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Reporting Scotland – Just doing the day job – Towards Indyref2…

Reporting Scotland – Just doing the day job

The First Minister is visiting the USA.  The Scottish Parliament is in recess and Nicola Sturgeon is using the time to promote Scotland.

The five day visit will focus on promoting trade and investment between the two countries, boosting tourism, sharing best practice across the public and private sector and promoting Scottish innovation and entrepreneurship.

The First Minister has spoken at Stanford University on Scotland’s place in the world and will speak at the UN on the Scottish Government’s programme of work supporting women from areas of conflict in participating in peace building activities.  Her Stanford University speech saw the First Minister highlight the issue of Brexit and of Scottish independence – two highly topical and relevant issues.

The visit has been covered by BBC Scotland.  Each news bulletin, as well as summarising Nicola Sturgeon’s trip, has also contained the obligatory attack from Unionist politicians – chiefly the Scottish Conservatives.  The thrust of the Tory attacks has used the familiar line that the First minister is ignoring her day job.

The first such attack appeared on Sunday, the day before Nicola Sturgeon arrived in the USA.  Tory MSP Annie Wells appeared on Reporting Scotland.

That same day the Good Morning Scotland newspaper review covered the USA trip.  The ‘day job’ attacks featured prominently as you can hear below.


The attack featured across Radio Scotland news bulletins on Monday.  Below is a short medley of the kind of news bulletins the station broadcast.


It featured on Monday evening’s Reporting Scotland also as can be seen from the short clip below.

The full item from correspondent James Cook was pretty informative and balanced and can be viewed here.

It’s safe to say that people are just as aware of the ‘day job’ attacks from the Scottish Conservatives as they are of the USA visit itself.  The attack has appeared in BBC Scotland radio bulletins, TV items and online articles.

But has the First Minister replied to the myriad attacks?  Has Nicola Sturgeon been given an opportunity to address her critics?  Indeed she has.  The clip below is from Tuesday evening’s Reporting Scotland where Nicola Sturgeon was asked to respond by James Cook.

It’s a bit insipid isn’t it?  With Theresa May currently on a trip to Saudi Arabia, Philip Hammond visiting India and even hapless David Mundell having flown off to Burma, you’d have thought that Nicola Sturgeon would have at least highlighted Tory hypocrisy.

It was an open goal.  How did the First Minister miss such an easy opportunity?

The answer is she didn’t.  Nicola Sturgeon exposed Tory hypocrisy for all to see.  Or rather would have seen had Reporting Scotland not cut the following clip from the programme.


Nicola Sturgeon began her answer to James Cook’s question by exposing Tory hypocrisy.  But it was cut from BBC Scotland’s flagship evening news programme.

Having broadcast the Scottish Tory ‘Day Job’ attacks for days, someone at the BBC decided the Scottish public would not get to see Nicola Sturgeon answer her hypocritical critics.  Who took the decision to cut the highly relevant segment from Nicola Sturgeon’s interview will probably never be known, but it’s probably saved Ruth Davidson’s party some embarrassment and ensured many viewers remain blissfully ignorant of May, Hammond and Mundell’s foreign trips.

It’s not the first time this kind of editing has happened on Reporting Scotland.  Below is an example from July 2016 where a highly relevant segment of an interview with Nicola Sturgeon was edited out of that evening’s edition of Reporting Scotland.

No Bargaining Chips [05 July 2016]
Then favourite to take over from David Cameron and become the leader of the Tory party – and new Prime Minister – Theresa May caused fury after suggesting that the status of EU nationals living in the UK could feature in any Brexit negotiations with the European Union.

The comments led to newspaper headlines across the UK, including Scotland.  On July 5th 2016, after meeting with delegates from EU member countries, Nicola Sturgeon spoke to BBC Scotland and condemned May’s comments.  Below is a clip that appeared on an obscure online article.

By the time Reporting Scotland aired that night, Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘bargaining chips’ attack had been removed.  Below is what viewers to BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme heard the First Minister say.

Just as in the ‘Day Job’ interview, the flagship evening news programme refused to show the more newsworthy comments from the First Minister, and instead showed a clip of a far more distilled comment.

Not for nothing do many pro-independence critics of Reporting Scotland disdainfully label the programme ‘Mis-reporting Scotland’.

