Scottish Tory leader accused of making up poll numbers for second time

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has come under fire after posting what critics have insisted are false claims relating to Scottish voting intentions for Westminster.

Ms Davidson claimed her own party had increased its support by six per cent against a drop of three per cent for the SNP.

The Scottish Conservative leader implied the ‘shift’ had come about as a result of last week’s Scottish Budget.

However the claim was immediately called into question when critics pointed out that the poll had in fact been conducted days prior to the Scottish Budget.  The survey had been carried out between January 20th and 26th but the Scottish Budget vote had not taken place until February 2nd.

There was further embarrassment for Ms Davidson when a tweet from respected organisation ‘Britain Elects’ showed that, contrary to the Tory MSP’s tweet, Tory support had increased by only half the figure she claimed and support for the SNP had actually remained static.

The episode follows similar recent false claims made by Ms Davidson after she said a survey showed just over one quarter of Scottish voters wanted a second independence referendum.

The poll in question, carried out by Panelbase, actually showed around fifty per cent supported a second independence referendum within around two years and not the twenty seven per cent claimed by the MSP.

Despite several calls for her to correct her inaccurate claims, the Scottish Conservative leader has failed to do so.

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5 thoughts on “Scottish Tory leader accused of making up poll numbers for second time

    1. bob sharkey

      why are politians allowed to lie and distort the truth with impuity in any other walk of life you would be penalised for such behaveur

  1. Clydebuilt

    Great piece of work GAP…… Would make an effective flyer to put through letterboxes.

    Get sharing on social media..

  2. manandboy

    Ruth Davidson has no choice, she HAS to lie. To be truthful would be political suicide.

    Same applies to every Unionist politician.

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