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No free pass! – Towards Indyref2…

No free pass!

get_out_jail_freeAnother tedious whine from David Torrance demanding that even intellectually indolent and wilfully malicious ‘journalists’ should be allowed to act with total impunity. Quite where he gets this notion that the traditional media has some sort of special status remains a mystery. And the suggestion that our elected representatives have a duty to protect ‘journalists’ from being held to account is every bit as preposterous as it seems.

So long as the mainstream media serve established power, they must be treated as the servants of established power. They must be challenged as established power must be challenged. Having declined or forsaken a role as the voice of democratic dissent, they are not entitled to demand uncritical regard from the owners of that voice.

Having so signally failed in their duty to the people of Scotland and to democracy, the British media don’t get to insist on loyalty from those whom they have betrayed. They are not our friends. We have absolutely no reason to trust them. We have every reason to hold them in deep suspicion. We have an absolute right to challenge their lies and distortions.

Know your place, David Torrance! Know your place!

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7 thoughts on “No free pass!

  1. Scott Cameron

    I only managed to get so far in reading his diatribe, as it’s a regurgitation of a plethora of spewings from a political commentator whose narcissism and pomposity knows no bounds.
    He shows the same characteristic traits as the rest of his cabal, who look down upon the plebs with a Fettes-honed disdain for anyone who didn’t study the Classics. His superiority is confirmed by his over-elaborate and incomprehensible ramblings, which no doubt fuel his petty gratification in requiring readers to grab the nearest dictionary in order to disseminate his verbal diarrhea.
    I honestly wonder who his readership is, or perhaps it’s merely penned in order to obtain the approval from the rest of the circle jerks?

  2. Clydebuilt

    A few months back DT. Was interviewed with Robin McAlpine by Bill Whiteford on BBC Radio Scotland. DT’s lack of intellect was exposed for all to hear.
    Not long after he was sent to America to cover the election. This allows him to talk unchallenged (at max. Pomposity) every Saturday morning.

    Just imagine how hard it must be for him to turn out a weekly column aimed at talking up the Unionist all stars, whilst rubbishing the SNP. Imagine trying to do that without sounding ridiculous, rather him than me.

  3. finnmacollie

    It saddens and bewilders me how so many of Torrance’s ilk take such delight in portraying their own country as an economic basket case, up to it’s ears in debt and incapable of running a raffle.

    The only conclusion I can come to is that Scotland is not their country. Their country is Gordon Brown’s North Britain.

  4. Andy McKirdy

    Note to the Herald; pay me a fraction of what you pay Torrance and I’ll write you a column with better insight from much greater experience of life, providing greater information and humour than Torrance ever could. X that by a thousand for the punters that post on social media daily.
    He hates the new media where people talk back to him and expose the posh he writes for what it is.

  5. Andy McKirdy

    No just meant pish, didn’t have my specks on.
    Need to remember to wear them if the Herald gives me Torrance’s gig!!!!

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