Saving Kezia

I’m reluctant to give much credence to an individual who believes in federalism – which is to Scotland’s constitutional issue as homeopathy is to medicine – but Henry McLeish raises an interesting point. Interesting, that is, in that it relates to a recent private discussion I had.

I was asked what Kezia Dugdale might do to retrieve her political career. My answer was that she should stop taking her cues from Ruth Davidson. She should accept that Davidson has seized the crown and is immovably entrenched as Queen of the Britnats. She should stop being Davidson’s handmaiden and seek a position that distinguishes her from the increasingly rabid British nationalists.

More specifically, Dugdale should abandon her intractable opposition to a new independence referendum. So long as she holds to this, she looks like nothing more than a pale reflection of Davidson. She sounds like she is just parroting Davidson’s line. It’s not a good look. It’s not something that voters want or need to hear.

I’m not saying she should become suddenly pro-independence. That would be a U-turn too far – even for a British politician. But she can concede that a new referendum is necessary. She can acknowledge that the independence movement simply isn’t going away. She can take the position that a new referendum is required in order to settle a question that very evidently was not settled in 2014.

The ‘trigger’ for this change of tack could be something as simple as a poll indicating that demand for a new referendum is not diminishing. I have no interest in rescuing Ms Dugdale’s political fortunes. But I could write the speech.

Of course, the question then arises as to whether she can take the pretendy wee party with her on this sojourn into real-world politics. It’s difficult for me to care. But I imagine this is of some concern to her. And, apparently, Henry McLeish is also interested.

Past experience would suggest that British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) is not inclined or equipped to see the wisdom of opening up some political options for itself. And, at a purely personal level, I wonder if Kezia Dugdale might not be well advised to plough her own furrow on this regardless of resistance from die-hard Britnats in British Labour north and south of the border. If she really wants to be a leader, maybe she should lead. It has to be better than always walking ten paces behind Ruth Davidson.

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7 thoughts on “Saving Kezia

  1. Willie John

    Hoosh mon. Dinnae gie the lassie a ladder oot the hole!

    PS. I’m being facetious. I just can’t see her being allowed to do something like that.

    1. Donald McGregor

      Maybe she could just choose so to do?
      After all, not doing so leads sooner rather than later to, er, nothing.
      Be nice to think she chose something she believes in, whatever that may be.

      Funny that Kezia Dugdale, as one of my msps ahead of the referendum,helped remove any lingering doubt in my mind about whether we could run ourselves as a country with her wholehearted support for the Scottish parliamentary legislation that was required to allow Embra council to build my childers new high school.

  2. Sandyw

    Sorry Peter, just can’t bring myself to care about Kezia and Scottish Labour. The sooner they fade into irrelevance and obscurity the better.

  3. m boyd

    Peter, i always remind myself that the “socialist movements” in German and France were anticipated to thwart the pro War movement in 1914. In the end they gave up their pan socialism for national patriotism and fully embraced war; misguided or not. It’s time the labour party in Scotland put their country before British ideology and party politics. Maybe then former voters like me will return.

  4. Lochside

    So encourage this unprincipled two faced mouthpiece to about face to save her pointless career?
    Sorry, I thought you believed in Principles Peter. This is the warped logic that Peter Mandelson used when he welcomed Jeremy Corbin’s victorious surge/defeat in the GE. …any success will do?
    Expediency over belief?…leave that to permanent fence sitter Henry..’It was only resting in my account’ McLeish. Let SLAB sink beneath the waves along with Brittania and its self delusions.
    P.S. I hope this article is ironic.

  5. Jas

    I thought Gordon Brown was supposed to have delivered federalism? Or the nearest thing that could be described as such. Don’t tell me they lied to us? I don’t believe it. Those nice, warm-hearted, broad-shouldered, socially just and principled souls of The Labour Party actually lied to the people of Scotland?

    Well I never!

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