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Rescuing Scotland – Towards Indyref2…

Rescuing Scotland

BritShit haggis

BritShit haggis

The response from M&S to Edith Davidson’s complaint about the labelling Scotch whisky ‘British’ is truly extraordinary. Ms Davidson has every right to be offended. As does everyone in Scotland. Except, of course, those who agree with notion that Scotland is, or should be “part of the country known as England”. And there are a fair few of those.

The M&S letter is so extraordinary – both in terms of the quality of the writing and in terms of the sentiments expressed – that one might be inclined to accept the company’s assurance that it “in no way reflects the view of M&S”. Until one remembers that the whole thing began with M&S evincing an attitude to Scotland which is far more similar to that expressed by their, now disowned, customer service representative than they are prepared to admit. It was the company’s efforts to obscure or eliminate Scottish branding of goods on its website that provoked protests from customers – including Edith Davidson’s email complaint.

M&S may insist that the letter doesn’t reflect the company’s views. But the distinction between subsuming Scotland the brand into ‘British’ labelling and regarding Scotland the nation as having been absorbed by England is a fine one. And the attitude evidenced by both is merely the finer grain of an ongoing effort to diminish Scotland. As I wrote when the M&S website labelling of Scotch Whisky as ‘British’ was first exposed,

“The effort to obliterate ‘Scotland the brand’ fits precisely with the campaign to undermine confidence in our public services and delegitimise our democratic institutions. For British Nationalists, it is always and entirely about making Scotland less. Only by making Scotland less can they make the British state more.”

The Union has always been a ‘Greater England’ project. That is how it was conceived. That is how it was formulated. That is how it has functioned for over three hundred years. As you would expect with a something so protracted, the ‘Greater England’ project has gone through various phases. It has had to change with the times. It has had to adapt to all manner of social, political and technological developments. But it has never ceased. It is rarely explicit. It is insidious. It is always deniable.

The ‘Greater England’ project operates in a multitude of ways and at many different levels. Mostly, it’s small things which are readily dismissed as insignificant, isolated incidents. Or one-off mistakes – like calling Scotch Whisky ‘British’. Or mere coincidence – like the epidemic of TV programmes with ‘British’ titles. Or unauthorised actions – like the M&S customer service letter sent to Edith Davidson.

Sometimes, it’s bigger things, objections to which are casually dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘grievance politics’. EVEL, for example. Or the way the Scottish Government has been excluded from Brexit talks. Or the contempt for decisions of the Scottish Parliament. Or the British parties’ attacks on NHS Scotland and other distinctively Scottish institutions. Or pretty much everything about the manner in which Scottish politics is covered by the mainstream media.

All of this, from the effort to deny Scotland’s right of self-determination to the insistence that Scotland is part of “the country known as England”, is part of the ‘Greater England’ project. Whether deliberate or unintentional, all these things feed into an ongoing endeavour with the aim of eroding the distinction between Scotland and England.

In the past, the endeavour was principally concerned with suppression, or perversion, of Scotland’s national identity; the treatment and teaching of Scottish history being a significant part of this effort. Today, it’s all about eradicating Scotland’s distinctive political culture and eliminating the challenge to the authority, integrity and status of the British state posed by the Scottish Parliament, the SNP and the Yes movement.

The attempt to crush Scotland’s national identity has, self-evidently, failed. But, as it always has, the ‘Greater England’ project duly adapted. As Scotland grew more secure in its sense of itself, more confident in its separateness and more comfortable with its developing civic nationalism, the ‘Greater England’ project evolved into an aggressive ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism’ which represents a real and imminent threat to Scotland’s democracy.

Restoring Scotland’s independence is not only about reinstating popular sovereignty and securing the power to create a better nation and society. It is also about rescuing Scotland from a political union which is increasingly detrimental to Scotland’s economic, social, cultural and political interests.

#Referendum2018 will be a choice between a Scotland shaped by the needs, priorities and aspirations of its people, and a Scotland reduced to being nothing more than “part of the country known as England”.

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12 thoughts on “Rescuing Scotland

  1. Dan Huil

    The likes of M & S display their arrogance and ignorance towards Scotland – again. Britnats in Scotland happily bend over and take the insults. Traitors.

