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Sunday Herald suffers backlash after readers slam Indy march front page – Towards Indyref2…

Sunday Herald suffers backlash after readers slam Indy march front page

A Sunday newspaper has come under fire on social media after it was accused of misprepresenting events at a pro-independence march.  The Sunday Herald, which claims to support independence, was criticised after it reported the ‘All Under One Banner‘ march in Glasgow had been “marred” by “ugly confrontations”.

According to journalist Paul Hutcheon: “Yes supporters took to the streets yesterday but ugly confrontations marred the event.”

The newspaper was also accused of using a distorted image in order to make a tiny group of pro-Union demonstrators look more significant than they actually were.

Within minutes of the front page appearing, pro-independence users of twitter swamped the social media platform questioning the newspaper’s coverage of the event.  Many expressed anger at what they claimed were misrepresentations and pledged to cancel long held subscriptions to the newspaper.  Others questioned the newspaper’s claim to back independence.

One post read: “The bizarre text under the bizarre photo selection: “Yes supporters took to the streets yesterday but ugly confrontations marred the event”. I really have to question the current agenda and the direction of travel of the @newsundayherald.”

Another tweeted: “What the hell is going on Sunday Herald? There were no “ugly confrontations.” The small huddles of BNP, now Tory supporting unionists were greeted with smiles, waves, whistles & a few jeers. In return we were greeted with obscenities & nazi salutes. We smiled, & marched on.”

Images posted on social media challenged the newspaper’s depiction of the pro-Union counter-demo.

The reality showed the Union flag demo to be tiny compared to the tens of thousands marching in support of independence.

Wings Over Scotland blogger Stuart Campbell tweeted: “What an extraordinary spin for a pro-indy newspaper to deploy. About 20 twats were lightly mocked and ignored by 50,000 people.”

Official estimates of the size of the march vary from around 40,000 to upwards of 90,000.  The march was criticised by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson who tweeted: “Banjax city centre traffic on a bank holiday Saturday? We’d rather speak directly to hundreds of Scots at work conferences and on the doorsteps.”

The Scottish Tory leader was taken to task by SNP Depute Leadership candidate Christopher McEleney who retorted: “You’ll be taking the same stance against Orange Marches during the height of tourist season and on Fair Saturday then @RuthDavidsonMSP ?”

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35 thoughts on “Sunday Herald suffers backlash after readers slam Indy march front page

  1. Vestas

    With Haggerty as Sunday Herald “news” editor does anyone expect anything different?

    Pro-indy my arse!

  2. George Gemmell

    What is the heralds agenda here?Is it seeking to alienate peaceful Supporters of independence to suit Ruth Davidsons xenophobic Brit Nat agenda The herald should hang its head in shame As for Davidsons criticism This is obscene from a person who uses the Orange Order as her party’s storm troopers

    1. andy Grant

      Spot on George. she poses about in a TA uniform to try and get Force’s votes. Wo
      n’t happen.

  3. Hairy Jack

    The Sunday Herald is probably getting subsidised by the BBC these days (like the rest of the Scotlandshire Yoon media), so has fallen into line with the British establishment’s agenda to lie, distort and smear the independence movement. It obviously doesn’t think it needs to keep Indy supporters on side anymore.

    I guess the British got away with their imperial propaganda for centuries, so think it’s gonna save them here now. But it’s a bit harder to lie about Scottish current events that people can witness on their own civic streets with their own eyes, rather than whatever barbarities unwashed Johnny Foreigners perpetrated in far-off, distant lands against Queen and Country.

    Nobody under the age of 40 believes anything the ‘news’ industry claims, and if the media keeps stupidly overplaying it’s hand like this even the pensioners will be getting suspicious soon.

    1. Gail

      Those over 40 aren’t that convinced either. I stopped buying hate filled rags 20 years ago. Thought I could rely on BBC for balance. Seems thats no longer an option either.

    2. John Thomson

      There are many well over the age of 40 (I know, I’m one of them) who believe nothing printed in the yoon press. In fact, if I ever bought one of their rags, I would check the date very carefully!!

    3. Christine

      Oi, my husband is a pensioner and I’m about to become one. I’ve never blindly believed what the press says since I was at school. You are guilty of unfair generalising and stereotyping. We are both Independence supporters and my 68 year old husband is an election agent for the SNP. He’s at our local voting station at 7am to check the ballot boxes and welcome voters.
      The under 40s don’t have a monopoly on wisdom and intelligence.

      1. Ann Rayner

        I’ve been a pensioner for a fair time now and Iwas impressed by the number of grey or white haired folk on the march. I’m not sure if it was an unusually high proportion on Saturday, but we oldies were well represented, though not all were able to march. I did but was pretty tired by the end.
        I’m not impressed with the Sunday Herald political stance at the moment so they are in notice for now though I’d be sorry to miss Is in Mcwhirter’s articles

  4. Bibbit

    I was just about to nip out and buy a SH today. Decided not to bother after hearing about their front page shenanigans.

    I expect that kind of chicanery from BBCReporting Scotland but the SH? WTAF?

    It’ll take a lot for me to buy the SH again. Silly buggers. I’m thinking do they actually want to kibosh their readership so much as they know Indy2 is on the cards and they want to fold their wee so called indy supporting venture before the second indy campaign?

