Ruth Davidson refuses to answer questions as controversy over ‘Dark Money’ grows

Ruth Davidson has refused to be interviewed on the growing controversy surrounding so-called ‘Dark Money’ donations to her party.

The Scottish Conservative leader is facing questions over cash received from the secretive Scottish Unionist Association Trust.  However a request to appear on Good Morning Scotland was turned down by Ms Davidson with the excuse she wasn’t available.

Show host Gary Robertson revealed that Davidson’s deputy, Jackson Carlaw also refused to answer questions and that no one from the party was prepared to appear on the show.


The issue surrounds donations totalling £319,000 made to Conservative branches throughout Scotland by the Scottish Unionist Association Trust [SUAT].  Investigative website The Ferret revealed that the unincorporated organisation had no apparent address and no information on membership.

The issue was raised by the SNP leader at Westminster Ian Blackford who pressed Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May during Prime Minister’s Questions.

On Tuesday, Conservative MP David Duguid whose campaign received seven and a half thousand pounds from SUAT during the last general election, admitted knowing nothing about the source of the cash.  Duguid said he knew nothing about SUAT and had been too “focused on winning the election than where any donations were coming from.”

Fears that SUAT may have been trying to circumvent electoral law covering donations prompted SNP MP Pete Wishart to ask the Electoral Commission to look into the organisation.  An investigation is currently underway.  Mr Wishart raised the issue in the House of Commons last week.

However SUAT has shown the same reluctance as Ruth Davidson to answer questions.  The organisation has similarly refused to appear on Good Morning Scotland.

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland, SNP MP Pete Wishart called for SUAT and the Scottish Conservatives to provide answers.  Wishart said: “Tell us what they’ve been investing in, who are the donors to this organisation, how are there accounts managed?

“These are the questions that we really need to know, because I think people are just sick and tired of all this dark money …”


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9 thoughts on “Ruth Davidson refuses to answer questions as controversy over ‘Dark Money’ grows

  1. Luigi

    That’s the best way to attack the BritNat parties – use their own rules against them. BritNat politicians like to set rules for others, they don’t like to follow any inconvenient rules themselves. And they certainly don’t like being caught out. So easily caught out because they are corrupt at heart and just can’t help themselves.

    Gone into hiding yet again, Ruth?

  2. John

    No surprise there , any time a charge against them is allowed to see the light of day the Tories run . The most nimble on her feet is their coveted leader , her antenna is so finely tuned she disappeares off the face of the planet before you can say abracadabra ! .

  3. Big Jock

    So where is Ruth exactly. She has disappeared more times than Paul Daniels white rabbit.

    Are the press not going to hunt her down I seem to remember they camped outside a former SNP mps office over something which turned out to be nothing illegal.

    This is on a mega scale. Total cover up of dodgy money. Ruth is a pathetic invented politician. She is a plastic PR machine. It’s all spin, empty platitudes and ignorance.

    Disgusting abhorrent woman.

  4. bringiton

    Dark Money presumably is what is used as an exchange medium on the Black Market.
    I have always considered Tories to be the sort of people who operate outside the law in a devious and underhand manner so this comes as no great surprise.
    The problem they have is that when they have to come out from under their stones,in pubic “service”,they are exposed for what they really are.
    Their smoke screen generators in the Anglo press can only act as a cover for them so long as the wind doesn’t blow.
    It’s beginning to blow.

  5. Clydebuilt

    Power Grab, what Power Grab

    If Agriculture is to remain with Brussels, If our food and product standards are to remain tied to the EU.
    There can’t be a trade deal with the US. As they would demand we accept their food standards.
    Then Where’s the reason for the power grab. There is none. Other than the Tories thirst to stamp all over Holyrood.

  6. Lochside

    Disgusting sociopathic liar presiding over a pack of traitors and bigoted Brit nats. Davidson, the fraudulent ex-BBC ‘announcer’ has had the soft soap treatment from day one by her erstwhile pals.

    Will this scandal blow up in her ugly mug?

    Naw….it will be buried by nonsensical narratives about SNP fictitious inconpetence by ‘Auntie’, the Novichoc of the media.

  7. Clydebuilt

    I’ve just heard BBC Radio Shortbread, Bill Whiteford claim that Bill Jamieson ex editor of the Scotsman voted YES in the 2014 Independence Referendum.

    Jamison has just agreed to this , his explanation is that independence would force Scotland to face up to economic reality.

    Unless I’m mistaken doesn’t BJ live in England’s West Country.

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