  2. Dave McEwan Hill

    Excellent comment. And how apt. Many of our own people don’t understand how our enemy works. They know exactly what they are doing – and have been doing since Hamilton 1967. Till then the mantra had been “a proud and able Scotland contributing to a great union”. And they played that and Scots,many of them, swallowed it
    After 1967 and particularly after the oil bonanza started the tactic had to change. The Scots were getting restless. So the McCrone report was buried and a campaign commenced which has been going on continuously since to destroy Scotland’s confidence in itself and its economic viability.
    Strip away all the verbiage and all you see is a campaign to tell Scotland it is too poor and too stupid to be independent. Do our strategists understand this?
    Persuade a majority of our people that we are economically self supporting and we destroy the Better Together campaign and win independence.
    We do this, not by engaging in endless convoluted debate about figures produced by our enemies describing a Scottish economy trapped in a bust UK state, but by establishing that all intelligent, informed Scots are entirely confident of our economic stability and making sure that all our people are aware that this is the sensible position

    1. Donald McGregor

      And herein lies the problem – communicating and allowing people space and time to accept, and then support, the simple contention that we can do ‘this’ ourselves. Our hopes surely lie with our children, who are coming to terms with a future life that offers no clear stability through the world of work, and who are not, and will not, be scared of taking responsibility for their own fate.

      1. Alan Johnson

        It cannot, should not and must not wait for “our children” to take action, Donald! The responsibility is ours, and the time is NOW – right now, before September 2018!
        “Now’s the day, and now’s the hour”

        1. Donald McGregor

          I am hoping that we have almost immediate salvation by virtue of those, like 2 of my own children, who did not get a vote in 2014, but who will get a vote in 2018/2019, whatever.
          I am not wanting to wait for another generation – this current lot will likely help us over the line!

  3. Del

    Scotch whisky is a brand, fiercely protected by the SWA. Why aren’t they shitting on M&S’s nest? Answers on a postcard please.

  4. C avrry

    Demographics demonstrate that each year Scotland becomes a little less Scots born and a little more English born so M & S may actually be correct.

  5. Lochside

    There is a coordinated campaign. Label changes with Union jacks; name changes from ‘Scottish ‘ to British; the plethora of BBC programmes with ‘British’ in their titles; the films and tv about English history, even when it’s actually about Scotland’s history; the brazenness of statements like this pipsqueak in the PR dept. at M & S (and Mundell’s) stating the flat out lie that we have been absorbed into ‘Greater England’ by virtue of the 2014 Ref, demonstrates that there is a conspiracy operating at the highest level of the British State.

    What is amazing is that no-one has broken ranks yet to tell who, what, and when…we all know why…that is self evident. From the time that Cameron flew to the Shetlands to hush up the Clair Ridge massive oil bonanza unfolding in time for the 2014 REF and the oil companies were bribed with tax rebates and the media operated purdah on it and every good news story about Scotland, we have been bombarded by ‘British’ bullshit with the specific aim of suppressing Scotland the country, the culture and the brand.

    On reflection, there is nothing surprising about it really. England expects…Scotland’s resources. And even more now than ever. England is bankrupt, as it was in 1707, and it needs our oil, fish, farming, and fishing etc. to sustain its broken, rotten economy. What better way than to do as they have always done…re-name our products, resources and people ‘British’. After all it’s always been a synonym for ‘English’ in their imperialistic minds since the Anglo Saxons first arrived on these islands.Understandably perhaps ‘South Britain’ never caught on as it was never required.

    Unfortunately, we still have a significant percentatge of willing slaves and traitors who are only too prepared to turn a Nelson’s blind eye to our national subjugation by our most pernicious of enemies.

  6. Robert Graham

    Yep all following the Grand Plan , This behavour has been the norm since England had an empire , first you effectively eliminate a countries culture – its Language – its history , then what you have left is a compliant colony that little or no effort is required to effectively manage .

    Last but probably the most important move is to recruit willing fools by bribery or fear into convincing their fellow natives that their country would be unable to exist without the benevolence of the Colonial masters.

    Thus we have Scotland today ,

    Clearly explained on wings over Scotland as the ” house & the field negro ” worth a visit and then it becomes clear whats going on , the method’s & similarities are striking

  7. Big Jock

    They don’t have any recognisable culture to be proud of. So they steal Scotlands. England is just as arrogant as it was when it was ripping up the Highlands and treating the Scots like savages.

    Modern England’s identity is racism, bigotry, Brexit, tabloid journalism and hooliganism.

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