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On 28 Oct 2017 @BitcoinMagazine tweeted: "To B2X or Not to B2X: How.

will be one of the few exchanges supporting the #Bitcoin · #Segwit2X fork tomorrow.

Interview ARTHUR BREITMAN - CTO and Founder of Tezos || Bitcoin Magazine24 sept. 2017.

Pour le journaliste de Bitcoin Magazine, si aucune protection sérieuse n'est envisagée, c'est parce que les ambitions de Segwit2x sont bien.

Main up to the fork, SegWit2x futures surged in value, peaking above $1200 on.

This has been a robust year for Bitcoin, which has surged more than four.

articles in online magazines, explanations in Github repositories and few papers.

Segwit2x are suspended due to lack of consensus in the Bitcoin community.

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