brainless piece of analysis from the ever ‘impartial’ Sarah Smith. Below is an excerpt from an article Smith published the day after the general election result.

The stupidity displayed by the BBC’s Scottish Editor is breathtaking. The first thing of course is that voters who backed Unionist parties won’t all have voted the way they did because they don’t want another independence referendum. A significant number may have voted on the devolved issues like education, Smith and her BBC colleagues pushed during the campaign.

The second is that, as far as I can tell, neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats actually said they’d block one.

Indeed Jeremy Corbyn said precisely the opposite when asked. The Labour leader confirmed he would open talks with the Scottish government.

This though is the Scottish media bubble. Winners are losers and losers are winners. Fantasy becomes reality and invention becomes fact.

You need to get with the narrative if you want to be accepted into the MSM club.


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10 thoughts on “The ‘Ruth Winner’ media narrative was pre-determined

  1. Ayrshirelass

    I think we are closer to independence than ever.

    This collusion of the unionist parties in the election and the media bias is proof of that.

    It is poetic justice that this has backfired on them, not the SNP as they would like everyone to believe.

    The labour party in Scotland has helped directly to elect a conservative government as have the lib dems. There will be political comsequences for that. Tactical voting will be not work as well for them in future.

    The conservative party have invited sectarianism into the heart of the British government and that is repugnant to most people. They will come under much greater scrutiny.

    The wider general public has woken up to the media bias through Corbyn.
    To borrow a phrase. We keep calm and carry on.

  2. Bibbit

    I don’t know if people are familiar with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ showing Sunday nights at the mo’? It is set in a dystopian future America where women are chillingly stripped of all human rights under some kind of ‘christian’ police state sharia style law.

    Well back in the real world, just across the water in N Ireland, (which coast I can see from my window on a clear day), the state police can raid any woman’s home and arrest her for having the ‘morning after’ pill – a perfectly legal form of contraceptive used throughout the world, as taking the morning after pill is a crime in N Ireland! Even if you are not pregnant!

    Abortion in N Ireland is deemed unlawful under law NOT changed since 1861!!!!! Queen Victoria was on the throne then Viccy woukld have known all about that – she had to have Nine children!! Abortion on demand is a basic human right women in the rest of UK fought hard & won in 1967 but Victorian times still exist in N Ireland for British women. It’s shameful.

    N Irish women must travel to England for abortions (or Scotland) but THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, EVEN ON THE NHS!

    The Supreme Court is to judge, this week, on a case brought by a N Irish woman (15 at the time) who had to leave N Ireland for an abortion, claiming this this breached her human rights.

    The case has been ignored (like everything else that happens in N Ireland)! by the UK media. I think last week’s Election might change that… but let’s see if Sarah Smith covers it & questions Davidson why her party is now trying to get into bed with such backward anti women rights, anti LGBT rights party like the DUP.

    I rather doubt that BBC Scotland will want to draw too much attention to the DUP monsters Scotland’s tory voters may have helped into power!

    Here’s the law for women seeking an abortion under N Ireland’s 19th Century legal system! It’s bad. Very bad.(Taken from Marie Stopes site)

    “Abortion is legal in Northern Ireland but only under strict circumstances. The majority of women would still have to travel to England to have access to abortion treatment. If you come to Marie Stopes UK from Northern Ireland, you will have to pay privately for your treatment as you would not be entitled to an NHS abortion in England.

    What are the criteria to receive a medical abortion in Northern Ireland?

    The criteria to have access to a medical abortion (abortion tablets) in Northern Ireland under the Law are as follows:
    To preserve the life of the mother.

    If the continuance of the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother, or would adversely affect her mental or physical health.

    In most cases, the risk of the adverse effect occurring would need to be a probability, but a possibility might be regarded as sufficient if the imminent death of the mother was the potential adverse effect.

