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Pro-Union academic says SNP outrage over ‘Rape Clause’ is electioneering – Towards Indyref2…

Pro-Union academic says SNP outrage over ‘Rape Clause’ is electioneering

A controversial academic with links to a pro-Union campaign group has accused the SNP of displaying “manufactured outrage” over the so-called ‘Rape Clause’, because there is a general election on.

Retired historian Jill Stephenson made the accusation in a tweet on social media.  The comment followed criticism of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson by Holyrood’s other party leaders over her party’s child tax credit cap.

The cap limits tax credit payments to a maximum of two children.  Women who have given birth to a third child as a result of rape can apply for additional payments if they fill in a form explaining they have been raped and provide personal details.

The issue saw SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon lodge a motion that labelled the ‘Rape Clause’ “unfair, unequal, morally unacceptable and deeply harmful to women and their children and a fundamental violation of women’s human rights”.

During a heated debate the First Minister said: “No woman anywhere should have to prove she’s been raped in order to get tax credits for their child. I can’t believe in 2017 that I’m having to stand up in the Scottish Parliament and make that argument.”

Following the debate, Stephenson, who calls herself ‘Historywoman’, posted a comment on social media which read: “You realise the legislation on that was 2 years ago? SNP is reheating it because of elections. Pure opportunism, and manufactured outrage.”

Other users of twitter pointed out that SNP MP Alison Thewliss has in fact been publicly opposing the legislation since its inception.  First Minister Nicola Sturgeon herself publicly condemned the policy prior to Theresa May calling for a snap general election.

The pro-Union academic, who has appeared as a speaker at an event organised by pro-Union campaign group ‘Scotland in Union’, is no stranger to controversy.

In July 2015 she hit the headlines after calling SNP MP Mhairi Black “a foul-mouthed slut”.

In July 2014 she claimed people were voting Yes in the independence referendum because they were “less well-educated” and “less bright”.

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19 thoughts on “Pro-Union academic says SNP outrage over ‘Rape Clause’ is electioneering

  1. C avery

    The woman loki positively mad. I can only imagine given her field of expertise she fully supports the Anschluss and thinks Seyss-Inquart ( Fluffy Mundell lookalike) was a visionary.

  2. 1971Thistle

    Of all the individuals posting on Indy on Twitter, Jill is the most deranged by a margin.

    Her mates Agent P and El Del, who seem to form the other legs of menage a trois are more unpleasant but more calculated; Jill is just bonkers

  3. Moureen

    Is she saying that she agrees with this policy. Says a lot about Jill when instead of showing outrage as most people do regarding this, she uses it to once again attack the SNP and in particular Nicola Sturgeon who are clearly outraged, and rightly so, by the ridiculous concept of this attempt at grasping pennies from those most vulnerable, relying on them being unable to defend themselves and reluctant to divulge personal details about being raped and therefore unwilling to claim money for said child as a result of rape, thereby saving the government a few more quid.
    Jill, time you examined your morals and criticised the Tories instead for letting them give in to huge corporations dodging taxes rather than going after the poorer in our society!

  4. Robert Graham

    This care in the community experiment has to be seriously looked at . it is disturbing she is being allowed out unaccompanied and has access to normal people and is able to spread the bile that somehow inhabits her twisted mind .

  5. Bibbit

    She is invited to write in the Scotsman! I used to buy the Scotsman for many years before its violent lurch to the right wing of politics and its complete lack of impartiality.

    I want to buy a paper to read all types of views and ideas which I may, at my discretion, agree or disagree with.

    I don’t buy a paper which seeks the proselytization of its readership.

    Hence, the Scotsman slump in sales, as who wants to pay money to be preached at?

    When I heard elsewhere that this retired poison pill of a lecturer was now writing the occasional diatribe in the Scotsman, I could only think sadly, ‘How the mighty have fallen’.

    The empty vessel makes the most noise.

    Nothing on God’s sweet Earth could induce me to buy a Scotsman.

    1. Archie Hamilton

      Spot on. For many years I bought both The Scotsman & The Herald on a daily basis. Unfortunately the level of balance displayed by The Scotsman fell below an acceptable level around about 4- 5 years ago.
      The Herald is showing signs of the same approach and Scotland can no longer count on it’s quality press.

  6. Big Jock

    Not sure how she got her degree ,or when it was. Clearly she left university with a closed mind instead of an open mind. Just shows the bigotry is an affliction that can strike anyone.

  7. David McCann

    Only surprise is that her tweet wasnt punctuated by expletives, as she is well known as a foul mouth.

  8. Maureen McMenaman

    This evil bitch should be locked up. She openly incites hatred and violence against not only the SNP and it’s members, but also against Independence supporters in general. If I walked through my town centre spouting the poison she comes out with I’d be in the cells faster than you could blink.

    1. michael boyd

      She’s probably spent too much time studying Nazi Germany!

      Anyway she now joins Tom Holland, Dan Snow, Chris Whatley and Niall Ferguson on the list of banned historians in my household.

  9. seanair

    Michael Boyd
    And surely Archie MacPherson too. “Woof”(that was his exclamation when commenting at BBC football matches). But he’s only a pretendy historian and a useless commentator.

    1. michael boyd

      Big Jock, i’m gutted I knew I forgot someone. Does he count? The last time I watch him he couldn’t find the Bannockburn battlefield site…you’d think the monument might have helped? Thanks for correcting my omission.

  10. commonoldworkinchap

    A little research on this madwoman will tell you all you need to know. Same old losers
    ( Academics, Experts, Pundits, Ex Mp’s etc….) rolled out to repeat the same old garbage,
    intended to get a reaction.


  11. MorvenM

    She also got a letter published in the Independent yesterday where she had a go at Kezia Dugdale over this as well. Not a big fan of Kez, but no sane person would have doubted her sincerity on this issue. Best speech she’s ever made in the Scottish Parliament.

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