Ruth Davidson U-turns on Theresa May ‘No Deal’ scenario

Ruth Davidson has backtracked on her support for Theresa May’s ‘walk away’ threat on any Brexit deal from the EU.  The Scottish Conservative leader told ITV’s Robert Peston she would not support the UK “falling out on WTO rules”.

Davidson was responding to a question from the ITV presenter who had asked if it was possible there would be an EU relationship policy she could not support.  Responding, Davidson said: “Certainly, falling out on WTO rules would not be something that would be in the benefit [sic] of my constituents here in Edinburgh or in the country as it is.”

Under WTO [World Trade Oraganisation] rules, each member must grant the same ‘most favoured nation’ market access, to all other WTO members.  This means that UK exports to the EU would be subject to customs checks, tariffs and regulatory barriers.

However Davidson’s refusal to back a ‘No Deal’ scenario is at odds with comments she made in a TV interview broadcast during the 2017 General Election campaign.  Speaking on STV at the time, she insisted that walking away from EU talks with no deal was something the Prime Minister absolutely had to be prepared to do.

Davidson told STV’s Bernard Ponsonby: “If you’re going into a negotiation … you have to absolutely be prepared to say that you will walk away.”

Asked to clarify what a ‘No Deal’ would look like, Davidson replied: “I guess that means WTO accords.”

The video clip below shows the Scottish Conservative Leader making her statements in 2017 then in 2018.

Davidson’s initial backing for May’s threat to walk out of EU talks without any deal followed news reports that the Prime Minister was prepared to do just that.

Her apparent U-turn on the stance follows several similar U-turns on Brexit since the 2016 EU Referendum result was announced.

In January this year, her political rivals released a video highlighting many of her so-called ‘flip-flops’.

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2 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson U-turns on Theresa May ‘No Deal’ scenario

  1. Robert Graham

    Its amazing how a MSP gets invited on to a show thats usually reserved for eh people with influence.

    Yet here she is the constant liar allowed to do the usual very vocally spout pish

    A tory party with 20 % of the electorate behind them who shout very loudly with the assistance of 99.99% of the media in their pocket , how can they loose ? , eh maybe because the public are not quite as dumb as this tory party believe them to be .

  2. Bob

    The media may be giving her all the attention she wants but she’s no very wise in the way she approaches the media. It is all too easy to highlight the many contradictory stances she has presented in the many interviews she has been allowed. Other media outlets, such as Indyref2, who are skilled at presenting her contradictory pronunciations, clearly display what a duplicitous person she is.

    It is impossible to believe a word she says on any policy matter. It is impossible to believe that any stance she takes at any moment in time on any issue is an actual position or policy that she would support or pursue. Robert Graham’s depiction of her as “the constant liar” is entirely justified.

    The only problem is that this is how the Tories in Scotland are approaching the media, with soundbite sized lies and half truths. The media seem more than happy to take soundbites. It make it easy for lazy journalists to create headline and easy for the Tories to appear to put points across in media debates.

    Detail and truth do not enter into Scottish Tory propaganda. Their propaganda is getting a hearing and that’s all they want and all they need. The public hear the soundbites and a false impression is placed in their minds. But does it really matter too much at this point in time?

    At the moment the Tories are getting the media access they desire. But are they also being given a nice long piece of string on which to hang themselves?

    Come the next election time, come the next Indyref, we need to be ready and armed with our own soundbites – soundbites which tell the truth about the success of the areas of self government which Scotland currently has, Soundbites which show the great potential for success in all areas were Scotland self determining, and soundbytes which show the lies and the failures of Tories and all those who have supported them by placing the Union above the interests of the Scottish Nation and above the interests of the people of Scotland.

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