    If continuing with the pregnancy would have other serious permanent physical or mental health effects. The adverse effect on her mental or physical health must be a “real and serious” one, and must also be “permanent or long-term”. It will always be a question of fact and degree whether the perceived effect of a non-termination is sufficiently grave to warrant terminating the pregnancy in a particular case. To receive medical abortion treatment, the pregnancy must be under 9 weeks 4 days gestation. If you have been pregnant for over 9 weeks, you will need to travel to England for surgical treatment.

    Can I receive a medical abortion at Marie Stopes UK in Belfast?

    If you believe that you might be entitled to medical abortion in Northern Ireland as described above, Marie Stopes UK can offer you a medical assessment over the phone or by appointment in our clinic in Belfast. If you believe that you do meet the criteria due to a psychiatric or medical condition, it is crucial that you have evidence of your condition at hand so you can make reference to this during your assessment call with Marie Stopes UK.

    Medical Assessment in Belfast with Marie Stopes UK

    If you have a face-to-face appointment at Marie Stopes UK Belfast, please bring any relevant medical information (written evidence) with you.

    All abortion treatment in Northern Ireland depends on your medical assessment under Northern Irish Law.

    After your medical assessment over the phone or face-to-face

    Once completed, you will be informed about the treatment you can have in Northern Ireland or if you need to travel to England to receive treatment.

    Please note that we will need to complete a written consent before treatment if you were to receive treatment with Marie Stopes UK in Northern Ireland or in England.

    What if I don’t qualify to receive medical abortion treatment in Northern Ireland?
    Women who do not qualify for treatment under Northern Ireland Laws as listed above, can call Marie Stopes UK on 00 44 345 300 3737 to make an appointment in the UK. ”

    End of Extract From Marie Stopes Site

    So a pregnant rape victim in N Ireland? Too bad lassie, it’s God’s punishment (and you probably deserved it)!

    I do hope the ‘sisterhood’ of Sarah Smith & Ruth Davidson condemn any government for even thinking about getting into bed with such an obscenely anti-female human rights’ party!

    But the DUP as well as not believing in a womens’ rights or gay rights also don’t believe in dinosaurs! The world was created in just 7 days. Anything else is blasphemy….

    Over to you, Ruth….

    1. Alex Beveridge

      Thanks for that Bibbit. Many facts I didn’t know. And while I agree with the first sentence of Ayrshirelass completely, the scenario being promoted by the B.B.C was entirely predictable, and I said so before the G.E when it became obvious that the S.N.P would have their seat numbers reduced from the previous 56.
      No matter how much we protest and complain, the B.B.C will carry on regardless as they are the voice of the British State, a faceless organisation comprising many entities, all absolutely determined to hold onto their remaining colony, Scotland.
      What sickens me is the number of collaborators they have here in our country. These people, are being paid with English gold, robbed from Scotland over many centuries by successive Westminster Governments.
      My big hope is that with the ongoing shambles at Westminster, the economic disaster that is Brexit on the horizon, it will make enough of our people vote Yes in Indyref2.

  3. Clydebuilt

    A young aquintance (SNP member) has many face book friends who voted for Corbyn. They were attracted by the hope he offered.
    Obviously they didn’t feel they were getting a message of hope from the SNP this time round. Whereas they had voted YES for hope in the future during Indy Ref.

    IMHO Jezza handled interviewers very well, with a pleasant demeanour. The guy became very likeable as the election progressed.
    Our representatives need to rethink the way they handle interviews.

    Corbyn turned down a last day interview from Jon Snow…… He was too busy enjoying himself……. He exerted control over the media.

