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Ruth Davidson should stop obsessing about Indyref2 and do something about Brexit, says SNP MSP – Towards Indyref2…

Ruth Davidson should stop obsessing about Indyref2 and do something about Brexit, says SNP MSP

Ruth Davidson has been accused of being “obsessed” with opposing a possible second independence referendum and failing to use her influence to prevent a Brexit catastrophe.

The claim was made by Scottish Health Secretary Jeanne Freeman who was responding to yet another ‘no to Indyref2’ message from the Scottish Conservative leader’s party.

The Scottish Tories had earlier tweeted: “Here’s what Sturgeon should say in her Programme for Government. First, end the uncertainty. People have had enough of the SNP’s dance of the seven veils over a second independence referendum.”

The message was posted on the eve of Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘Programme for Scottish Government’ speech to be delivered to Holyrood on Tuesday.  This week witnessed Davidson appear across the Scottish print media demanding no second independence referendum.

Responding, SNP MSP Jeane Freeman said: “Goodness, you’re obsessed. Why not focus on the day job and use the much vaunted but not yet seen, ‘influence’ on your own party to end the madness of #brexit? That’s a much much greater risk to our futures – and @RuthDavidsonMSP knows it.”

Davidson’s demands followed news of a poll that showed support for Scottish independence increasing in the event of Brexit.  According to polling company Deltapoll, 52% of Scots would back independence if the UK leaves the EU.

However instead of calling for her party to abandon its Brexit strategy, which includes planning for a catastriphic ‘No Deal’ scenario, Davidson has spent more time plugging her new book online.  The MSP has several promotional events lined up in London, Edinburgh and St Andrews.

Davidson, famed for demanding First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ‘gets on with the day job’, has been the subject of jibes on social media highlighting her hypocrisy.

Responding to the Conservative MSP’s book promos, blogger James Kelly tweeted: “Let’s hope Ruth Davidson finds time during her book signings to urge Nicola Sturgeon to get back to the day job.”

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8 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson should stop obsessing about Indyref2 and do something about Brexit, says SNP MSP

  1. Davy

    what the hell is Ruth Davidson going to put in her book ???

    Monday, trouble in tory party – hide.

    Tuesday, trouble with tory council – hide.

    Wednesday, make statement to press ” NO 2nd indyref2″ then hide.

    Repeat above for Thur, Fri, Sat.

    Sunday rest and hide.

  2. jim288

    That’s the sort of approach we need to Ruth Davidson – get on the front foot and make sure it’s spread over all the media.

  3. John

    To anyone who buys this “book” the only thing I would say is this , “A fool and his money are soon parted ” . If Davidson put some policies on the table instead of harping on about independence she might be taken a bit more seriously . Nicola Sturgeon can do nothing about an independence referendum until Davidson’s boss get’s her finger out and starts to make some sort of decision on where the UK is going , two years down the line and we are still none the wiser . Davidson knows Nicola Sturgeon’s hands are tied on independence at this point so to even bring it up on the eve of the Scottish Parliament re-opening shows that after a long, long summer break she has nothing else to offer Scotland ! .

  4. twathater

    As a Scottish taxpayer I take GREAT exception to ANY public servant skiving on my taxes , this woman AFAIK has held very few surgeries ( if any ) to address her constituents problems .

    Alongside Kezia Dugdale they have appeared on various reality ( celebrity REALLY ??? ) shows whilst and during holding public office .

    Let me make this clear to Kezia and Ruth , you were NOT elected to further your pathetic need to be recognised or to engage in celebrity STUNTS , you were elected???? to represent your constituents in Scotland and to SERVE , that is SERVE and protect the people of Scotland .

    This is why a PROPER RECALL law is required , to reject and eject these self serving hypocrites and consign them to ignomy

    Ruth get on with the bloody day job , just like Nicola Sturgeon is doing every day

  5. Clydebuilt

    Jeanne Freeman, takes the fight to the Unionists. She did it this morning on GMS and again in the above tweet.

    The BBC brought Jeanne on to apologise for waiting times for mental health services, Jeanne told the nation how Scotland is doing better than the RUK.

    Our best media performer. the rest should be taking lessons from her.

      1. Robert Graham

        Agreed ,this BBC in Scotland are no friends of the SNP ,every representative of the SNP should treat them with the respect they deserve ,

        The Brian one focused on body language regarding his comments on the first day back ,WTF is he on about , I guess he couldn’t think of anything to rubbish the current government with. And is he really required as an interpreter ,

        As for Ruth the mooth her new persona should be the scarlet pimpernel, but in her case the BBC don’t even attempt to seek this one out , she is a protected species. With only one line no indyref 2. Thats it her full repertoire.

  6. Greig12

    As long as there are people who don’t pay attention and who believe the MSM then unscrupulous, contemptuous chancers like Ruth Davidson will continue to thrive.

    In any sane, fair and logical system anybody so clearly exhibiting her level of double standards and blatant dishonesty who performed so many u-turns would be laughed out of any room she walked into.

    The fact that given all that she still maintains a level of credibility in public office, has achieved celebrity status and now has a book being published, says more about the state of our society than anything else.

    She’s merely exploiting the fortuitous position she finds herself in and annoyingly, much as I can’t stand her, I’m forced to concede that she’s very good at it.

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