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Runaway Ruth – Towards Indyref2…

Runaway Ruth

One thing the general election campaign proved about Ruth Davidson is that she doesn’t fare well when questions leave her specialist area of opposing a second independence referendum.

The Scottish media generally doesn’t press the Scottish Conservative leader. It is far too busy cultivating her image as an effective leader and now of course an election ‘winner’.

This weekend though Ruth found herself confronted by a reporter who refused to follow the script. The Channel 4 news reporter asked Ruth to comment on her party’s wooing of the Democratic Unionist Party.

The DUP makes UKIP look like the Salvation Army. Links to paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland are one of its least attractive traits.

Pressed on the proposed coalition between Ruth’s party at Westminster and the DUP, the Scottish Conservative leader tried to diffuse the question. When that tactic failed Ruth simply fled the interview.

Ladies and gentlemen – Runaway Ruth.

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9 thoughts on “Runaway Ruth

  1. m boyd

    She was maybe running to ensure that Scotland gets a soft Brexit and access to the Single Market. England’s placemat in Scotland or Scotland’s placemat in England the Tory’s can no longer hide…let’s see where their loyalties lie.

  2. bringiton

    Runaway mooth more like.
    The mistress of U-turns and loud with it.
    The Tories in Scotland now think they run the show and that Holyrood is irrelevant.
    However,should Corbyn win the next election,they will come scurrying back.
    Shallow and Shifty,shallow and shifty…….

  3. alanski

    She has to be exposed, it’s easy for her when she not challenged and that’s why she gets away with it. Underneath the surface, she is vacant.

  4. Caledonia Lad

    She looked very uncomfortable during that short interview when pressed on this topic. The DUP’s stance on LGBT rights is just the tip of a very large iceberg.
    Channel 4 will hopefully pursue this further when the next opportunity arises as there is a great scoop here ripe for the taking.
    Vote Tory…………..get racist, homophobic, misogynistic, terrorist supporting bigots.

  5. Ayrshirelass

    Well the one consequence of her ‘ success’ is that she will be questioned more.

    I would start with asking her why she was prepared to see an 8 billion pound cut from Scotlands budget under Osborne?

    And she really expects us to believe her new set of MPs will stand up for Scotland when she was not capable of doing it herself?

  6. mary mac

    forget the DUP:

    the second largest branch of the Orange Order is located in the Scottish lowlands, and ‘registered as an official participant in the 2014 independence referendum’ (wikipedia – Orange Order)

    unionist parties are financially backed by such organizations as the Constitutional Research Council, a donor that is chaired by former vice-chairman of the Scottish Conservative party Richard Cook, and exists as a “group of businessmen that promotes pro-union politics”


    this CRC will bankroll credible unionist groups in any forthcoming Scottish independence referendum – and said there could be “even more” to spend than it did on the Brexit campaign


    To add to their back-pocket, Unionist can claim support of such parties as Britain First and National Front (wikipedia – Unionism in the United Kingdom)

    beyond LGBT and abortion, i’d assume there’s little to separate arlene and ruth

    beyond Tory, I’d assume much applies to Labour and Lib Dem on financial backing

    1. mary mac

      another good article on the CRC and support of anti-independence. note that in regards to the general election, although “there have been no applications from anyone in the Scottish Conservative Party” (yet), and “there have been no directly Scottish applications.”…there had probably been applications relating to Scotland more broadly:


  7. Geejay

    The only issue she questions HQ about is the issue (LGBT) that affects her, as she said the other day. Rape clause doesn’t affect her, bedroom tax doesn’t affect her, dementia tax, doesn’t affect her, privatisation of the NHS doesn’t affect her and so on. So she’s quite happy to see the disabled lose their mobility, or the unemployed sanctioned for some minor “misdemeanour” or the trickle up economics that shifted wealth to the already wealthy. Hypocrite and self-serving. The self-made woman who worships her creator.

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