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Ruth Davidson’s authority called into question as Scottish Tory MP laughs at ‘vote clearance’ suggestion – Towards Indyref2…

Ruth Davidson’s authority called into question as Scottish Tory MP laughs at ‘vote clearance’ suggestion

A Scottish Conservative MP has called into question the authority of Ruth Davidson by openly laughing at suggestions he had to clear key House of Commons Brexit votes with her.

Ross Thomson was being interviewed by John Beattie who asked the MP if he had to clear his ‘Hard Brexit’ stance with his Scottish Conservative leader.

The MP for Aberdeen South gave a loud condescending laugh before adding: “I don’t clear anything with anybody”.


Thomson was being quizzed by the BBC Scotland presenter following key votes on Theresa May’s Brexit plan.  Earlier the MP made clear his view that the so-called ‘Chequers Plan’ was not what people had voted for during the EU referendum.

Pressed on his Hard Brexit stance that contrasted with that of Ruth Davidson, The Scottish Tory MP said: “There’s no such thing as a hard Brexit, there’s just Brexit.

“This whole terminology about soft and hard is nonsense there is Brexit and there is doing it properly, which is the people voted to leave the Customs Union & the Single Market, the control and jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and take back control of our borders.”

“And the compromise plan that we have from Chequers doesn’t achieve any of those.”


Last week Ruth Davidson issued a statement backing the Chequers Plan.  Speaking on Reporting Scotland the Scottish Conservative leader ended a self-imposed media exile and urged the party to speak with one voice.

The comments from one of her own MPs will now raise questions as to the authority Davidson wields within her party north of the border.  It also piles pressure on BBC Scotland to pursue the MSP who last year reporters claimed “wields more power than ever” at Westminster.

However thus far the broadcaster is showing no signs of lowering its resistence to questioning the Scottish Conservative leader on issues that could potentially dent her image.

Despite Ross Thomson appearing on Reporting Scotland hours after laughing off suggestions he had to clear votes with Ruth Davidson, there was no mention of the difficulties facing his Scottish Conservative leader over her party’s Brexit splits.


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11 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson’s authority called into question as Scottish Tory MP laughs at ‘vote clearance’ suggestion

  1. John Lamb

    It’s fairly obvious Ruth Davidson has no authority over the Conservative MPs elected in Scotland. They only recognise the central office in London. This is where their allegiance lies. They truly are the ‘English’ National Party. The interests of their power base in southern England will always but always come first.

  2. John

    All 13 Tories of Scotland at Westminster last night voted for their beloved leader Theresa May ‘s cave in to hard Brexiteer’s , regardless that their Scottish constituents voted for the opposite , she’s their hero , not Davidson . Davidson is only the Scottish branch manager for the time being , and being in hiding once again she is hardly even that . Thompson is right to laugh , she has no authority over then , after all it was ” Dark Money ” that got them where they are , not her , she was only their stepping stone and they did exactly that stepped over her ! .

  3. Lorna Mac

    Why has the media never corrected this hard Brexiteer, who likes to spin the “not what the people voted for” mantra that 61% of his constituents voted to Remain? He’s certainly not serving the people who elected him. I would love to see him answer this question, if it was ever put to him. Little traitor 🙁

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Colonel Yadaftie is a nobody in the Conservative and Unionist Party.

    We all suspected it.

    Ross Thomson has highlighted this.

    Andrew Bowie has his confirmed this as fact on BBC Radio Scotland (18/07/2018 at approximately 08:15hrs).

    “We are proud members of the UK Conservative and Unionist Party” says Bowie after repeatedly avoiding answering if El Colonel had any input/oversight/overall say in his or any of the Unlucky 13s voting intention or Tory policy.

    Looks like another useful idiot is away to get thrown under the Brexit Bus for the good of Greater England.

    Which begs the question why is Colonel Yadaftie being so publicly undermined if she is required to win Holyrood and be BritNat First Minister in 2021?

    Is it because the Scottish Parliament will have been disbanded by then and Direct Rule imposed by Westminster?

  5. John

    Bowie had a disaster of an interwiew , stuttering and stumbling over his words , he had no defence of the Scot Tories and
    for a change Gary Robertson challenged him , that’s normally left for interveiws with the SNP !.

  6. Jimbo

    Every Tory politician in the UK is answerable to the leader of the Tory party, and the one and only leader of the Tory party (at the moment) is Theresa may.

    Claiming there is a “leader” of the “Scottish” Tory party is a con on Scotland’s voters. Since there is no such thing as a Scottish Tory party then it follows there can be no leader of the aforesaid non existent party.

  7. Jockanese Wind Talker

    There are NO Scottish Tories

    There are only Tories from Scotland

    Tories from Scotland believe they are British

    This is because they aspire to be English (but can’t be due to nation of birth)

    This is because they look down on Scots as being second class citizens (despite themselves being Scots Born)

    They will never be comfortable in their own skin.

  8. David MacGille-Mhuire

    Q 1: Does Toss Rhomson fancy his chances as the BritNat client king of the JockBrit bandit Tory ruled NorthBrit Caledonian suburb of Birmingham?

    Q 2 : How many sleekit chibs in the back to Kolonel Ruth the Mooth by him and his fellow Uber-Unionist JockBrit Fifth Columnists will it take to consign the aforesaid qyne to the garbage bag of Angloista history?

    Question 3: Will the sovereign citizens of Scotland and the EU membership community of states and peoples fcuk his fancies up?

    Please choose an option and comment. Take as long as you like.

    Question 4 (Multiple Choice Question plus short Reaction Essay in ONE WORD to the Multiple Choice Question):

    (a) Toss Rhomson is a knunt

    (b) Toss Rhomson is a swivel-eyed, BritNat Toraidhe, imperialistic, opportunistic, house servant in a BBC fantasy drama production of all- things -British splendid under England shagging oneself bandit knunt

    (c) Toss Rhomson is a splendid chappie but a spineless, narcissistic, seeking-the-main-chance, wannabe English bot who is a possible member of the Ludge

    Reaction Essay

  9. Iain Taylor

    Nobody thought Ruth Davidson had any position of importance in the Conservative Party except Ruth Davidson and her media backers. I don’t blame those lazy ‘journalists’ for giving her an easy time. When things are slow, and the journos have papers to fill, a quick call to Davidson will have her swinging from a giraffe’s neck guffawing gormlessly and saving the journos from a dressing down for failing to provide copy.

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