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The lesson – Towards Indyref2…

The lesson

Tories back Labour council leader at the centre of probe

There is a lesson here for all who aspire to bring Scotland’s government home.

The British parties will always unite in defence of the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state. The Yes movement must demonstrate the same solidarity if it is not to be crushed by the might of the British state.

Just as the British establishment will come together to use their political power most effectively by concentrating it behind whichever party is best placed to utilise it, so the Yes movement must put its full weight behind its own de facto political arm – the SNP.

The British state will seek to divide us so as to weaken us. Over centuries, the British political elite has become adept at finding and exploiting the ‘useful idiots’ among those who challenge it. Its two main methods for dealing with democratic dissent are assimilation and intimidation. On the one hand, it will attempt to lure susceptible individuals into its conformist web. On the other, it will seek to grind those who cannot be brought under control in the mill of state power and its propaganda machinery.

The political parties representing the British establishment will be as one in this effort. Their power may only be countered by a movement which can insinuate itself into the British political system by way of a political party capable of operating in that context. We have such a party. We must learn to use it.

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6 thoughts on “The lesson

  1. Rab

    People never know who to unite behind. They get mixed up in small detail and confuse themselves over every kind of issue and end up voting for anybody. In total agreement with you Peter, always have done.

  2. Simon

    Agreed! I must say that my choice to vote has always been not to vote. I could never bring myself to indorse the system of things. However, I now vote SNP. Not because I have changed how I feel, but the SNP are the only route to Scottish Independendance!

    Like I said on a previous comment, division within the independence quest will only weaken the SNP and ultimetly push us further from a desirable outcome.

    Yes, I have my concerns, but I’ve decided to view my Ivory tower from the ground accept and get on the bus, regardless!

    I’ll say it again and It matters not as I’m just a no one with another passing comment in the sea of complaints and opinions. Venting how we feel, may help, but throwing stones is all it is. Togetherness behind the only tool we have, the SNP is the best solution at this time…

  3. Robert Graham

    Agreed one team and one goal is the only way , by all means argue the fine print after the event but the prize must be gained first or there will be no argueing over the small print , ever .

  4. Brian McGowan

    The fact that some polls show SLab in the lead, or recently SNP with only a wafer thin lead over the Tories, should tell us (if the Polls are to be believed in any way) that the propaganda from the Unionist side is winning the fight.
    I agree with your post entirely, but it needs more than rhetoric, no matter how strong.
    I wonder if your site and/or any of the other leading pro Indy sites have approached the SNP? I would go further than Alex Salmond (ref SIC) … the SNP should be helping to fund and indeed should be working in partnership with sites such as yours.

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