You can view more examples of how Reporting Scotland manipulates political news items in an article I wrote back in July 2016.


Thanks to everyone who made a donation.  I now have enough to cover video software costs.

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38 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland – Just doing the day job

  1. Flower of Scotland

    Thanks for you’re hard work on this. I had noticed that BBC in Scotland often have technical difficulties when interviewing SNP folk.

    All I can say is God help us if the BBC backed Tories get into office in Scotland!

  2. Ian

    I notice this morning on the BBC website the fantastic good news story about the success of the HPV vaccination programme. I also note that the research into the effects of the programme were funded by the ‘Scottish’ government and not the ‘SNP’ government as is the usual way the bbc report on the Scottish Government … Well, we wouldn’t want the word SNP being associated with a very positive good news story now would we…?

  3. Clydebuilt

    Great work George…… As Usual

    Aye any time an SNP representative does too well in an interview with the BBC it will be heavily edited before broadcast……..

    As you say that’s our State Broadcaster doing it’s day job.

    1. Scott Wilson

      Brian – it’s not state funded! Worse, it’s funded by licence payers, ordinary members of the public. So it has a particular obligation to be fair and impartial. Which, as the above examples show, it isn’t.

  4. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    The editorial micro-spin of BBC Scotland news is so relentless it seems to approach saturation. Not that all frontline staff are therefore complicit. But the compelling evidence does suggest that a clandestine political agenda is being implemented from among the highest echelons of the BBC. What we are seeing is therefore very far from ineptitute. Rather, it bears all the hallmarks of a time-consuming, labour-intensive, sophisticatedly pernicious, competence.

    1. bringiton

      It isn’t clandestine,their brief from HM government is to promote “social cohesion” within the UK.
      That means not broadcasting anything which might create division.
      Anybody thought how England’s voters would have reacted during their independence referendum if the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation had been beaming a one sided Remain message into their homes on a daily basis?
      Westminster would have passed a law banning this activity as “anti democratic”.

  5. Camz

    Very typical of the BBC. They report ‘news’ in a way that gives a particular perspective. They always have done. They are the establishment’s paid shill. They won’t ever change either.

  6. George Trist

    Reporting (for the union) Scotland still undermining SNP and Independence. Wonder if Ofcom will have anything to say about it??

  7. Bibbit

    Is it not high time for the SNP to start highlighting the airbrushing of crucial comments by the BBC?

    The BBC do seem to become all hot and bothered whenever this was done in the past, notably Tommy Sheridan blowing the whistle on BBC bias when interviewed by Andrew Neil before 18 Sept 2014.

    Can the SNP not negotiate before agreeing to any interview that they are shown what is being edited out by the BBC, AND ON WHAT GROUNDS before agreeing to have any interviews with the BBC? The BBC won’t like that attention being drawn to their shenanigans.

    Or once the SNP discover the selective editing, they should at every interview begin by stating that they hope the BBC editor in question won’t be again editing out the most pertinent or what the BBC believe are comments to seditious to be broadcast to British people.

    The SNP fear the MSM too much. Time to attack them headon and call out their bias all the time.

    In this world of fake news, gone are the days that the BBC can assume that the people trust them at all anymore.

  8. Dr Jim

    Our landlords in England: and the power to refuse

    We pay for the BBC to exist yet it does not serve us with accuracy efficiency or impartiality
    If it was washing machine we’d return it to the manufacturers for a refund leaving us free to purchase something more suitable to our requirements under the trade descriptions laws

    The most powerful devolved parliament in the universe anywhere does’nt have the power to return the UKs faulty machinery to their factory and buy us a new broadcasting machine that works

    Even if we switch off this faulty machine the English landlord owners still demand we pay their rental tax for having it and indeed demand payment for our personal hand devices as well even if we don’t require access to their machine

    As a shopper anyone would find this practice unacceptable and resort to law for resolution

    It certainly gives lie to the English governments assertions that our Scottish parliament is indeed


  9. johnny rudkin

    the snp should stop giving interviews to the tv companies their news items would be so one sided it would work against them everybody would want to hear what the snp had to say the snp could agree to an interview if 100% of what they said got broadcast and stop the tv companies making their own agenda i know it would be hard but what is the alternative

  10. Dave oh what

    It is as bad as ever. I must mention this report next time soemone states they await the start of Project Bullshit 2.

