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RISE co-founder reveals she voted Labour – Towards Indyref2…

RISE co-founder reveals she voted Labour

The co-founder of the radical pro-independence party RISE has admitted she voted Labour in June’s general election.

Speaking on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme, Cat Boyd said: “I’m proud to say that I voted for Jeremy Corbyn. I voted for him and his manifesto because it was a UK election.”

Boyd, a columnist for the pro-independence National newspaper, denied her support for Labour was undermining independence, adding: “There is still a very clear constitutional crisis in the UK that Corbyn doesn’t have the answers to.”

The one-time RISE candidate also criticised the SNP: “I would like to see the SNP be more radical. But I would also like to see a plurality for independence where the SNP are not the sole voice for independence.”

The revelation brought stinging criticism from many Yes supporters on social media with some claiming voting Labour would always harm independence.

One social media user said: “She voted for Corbyn’s manifesto? The one explicitly against Scottish independence and for a hard no single market or customs union Brexit?”

The decision to vote Labour appeared to contradict an article written by Boyd in which she argued a vote for Labour on her part would result in the election of a ‘narrow minded careerist’.

In the run-up to this year’s general election she wrote:

“And likely, I would end up using my constituency vote for a narrow-minded careerist who will use every opportunity to plot against Corbyn regardless of the country’s or the Labour Party’s democratic wishes.”

Previously the radical left icon had described the Labour party as part of “the dead hand of Better Together”.

In the 2016 Holyrood election, Boyd stood as a list candidate for RISE in Glasgow. The party based its election campaign strategy on persuading SNP supporters to use their so-called second vote for the radical party.

Despite considerable coverage from the main stream media including the BBC and support from prominent alternative media sites including Bella Caledonia, RISE failed to make any impact.

The activist has courted controversy before. In November last year she faced ridicule after, despite having publicly criticised Brexit, Boyd revealed she hadn’t in fact voted in the European Referendum. Boyd made the admission during an appearance on the BBC programme Question Time.

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28 thoughts on “RISE co-founder reveals she voted Labour

  1. Big Jock

    Honestly what a feckin clown this girl is. You don’t further the cause of independence by voting for a unionist party. Not only that Corbyn is even more euro sceptic than the Tories. Jesus wept, words fail me what a waste of oxygen she is!

    1. m boyd

      I agree she is a clown but at least she gives credibility to the claim that lots of pro Indy Scots voted labour in the general election but would vote for Independence as indeed would many Tory voters.

  2. David McCann

    Lets be quite clear, Corbyn is a Unionist and a Brexiteer, but he loves to hedge his bets, by implying he is not.
    And his main attraction- free tuition has been stolen directly from the SNP.
    The man is a fake and a self publicity seeker, every bit as devious as Roof the Mooth!

  3. Vestas

    She also couldn’t be bothered to vote in the Brexit ref either.

    She’s a narcissistic waste of space who’s just another clickbait hack.

  4. Peter A Bell

    Let us be absolutely clear about this. Voting for or promoting any British nationalist party is, by definition, incompatible with the aims and principles of Scotland’s independence movement.

    Let us also be in no doubt whatever that the British Labour Party, the British Conservative & Unionist Party and the British Liberal Democrat Party – including the branch operations of these parties in Scotland – are all characterised by the same British nationalist ideology.

    These are the parties of the British establishment. They are completely and unalterably committed to the preservation of the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

    Individually and collectively, the British parties represent the very antithesis of ‘radicalism’. A vote for any of them is not only a vote against the restoration of Scotland’s rightful constitutional status, it is a vote against any meaningful progressive politics.

    To embrace the British parties in any manner and to any extent is to embrace the British political system. To validate them is to legitimise established power. To empower them is to fatally undermine the cause of constitutional reform and social justice.

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  6. Bibbit

    The British Labour Party Manifesto of 125 pages contains just 116 words on Scotland, on pg 104. That’s 116! Words! .

    Here are ‘British’ Labour’s precious 116 words in full on ‘Scotland’ and what their vision is for Scotland if they were in No 10:

    “Labour opposes a second Scottish independence referendum.It is unwanted and unnecessary and we will campaign tirelessly to ensure Scotland remains part of the UK. Independence would lead to turbocharged austerity for Scottish families.

    “The Scottish Parliament will receive a huge funding increase from our policies and massive numbers of Scots will benefit from our plans in areas reserved to Westminster.

