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The dark side – Towards Indyref2…

The dark side

The “fight against independence”.

Fight AGAINST independence!

Just think about that for a moment.

Never mind who is bankrolling it, how can this possibly be a worthy cause? How can it be appropriate to campaign AGAINST the aspiration to be a normal nation again? How might denying the sovereignty of Scotland’s people be an honourable cause for anyone who calls Scotland their home?

How is it possible to justify fighting to perpetuate an anachronistic and very evidently dysfunctional political union at whatever cost to the people of Scotland?

Do those funding this fight have Scotland’s interests at heart? Or do they see personal and corporate advantage in maintaining the structures of undemocratic power, unearned privilege and corrupt patronage which define the British state?

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8 thoughts on “The dark side

  1. L Thomson

    I am not worried in the slightest who funds the stay as part of a county of England, well Win and Win big. I dont believe for a single moment we lost the last time. As far as I am concered unionist dont even exist at leased no in my thoughts.

  2. bringiton

    Unfortunately,so long as unionists continue to see themselves as the majority in Scotland,the collective mindset will be anti Scottish and a desire for England’s continued dominance of our affairs.
    Very strange people.

    1. Eugene Tennant

      Unionists dont see themselves as the majority, we are the majority. Also I dont believe its Englands dominance over Scotland but its Londons, and the whole of the UK is against that. Otherwise you wouldnt have had the #scotlandtakeuswithyou during the first ref

      1. Heidstaethefire

        You’re right in siting the problem in London. However, if you are waiting for solution on a U.K. basis, you’ll wait for a long time. In Scotland, we have the solution in our own hands, shudder chose to use it.

  3. Robert Graham

    I doubt if anyone in any country on the planet would disagree with the sentiments of this post , And yet those who support this one sided Union would have Scottish people believe their way is the only way , name one country big or small who would want to be involved with Westminster after they gained Independence JUST ONE .

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