  11. john

    BBC Scotland , a broadcasting company that hates Scotland , not just the SNP .This is a company that will go to any lengths to tell untruths , stir hatreds , cause animosities and create unrest .The course they send all their journalists on learning how to talk Scotland and it’s people down must be full all of the time they are so perfect at it . Can we do anything about it , yes , stop paying the licence fee and get your news on social media !

    1. Clydebuilt

      John the best thing anyone can do about our State Broadcaster’s bullshit is to do their best to spread the truth …..share articles …… Join a local YES / SNP group.

      Complaining is a waste of time and energy…… They know only too well what they are doing…….

      The Rev. Stu. Had an article explaining this in the National ….last few weeks…….

      There was a mass non payment campaign in N. I. During the trouble s ….

  12. Col

    I assume that the SNP are counting on us, the public to stand up to the BBC in Scotland. If we create a large enough campaign against their corruption I believe they think it will allow them to get onside either in a small way or in a big way.
    I don’t think they want to be spending their time picking a fight with such a huge organisation, look how silly Trump looks attacking his critics. That is exactly how it would be spun and would take time away from the day job and trying to get the message out.
    The SNP’s critics would be rubbing their hands in glee.
    So unless we turn up at the BBC HQ in great numbers, take direct action, have a very public campaign throughout the country of non payment for propaganda and maybe even try to get the EU involved in a legal capacity we are going to just have to suck it up and try to overcome what is a very large hurdle.

      1. Col

        I agree it’s a waste of time if the numbers are low but I’m disappointed a little at your defeatist attitude. We have power in numbers and if any or all of the above in my previous comment were enacted we could hit them where it hurts and very publicly embarass them not just in this country but across Europe and beyond.
        The world is watching and with bewildered astonishment at that to what is happening here in the UK.
        The UK has never been weaker and we should make sure we deliver a knockout blow while we have the chance.
        They think they are untouchable at the BBC, I personally think they are one of the weaker links in the British chain because they are so blatantly a state propaganda factory and it’s relatively easy to prove this.
        We will scrape over the finish line if we are lucky but I’d rather fight as hard as is possible on every front and take as many folk as possible with us.
        I want us to start our newly won indy with a clear majority of the people, it will be easier for the losing side to accept then we can get on with running the country.

  13. Arthur Martin

    I cancelled my Sky contract last month after their piss take Sky Data poll stating that Theresa May and Ruth the mooth were more popular in Scotland than Nicola Sturgeon.

    This was the tipping point after a noticeably rabid increase in their anti Independence reporting just after the announcement that the ScotGov intended to pursue a second referendum on Indy.I was swithering about cancelling my TV license fee as well but decided against it due to family considerations.

    This latest display of biased reporting from Misreporting Scotland has helped me make up my mind and after a discussion with my wife and son we have agreed that as soon as we return from holiday I will be informing the TV license folk that I will no longer be watching live TV or the BBC and will be cancelling my direct debit.

    I’ve had enough of their crap and won’t be paying to have their misreporting and biased propaganda blasted 24/7 into my living room any more.

    1. John Wood

      Good for you. I cancelled my TV Licence in 2014 and told the BBC why – my complaints had been met with blank denial, a refusal even to investigate, and complacent contempt, even after escalation to the BBC Trust. The BBC has always been a State Broadcaster and the claims of objective, unbiased reporting were always a lie.

  14. Bryan

    I have complained to the BBC as follows Copy and Paste lets see if Ofcom have a better approach now that theyve taken over handling complaints.
    Nicola Sturgeon began her answer to James Cook’s question by exposing Tory hypocrisy. But it was cut from BBC Scotland’s flagship evening news programme.

    Having broadcast the Scottish Tory ‘Day Job’ attacks for days, someone at the BBC decided the Scottish public would not get to see Nicola Sturgeon answer her hypocritical critics.
    This left unanswered the many Tory attacks on her trip to the USA.
    This is clear bias

    1. Geejay

      I did the “cut and paste” and sent a complaint. Here’s there reply – spot the self-serving cliches: “James Cook’s report was focussed on what the First Minister was doing in the USA. The clips from the interview, shown on Reporting Scotland, covered subjects such as the purpose of the First Minister’s USA visit and her response to points made by critics. It is a necessity, and editorially justified, to edit clips from a long interview for inclusion in a short news report. We do not accept that the use of the material from the interview in this instance was inaccurate or biased. The interview itself was broadcast in full on other BBC outlets which have the capacity to do so. We are satisfied that we covered the FM’s visit to the USA fairly, accurately and impartially.”

