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Taking it too far – Towards Indyref2…

Taking it too far

From the outset, Theresa May has been intent on ensuring that the SNP would be tainted by the unfolding disaster of Brexit. Her very first move was to meet with the First Minister and then declare that the Scottish Government would be fully involved in the process. For which we should read, complicit in the shambles.

All of which is just politics. It may not be the kind of politics we would wish for. But it is the way British politicians behave. Dragging opponents down is at least as important as positive success. And it is very important to the British establishment that Scotland is not seen to be flourishing. So long as Scotland is following a different path – within the crippling constraints of devolution – it stands as a challenge to the mantra that there is ‘no other way’ than the British way. If the Westminster elite can’t make Scotland toe the line, they’ll do everything they can to make sure we pay a price. Or, at least, that we are perceived as paying a price. Hence the deluge of stories in the media designed to persuade the sufficiently gullible that Scotland is an economic basket-case where all public services are failing disastrously.

When politicians are endeavouring to deceive the public, they sometimes get carried away. They tend to overstate the doom in increasingly ludicrous ways as they compete with one another to be the most doom-laden. They frequently end up saying very silly things. Theresa May’s claim that the SNP is in some way responsible for the Brexit vote is a case in point. It simply doesn’t make any kind of sense. But making sense isn’t really a major consideration when British nationalists are lashing out at a threat to the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

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3 thoughts on “Taking it too far

  1. awkwardboy

    Perhaps they expected us to go down there and win their referendum for them, the way they came up here to win our referendum for theirselves.

  2. Corrado Mella

    Given we are seen and depicted as the arch enemy and the villains, why don’t we behave as such and leave the BritNat scroungers high and dry with a Unilateral Declaration of Independence?

    After all that’s the way the vast majority of Nations that escaped the mortal grip of Britain achieved their freedom.

    Wouldn’t be new, and in the realm of social media distributed and syndicated worldwide news would be a significant blow to their own misguidedly perceived reputation.

    Two birds with one stone.

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