The rotten core

What Walter Wilson says about “a core of right wing extremists” has the ring of truth. At local government level there are many perfectly decent Conservatives who seek, in their own way, to serve their communities. But all the British parties in Scotland are infected by a virulent British Nationalist ideology. In each of the parties, this ideology has become the node around which the more reactionary elements have coalesced. The Tories already being a right wing party, it stands to reason that those attracted to this ‘One Nation’ dogma will be the most right wing of the right wingers. The “extremists” to which Councillor Wilson refers.

It is also a fact that it is predominantly the British Nationalist elements in the British parties which find most favour with party bosses. British Nationalism is regarded as the electoral counter to support for independence and the British parties are recruiting candidates who show promise in the area of pro-British jingoism. Councillors seeking advancement through the ranks, as opposed to those content to serve locally, will naturally compete for the attention of those who might facilitate their career progress by trying to outdo one another in terms of British Nationalist rhetoric.

Far right politics and British Nationalism go hand-in-hand. Something which you might imagine would cause problems for British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), it being nominally a left wing party. There is something to be learned from the fact that BLiS appears to have had no difficulty in accommodating reactionary, right wing British Nationalism within its ranks.

At Council level, this “core” of extremists may be relatively small, if extraordinarily vocal and disproportionately influential due to their connections within the party hierarchy. By the time we get to the parliamentary groups at Holyrood and Westminster, extreme British Nationalism is, as we can plainly see, the predominant force.

The point of all this is that there is a discernible tendency towards extremism in the British parties. It is a self-reinforcing trend due to the way individuals achieve promotion within these organisations. And due to those organisations having convinced themselves – egged on by the media – that extreme ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism is the way to dispatch the SNP and put an end to all this aspirational nonsense about independence.

Councillor Wilson’s former colleagues shall, of course, indignantly dismiss his claim of an extreme right wing core. But, perusing the political landscape, it seems all to plausible.

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9 thoughts on “The rotten core

  1. Mungo

    Hi Peter, always enjoy your writing and generally find myself in agreement with your take on things.
    Wee bit off topic here, but I’ve noticed your #Referendum2018 campaign and have some misgivings relating to the effectiveness of this route.
    As the only people that can make the referendum happen are the SNP, surely the thing to kick the campaign into life is the announcement of a concrete date ?

    1. Peter A Bell Post author

      The date of the referendum is hardly in doubt. If I’m wrong about September 2018 I won’t be wrong by enough to make any great difference. What is a matter of fine political judgement is the timing of the announcement. That’s the thing we have to trust to Nicola’s skill.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Aye Peter it’s all “Seig Heil” and “God Save the Queen and her Facist Regime” in the Ruth Davidson ‘No Surrender to Referendums” Party.

    BBC and BritNat MSM are culpable in their reluctance to actively investigate and call this out to the wider electorate.

  3. Kangaroo

    I wonder when the people of Moray will wake up?

    No library, no public toilets, no school crossing patrols.

    That’s what they voted for, good luck with that.

  4. Scott

    How about this in the budget.

    Universal credit waiting period cut by one week in Hammond U-turn on flagship benefits policy

    I thought that Ruth Davidson said on live TV weeks ago that it was cut to 1 Week I hope that BBC Scotland Andrew Kerr,Gary GMS or Brewer will ask her if she lied I doubt it very much.
    I don’t do twitter but it is amazing how the likes of Murdo at one point say no to Police vat be returned then next praise Hammond for clearing up the SNP mess without one BBC person telling him they wanted a single police force.

    Dorinda we will never trust you.

  5. Philip Maughan

    One definition of fundamentalism is, ‘radicalisation as a result of one’s beliefs being challenged’ I believe we are seeing the radicalisation of staunch Unionists, AKA British Nationalists because their beliefs are being seriously challenged in Scotland by the Indy movement. We have to accept this reality which, I think will play into our hands over time as they become increasingly hysterical and xenophobic, thus losing support for more moderate No voters.

  6. Eric Sinclair

    “But all the British parties in Scotland are infected by a virulent British Nationalist ideology” : and the evidence for this? “virulent”? “Nationalist”?

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