Scottish Labour will not respect mandate for second referendum

dugdale_stvThe Scottish Labour party will ignore the views of the Scottish people if they vote in favour of a second referendum on independence in the forthcoming Holyrood election.

The position was revealed during a live television debate broadcast by STV after Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale was asked if she would respect a majority view.

Dugdale was asked by host Bernard Ponsonby if she would respect the result of the Holyrood election if it showed support for a second referendum.

He said: “Your party believes in the sovereignty of the people. If the First Minister in her manifesto seeks a mandate for it and gets a mandate for it, will you respect that?”

The Scottish Labour leader immediately replied, “No”, adding: “I’ll tell you now. Our manifesto will rule out another referendum for the lifetime of the next parliament.”

Dugdale’s announcement that she will ignore a democratic mandate for a second independence referendum emerged less than a year after she herself demanded the SNP include such a commitment in the party’s manifesto.

In a tweet weeks before the UK general election Dugdale, who was then Jim Murphy’s deputy, called on the SNP to test support for a second referendum.


The issue of the constitution has proved uncomfortable for the inexperienced Scottish Labour leader who last year said she would allow her own MPs and MSPs to campaign for independence, telling them “you can vote however you wish” in a future referendum.

With the SNP set to dominate May’s Holyrood election, there is a very real prospect of the party winning a mandate for a second referendum and holding that mandate until 2021. With the UK general election scheduled for 2020, a future UK Labour government will have to choose between the democratic will of the Scottish people and its own party north of the border should it face having to legally sanction a second independence ballot.


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7 thoughts on “Scottish Labour will not respect mandate for second referendum

  1. alasdair galloway

    What Labour government in 2020 will that be? One led by Corbyn? Sorry, I just dont think so.

  2. Alan

    Damn Nats trying to make decisions about their country by using the underhand method of “voting for them”.

    That’s a dictatorship!

    Real democracy is when WE decide what you can vote for and what you can’t vote for.

    1. Hawth

      Right. So you voted for Cameron, privation of the NHS, renewal of trident, changing the wording in the meaning of poverty?

      No of course you didn’t but those from another did and we have to swallow the cap that is given everyone.

      Why damn nats? At least they say and do what they plan to do and people vote for them. That is democracy.

      Not having a go but you vote with what you believe in and the snp are saying clearly they want another indy ref. You know what your voting for and the people are voting with the snp

  3. gordoz

    Sorry to say – she really is a clown.

    The more we hear from her and her cronies (red and blue) the better.

    Roll on Indyref 2, roll on Scotland a nation once again.

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  5. Mark Curran

    Doggie Dale has her SLAB plans so far up her arse even the Scottish People can see how idiotic and two faced she is. Come on who asks the same 3 questions at FMQT to get the same answer three times goes to show how brain Dead Doggie Dale really is.

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