  15. Norman Howell

    Here we go again, HOW SHIT IS SCOTLAND ???????????? IN THE BBC EYES, No Need to ask ? THIS EQUAL PARNERSHIP IS SHITE !

  16. commonoldworkingchap

    The media in Scotland are similar to the British parties . Pathetic, scheming , blustering liars.
    This does not mean their propaganda is not dangerous and needs to be called out for what it is.

    I am working in England now and I am amazed/astonished at the power of the media and
    how it shapes (brainwashes) opinion. I would love to bring some of these Scottish media
    luvvies with me and show them some of the damage their type of propaganda is inflicting
    on Scotlands reputation and the image of it,s people. Through their paymasters orders
    they are attempting to pursue this type of agenda up here(Scotland), to the end that we have to
    admit “we are not worthy”. Come save us Kindly British State ( or at least it,s agents in
    North Britain).

    These people are morally repugnant. By selective editing or the variety of other underhand methods, which we are all too aware of ,they are denying us the truth, basically stealing the truth. They must know it is wrong, but they are alright (union ) Jack. They are not journalists.

    Shite people, Shite media. Vote for independence and let us be rid of the whole lot of them.

  17. PB

    Did James Cook & Laura Bicker get their plum jobs in America for services rendered during Indyref 1?

  18. Pingback: Nicola Sturgeon slammed the Tories’ smear campaign against her in an interview. The BBC edited her comments out | The CanaryDailyobugle.com | Dailyobugle.com

  19. Alex Beveridge

    The present efforts by the B.B.C are only the start of what will become an increasingly vitriolic propaganda campaign, designed, once again, to derail our goal of an independent Scotland.
    This is the British State broadcaster, and they will do whatever it takes in their manipulation of the news to deny us our right to be an independent nation again.
    If we think it’s bad just now, just wait until the date of the second Scottish Independence Referendum is announced, and then you will see the full might of the B.B.C being unleashed, no expense spared, no lie too great, the still extensive reach of this immensely powerful organisation will be geared to its full potential, in one last throw of the dice to try to prevent us freeing ourselves from the tyranny of Westminster.
    It will require a monumental effort on our part to defeat the B.B.C, because make no mistake, a great number of our electorate still believe what they say, and in the forthcoming campaign, that is going to be crucial.

  20. Robert Graham

    Maybe a good time for other MEPs in Europe to see how Europe and its institutions are being totally distorted by the State Broadcaster , how the Media here is manipulating the News rather than reporting it ,
    Time for the EU to give us some support , after all we haven’t left the EU yet , i know the EU wont get involved with internal politics of member states that dosnt stop MEPs as the Spanish MEP recently voiced his opinion of the UK stance towards Scotland.

    As for BBC Scotland well true to form they are right on the ball promoting the Tory party who despite all the media push this lot are even less popular than when Maggie was PM .

  21. Kupo

    The bbc are actively using subliminal messaging ” get back to the day job ” repeat and so on with very little context. Don’t be surprised if we start hearing some weak- willed people out there saying this phrase to avoid being challenged on the subject. This is simply brainwashing on a mass scale.

    1. Zeebeving

      I agree. Look how “Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable” has become the stock reply from all UK politicians being interviewed, abd subsequently by Joe Public.
      Repeat, repeat and repeat again, until it is believed by the masses to be a fact.

  22. harryhormone

    I watch with interest how the situation develops. We now know that Ofcom is to deal with complaints from Monday 3rd April but only after the BBC is approached! – unless you can prove that the complaint breeches their description of “Fairness and Privacy”- and the guidelines don’t define this “Fairness” in any detail. What’s “fair” to a Yoon is unlikely to be fair to others I would imagine.

  23. Cat

    What’s even worse, in my opinion, is that on Tuesday morning (approx 7.15am), the full response by the FM was broadcast on GMS.

    By the time Reporting Scotland was broadcast, it had been edited out as described above.

    Maybe someone didn’t like it?

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