Seek and ye shall find

People have to realise that there is an ongoing concerted effort by the British parties in Scotland and their friends in the media to undermine public confidence in all of our public service provision. In the longer term, this serves the agenda of those whose ultimate purpose is the privatisation of healthcare provision and other public services. More immediately, the aim is to portray Scotland’s public services as failing as a way of attacking an SNP administration which is, with considerable justification, perceived as a threat to the established order of the British state. It is malicious politicking without regard for damage done to the services we all rely on or insult to the people who provide those services.

One of the techniques used by these propagandists is to seek to preempt and bury any good news with stories based on carefully selected statistics and/or comments from ‘independent experts’ spun to paint the gloomiest possible picture. When the British establishment is frantically pointing at something, the thoughtful consumer of media messages will be asking what it is that they are trying to distract us from.

For example, when Kezia Dugdale starts denigrating mental health services – aided and abetted by the unionist media – you may be fairly certain that behind this there is a bigger picture that she would prefer you don’t see; such as a significant fall in child mental health waiting times. The BLiS press release will be splashed all over the media. The Scottish Government’s news update will be ignored. Dugdale’s denunciations of Scotland’s public services are no more than the pettiest of politicking masquerading as concern for the people of Scotland.

British nationalists will, of course, take from such slanted stories precisely what is intended. They will pick up the propaganda cues and run with them in the genuine belief that they have been informed; when in fact they have been manipulated.

More astute individuals will ask the awkward questions. They will realise that they are not being told the whole story; or even the important parts of it. They will not be content to accept whatever the media tells them, but will actively seek further and better information in order that the can be truly informed. They will not allow themselves to be misled.

They will not settle for a knee-jerk reaction to articles such as this in The Herald, but will at least spend a few moments doing some research to discover what it is that is being concealed. Doing so, they will discover some interesting facts which you will be extremely unlikely to find reported in the mainstream media. Such as the fact that Delayed Discharge levels have been on a consistent downward trend for many months.

If you don’t know what Delayed Discharge is, or don’t understand how it relates to this article then you have just proved my point about failure to adequately challenge the stuff fed to you by the British parties and the British media.

NOTE: For reliable information about the performance of NHS Scotland in your area check out NHS Perfoms.

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3 thoughts on “Seek and ye shall find

  1. Corrado Mella

    Beyond the blatant lies, and lying by omission, the BritNats are also playing on the confusion BritNat media consumers are in, with most of them not knowing that Scotland has its own National Health Service, fully independent since its inception in the ’40s.

    “National” news decrying a failing NHS, with Junior Doctors striking, GP surgeries closing, overcrowded hospitals, long waiting times, etcetera, omitting to specify its the English NHS they’re talking about, hand unscrupulous ProudScotBut BritNat politicians ammunition to blast at our Scottish NHS, innocent of any wrongdoing.

    But WE are as guilty as they are.

    It would be as easy as RENAMING the Scottish NHS to blast away any confusion BritNats can exploit.

    Just the change of one letter would suffice: SHS – Scottish Health Service.

    We need this.

  2. Graeme

    I’ve never understood why this hasn’t been done already, they are 2 different entities, On the surface it may seem a minor point but there are many Scots who still think they’re one and the same thing and unionist politicians and so called journalists use that ignorance to denigrate Scotland and the Scottish government.

    Anything no matter how small that separates us from the British state is a step in the right direction


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