  4. bringiton

    One of the main objectives of the Tories was to remove the threat of Scottish independence before going into negotiations with the EU.
    They have to some extent produced a media narrative which superficially supports that position but the reality is that the SG still has a mandate and given the unpredictability of public consulations recently,still leaves that threat hanging over the Brexiteers.
    The Tories also have another problem with the seats just won in the NE.
    They have farmers who want to retain the EU subsidies and fishermen who want out of EU quota restrictions.
    That is going to be a difficult circle to square when the reality of Brexit kicks in.
    Davidson is now talking up the prospect of a “soft” Brexit for that reason but as far as the EU is concerned,Brexit means Brexit and there will be no compromises from them on the fundamentals of the way the market operates i.e. no free access to the market without acceptance of the other criterea.
    England’s Tories will not accept that so that leaves Davidson having to drop the unionist tag from their brand name and support a Scottish position if she wants to hang onto her new found political gains.
    Somehow I don’t see her doing that.

  5. brobb

    and what’s with today’s big BBC headline – Ruth Davidson holds Downing St talks??? No comments of course, no chance to ask what the Scottish Tory party leader and MSP is doing at Westminster. No, just comments on a piece on Nicola Sturgeon available, so that they can make sure they have another chance to put the boot in.

    Thankfully the facts stand for themselves even if the BBC et al chooses to ignore them. I have total faith that Nicola and her team will keep on carrying on in the same way that has seen them secure yet another majority despite the whole weight of unionism trying to bring them down.

  6. brobb

    Normally I will watch the 6 o’clock news just to see what is being misreported now. Tonight I switched off rather than watch RD’s strutting performance today. This woman thrives on public attention, maybe we should just stop giving her this – no articles, no comments on sites, nothing, nada, rien!

  7. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Yet to hear BBC or any printed or broadcast media in the U.K. Mention the fact that the DUPs military wing murdered a bloke in front of his 3 year old kid in a Sainsbury’s car park in Belfast 3 weeks ago.

    The same lot were falling over each other to smear Corbyn with IRA sympathies a couple of weeks ago.

    The anti abortion and anti LGBT rights views as 19th Century as they are will be pushed to the fore so facts like this Paramilitary Murder are ignored.

    Propaganda by omission again.

  8. Col

    Shocked but not surprised that Kaye had a phone in asking why folk voted for the tories. This of course had a string of callers all talking up the tories and talking down the SNP. Of course they knew this would be the consequence of framing it in such a way. The day after the vote reporting Scotland had at least 6 of the public asked for their views all were anti ref 2.
    The BBC have really ramped it up and hee haw is being done about it. They are literally untouchable. I thought they were being given enough rope to hang themselves with during indyref 1 but no. They were allowed to get away with it and now we have a monster that most don’t even recognise as such.
    I think there are a lot of unhappy indy supporters now and if nothing is done to change the fortunes of the movement by those who have the power to do so it’s all over. Indy is dead and buried.

  9. Jas

    Like others I have been ‘reflecting’ on the result and have been reading the many ideas and thoughts of ordinary grassroot Indy supporters. It seems like there is a process of re-assessment going on about how to take the Indy cause forward, as if the whole movement has become one big ‘thinktank’. This is no bad thing and shows that our hackles are up and we’re getting ready for the next big heave.

    Taking on the British State is not easy when we are in fact already ‘interpellated’ within that very State, part of which means we are always ‘playing by their rules’ and they can move the goalposts whenever it suits them and more often than not they control the media narrative, like here with Davidson.

    It does raise the question as to whether the SNP are just a bit too much ‘onside’ within a system that deplores its very existence. Look at how the SNP are treated at Westminster. The SNP are not a British party but they more or less ‘pretend’ to be one. They co-operate within a system that openly despises and demonises them.

    I’m not proposing that the SNP extricates itself from the British political process but to begin by making things a little less comfortable for the BBC by not complying with their every expectation. Demand parity in all discussions or debates. Call them out when they try to set an ambush, or a wee mention that Sarah’s dad was a Slab big beast and her mum sits in the HoL as a Labour peer. Call them out at every turn. Critique their line of questioning in the heat of the moment. When they become antagonistic, reciprocate.

    That’ll do for starters.

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