Rousing the angry villagers

It is interesting to see the contrast between the Sunday Herald’s immediate and unequivocal acknowledgement of British Labour in Scotland’s (BLiS) role in the PFI scandal and the often painfully contrived avoidance of any mention of BLiS in most of the mainstream media. Is it possible that this issue, being such as to seize upon the public imagination, will be the tipping point in awakening the people of Scotland to the extent of the British media’s collusion with the forces of British nationalism?

Such a tipping point must surely come. The groundless smears, grotesque distortions and downright dishonesty of the media has become so blatant and extreme that it is inevitable that this should become a significant political issue at some point. People’s expectations of newspapers are not high. Journalists compete with bankers for the largest share of popular contempt. Perhaps counter-intuitively, this has bred a certain apathy about their conduct. But what may break through that wall of apathy is the sense that people are being treated as fools.

People expect to be treated with a certain degree of contempt by the mouthpieces of the British establishment. At some level, they tend to be aware that they are being manipulated. They put up with this because it is regarded as normal and because they feel powerless to retaliate. And because individuals like to feel that they are clever enough to resist the manipulation. That they compensate for it. That it is only the mindless masses who are led like sheeple. They are too smart for that. The media, of course, contrive to foster this illusion. Little do these individuals realise that the feeling of superiority is part of the manipulation.

But when the contempt begins to chafe self-regard; when the manipulation becomes clumsy enough to leave egos bruised, then people are likely to react with anger.

Take, as an illustrative example, the MPs’ expenses scandal. It’s not as if people were unaware of the venality of MPs. Most at least assumed that MPs were fiddling the system. But when the corruption was thrust in their faces, the public turned on MPs with a vengeance.

Are we reaching that point with the media in Scotland? Will the totally unabashed scheming to cover up BLiS’s responsibility for the PFI fiasco be the proverbial straw? Will the brazen efforts to minimise BLiS’s culpability be a contemptuous manipulation to far?

Is the dam about to break and release all the pent-up rage and indignation stored up from past abuses of the public trust?

Has the media finally gone too far?

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3 thoughts on “Rousing the angry villagers

  1. Andrew Wilson

    The media, visual, audio and in print are a disgrace, they have gone too far and have circled round to do it again.

  2. Rob James

    A neighbour of mine, a reasonably intelligent person who voted Yes in the referendum and SNP at the GE last May, was blissfully unaware of the media bias until I pointed it out to him. He started to pay attention to the BBC in particular. Within days he reported back to me, amazed that he had not noticed it before. He duly spread the word to friends and family. Sometimes a little prompt in the right direction is necessary, particularly to those who are not on social media sites. It is a gradual process, but we are fast approaching the tipping point.

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