    We will establish a Scottish investment bank with 20 billion of funds available to local projects and Scotland’s small businesses creating work and stimulating the economy.

    We will set up an enquiry into black listing and will urge the Scottish government to hold an enquiry into Scottish police during the miners’ strike.”


    That’s yer whack Scotland. Otherwise it’s all just fne as you are; the status quo of unionism will apply!

    In very stark contrast, the SNP Manifesto is 48 pages ALL on Scotland, including:

    scrapping Trident, holding a 2nd Indyref after terms of Brexit are fully known, ending Tory benefit sanctions, scrapping the rape clause, combating sexual & domestic abuse against women, having agriculture & fishing powers returned to Scotland, not Westminster, SNP MPs cost 1 million less than the previous Labour, Liberal incumbents, protecting EU citizens rights in Scotland, demanding strong action on UK’s tax evaders, reforming limited company laws, protecting public services, resisting cuts to corporation tax, tougher tax collection rules for tax avoiders, protecting the NHS, Education and Emergency Services, demanding a devolved television media and for BBC money raised in Scotland used in Scotland programs, reinstating funding for Gaelic programs, investing in infrastructure, protecting Scots economy, protecting Scotland’s place in the single market, safeguarding food & drink, tourism, connecting Scotland internationally to the world, protecting oil & gas, calling out Westminster for the missing millions to Scotalnd’s cities in alleged ‘city deals’, reforming the banks, protecting fundamental human rights, holding Westminster to account and making it fairer, protecting Scotland’s budget from a UK Govt cash grab, protecting the social security safety net for all; fighting child poverty, protecting disabled rights & benefits, stop job centres closing, protecting the WASPI women, abolished bedroom tax, protected carers rights, ring fence Winter Fuel payment to Elderly and extend this to families with severely disabled children, BEST Start grant to new families, standing up for rural and remote areas, better deals for fishing/agriculture, ending unfair delivery charges, support for ex-soldiers, stopping arms sales to Saudis, protecting environment and green energy, stopping UK’s punitive charges against transmission of electricity in Scotland, removing VAT against our police and fire emergency services, (only part of UK charged VAT for emergency services)!; against nuclear Hinckley Point; fight climate change, better refugee response….

    The list of SNP policies for Westminster goes on and on; with a clear vision to create the better country Scotland seeks to be as part of the UK (but can only be out of the clutches of the right wing tories and wishywashy and very Blairite Labour party of Kez Dugdale).

    Compare that 48 page treatise on the SNP vision for Scotland with Labour’s 116 words!!! And that is who this woman prefers to vote for! Unbelievable but actually wholly believable for this woman who did not even vote in Brexit but complained about the result.

    Och but Boyd is cleverer than the SNP and Labour put together, in her ain wee world order view of herself and society anyway. Aye right. So she is.

    The former RISE is a weather vane, prone to shift allegiances and beliefs according to the strongest prevailing wind. A political lightweight. Actually that’s too positive a description of her. She lacks any depth or knowledge. I doubt she even read the SNP & British Labour Manifestos before voting in the GE.

    What beats me is why she gets the publicity she does? Of course, the simple reason is that she undermines Scottish indy which is all the excuse the MSM need to use her, plus she has a pretty face, poor girl, which helps sell copy too you know. She uses that to full advantage too.

    We’re lumbered with the wee precious nyaff whilst she will continue to play the useful idiot to unionist MSM outlets & the BBC etc.

  7. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Agreed @Vestas says at 12:58

    “She’s a narcissistic waste of space who’s just another clickbait hack.”

    Aye Boyd is like Haggerty who’s on the list of FOI ‘journalists’

    Terrified that Scotland regains its independence ‘cos the BBC will stop ringing and the easy SNP Bad cash will dry up.

    1. Vestas

      “Indy-but” indeed.

      Amusing if you stand back & watch from a dispassionate view (try).

      How many of these people do you think would be columnists post-indy?

      Not many is my bet.

  8. 100%YES

    She was a brexitier, I wouldn’t be surprised if she voted No in 2014. I personally hope I never meet or her from here again.

  9. Normski

    Admittedly, there is a degree of morbidly fascinating amusement in wondering what particular bit of idiocy she is going to come out with next.