    It is just totally baffling.

    1. Cubby

      Don’t think it’s baffling. I never bought a Sunday Herald when it declared for independence. I always thought they would do an about turn. The only question was whether they would declare it openly or drag out their deception. Remember the Sun once said it supported the SNP.

      The media in Scotland is anti democratic. Or more subtly it STINKS.

      Support independence – do not buy these rags.

  5. Douglas

    Surprised at the BBC website report -a feeble attempt to make it seem less of a success than it was but nothing as bad as the SH. Strange

  6. Cathie Lloyd

    We can complain to them! Send them an email. We cant allow the Sunday press to be completely yoon supporting

  7. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Paul Hutcheon trying in vain to make it look like an “Old Firm” game.

    Nae doot at the behest of Haggerty who’s identity is Celtic and without the OO Unionists as her nemesis would struggle.

    Divide and rule shite whether Green and White or Red White Blue and Orange.

    iScotland needs neither.

    Non iScotland doesn’t need the Sunday Herald.

    1. Cubby

      Sick of all this sectarian football crap. Sick of chancers like the Captain Hegerty.

      Sick of the crap media in Scotland.

      I scotland needs to get rid of this disgusting baggage.

      1. Jockanese Wind Talker

        Aye Cubby.

        Haggerty appears to be a Unionist Celtic type in the mould of Baron John Reid of Cardowan (remember him?)

        He’s done alright for an ex Young Communist (similar epiphany as Prof Tompkins I wonder?)

  8. carthannas

    From me to the Sunday Herald today (not that it will mean anything to them but I felt I ought to say what I felt):

    “Dear Sunday Herald

    When I can’t get to the newsagent on Sunday to buy a copy of the Herald I usually download the Press Reader edition. Today is the last time I shall do either.

    Your front page was a disgrace, worthy of the worse practices of unionist newspapers and the BBC.

    I’ve had misgivings for some weeks about the Sunday Herald’s so-called support for independence but today was the last straw. I get it: we’ve been conned. Not any longer.

    Your sincerely

    1. Cubby

      Good well said. Remember this when the next converted rag comes calling saying they support independence.

      Just don’t buy the rags.

  9. Clydebuilt

    SH front page headline . . . “Sturgeon told: put new EU vote before independence”

    By whom, Paul Hutcheon and Haggerty.

    I’m glad I read this article before going out to buy a SH. And Am I glad I never bought a subscription.

  10. Brido

    I bought the Herald last Sunday – the first time in over 2 years. I was in the shop and decided I’d give it another chance. It’s still lying unopened down the side of my sofa as I never got past the front page. I’d forgotten how dull it got after we lost Ian Bell.

    The problem is, so many of today’s journalists aren’t journalists at all!

    1. Cubby

      Spot on they are all told what to write by their editors who in turn are told what to write by their master in the English establishment.

      Propaganda writers not journalists. These people are lacking in integrity. They know they are propaganda writers not journalists and they do not give a. Monkeys.

      After independence never let them near any media outlet again.

  11. DB1

    It’s disappointing from them. It’s probably the biggest pro-indy march in Scotland yet, so you would expect a supposedly pro-indy paper to put a positive spin on it.

    It’s one thing to want to avoid looking like a Daily Express style propaganda rag, and take a more balanced approach. But this isn’t even neutral, it’s a complete misrepresentation.

    Personally I won’t boycott the SH, but I only buy papers now with front paper stories that support my political beliefs. Like it or not, newspapers are all about politics and identity now. The Express and the Mail understand this. Everyone can get more up-to-date actual news online for free, so papers have to cater to their audience or die.

    Will see if next week’s edition is better than this nonsense.

    1. Cubby

      Are you kidding???

      Why would you keep buying this paper? It is the worse of them all. A kid on – taking the piss out of Independence supporters. At least the mail express et all are upfront.

      Haggerty is a Tory.

    1. Cubby

      They have conned independence supporters.

      Don’t buy any of these rags.

      All these newspapers are disgusting in their own special way.

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  13. Robert Graham

    As purely commercial decision well that was clever , on a par with Gerald Ratners “crap” gaff probably the most expensive sentence in history .

    The proprietors must have a revenue stream in place to replace the lost sales that
    “A UP YOURS ” front page would guarantee .

    This dubious support of local newspapers under the Guise of assisting journalism by the BBC comes to mind , I believe even a FOI request will be dodged by the propaganda dept of the government operating under the name of the BBC .

    The 99.99% of control of the media appears not to be enough for this Lot it hasn’t silenced the independence movement , so the next thing will be the only media they cant control The Internet , and recent moves gives the game away ,
    The people in the shadows are intent is closing down any and all dissenting voices this straight jacket they are constructing is slowly starting to strangle any open discussion ,1984 was not a good story it was a WARNING .

  14. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Aye, Robert.

    “The proprietors must have a revenue stream in place to replace the lost sales”

    They have:


    The “Local Democracy Reporter scheme”

    Note Newsquest is getting 37 Journalists paid for by the BBC (ie UK Government) to the tune of £Millions.

    Would it be wrong to assume that if they don’t report what UKOK PLC want them to then their Rag will be left to die (as it surely would if left to actual market forces)??

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