  10. Bunny Daft

    Difficult to know whether she’s a paid up Britnat fifth columnist or just a daft wee lassie…?

    But since she’s not in the Green party with the other student-union rejects, I’m gonna plump for option one.

  11. Terry Entoure

    I’m not going to defend or attempt to explain Cat Boyd’s vote because only she can do that and, given that she is significantly more eloquent than I could ever hope to be, she doesn’t need help from anyone. Having said that, some of the comments here fill me with utter despair. She is variously a “girl”, a “pretty face, poor girl, which helps sell copy”, she is accused of deliberately trading on her looks, she is “a daft wee lassie”, she is “precious”, but at least she isn’t a “student-union reject”. The sexism on display here, both overt and implied, is truly disgusting.

    Criticise her decision, by all means. Go right ahead and point out that it was a vote for a unionist party; disagree with her tactics; ponder what her vote might mean about her political goals and how she prioritises them. Some commenters here have done exactly that. The remainder need to think harder before pressing “send”.

      1. Terry Entoure

        There are hundreds of arguments to choose from on this issue. It is an embarrassingly easy target but some went straight for her gender and others seem pleased about that.

        1. Albert

          I’m not sure if any of the examples you gave could be described as attacking her gender. If she was male, the same age with the same views, she’d be a boy, a daft wee boy, just as precious and could just as easily be a student-udon reject. The only thing you could say even verges on sexism is the pretty face comment. But even that’s not really worth caring about.

    1. Robert Graham

      so the daft “wee lassie” comments are more important than the crass stupidity of her actions , i believe you are missing the whole point by insisting on a politically correct reference to her , get over it . and think about what message she is sending out .
      Yes i did think about it before i clicked on – ” POST COMMENT ” .

    2. Bibbit

      David Beckham uses his ‘pretty face’ to full advantage too, to secure deals, make money.

      Tell me, if he did not have his pretty face would he be as sellable?

      Would Gerard Butler have secured a perfume deal if he did not ooze sex appeal to men and women? Not a chance. Or tell me the last time ‘yer da’ was a global product icon?

      Attractive people sell copy, old bean. That’s not sexism, that’s a hard fact of life.

      I used the term ‘poor girl’ as I do believe the ‘person’ (she is young and she is a female ergo = girl) known as Ms Boyd is being used and manipulated by the MSM

      How snowflake is it to say that calling a young female a ‘girl’ is being sexist? When did calling a young female ‘a girl’ become sexist?

      THis is all too precious and you are just dancing on a head of a pin. Please don’t play the sexist card where none is intended.

        1. Bibbit

          Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, You can’t intimidate me or dictate my girlness or my right to use the word girl. I am a girl. I’ve given birth to girls. I’ll die a girl. My mother was a girl and her mother before her was a girl. I am girl. I live girlhood every day of my life. I endure the girliness of my girlhood. My daughters’ daughters will be girls. My soul is a girl’s soul. And I giggle girlishly. I own ‘girl’. Girl.

    3. Bunny Daft

      Oh shut up and get a grip of yourself. I’m a woman in my 30s and if I think a young (ish) female someone is ignorant, immature and utterly vacuous, then guess what? That makes them a daft wee lassie!

      Does that make me a closet mysogynist? Do you think I cry tears in the night due to my self-hating penis envy?

      Do you think I’m daft enough to not know what REAL mysogeny actually is??

      The fact that you’re posting ad hominems rather than defending the silly cow speaks volumes.

  12. Robert Graham

    Cast a Vote for the opposition however well intentioned is plainly stupid ,
    This combined with the rubbish we were fed with the Holyrood Elections ,Remember the SNP are going to win with a landslide ,so it’s safe to use your second vote for other parties namely RISE etc , Well we saw the result of that little distraction , a lost majority , these fringe parties were using SNP voters to further their aims , they in turn were being used by Unionist parties to split the vote .
    Hasn’t it entered her head she was voting for Labour in Scotland , these people who have joined with the tories in local councils to block the SNP , RISE who will never form any administration i put in the same box as the green party , unreliable partners , Distractions .

  13. Brian Powell

    It will guarantee her space in newspapers and on TV.
    There is no plurality in Independence, it is a single action and trying to divide the independence vote down into smaller units doesn’t make it more compelling, unless the single unit is a voter.
    Every voter decides, not parties or policies.
    Her reasoning sounds spaced out to me.

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