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If Common Space is no more than an echo-chamber for the mainstream media, what use is it? If Common Space merely emulates the disinformation, distortions and dishonesty of the British establishment, in what way does it serve the people of Scotland better than those organs which are mouthpieces of the British state?

If Common Space fails to offer informed analysis and a perspective that is distinct from the unionist media, has it not failed comprehensively and abysmally?

The headline, and the premise underlying it, represent the kind of shallow incomprehension that we would expect to find in The Scotsman or The Herald. The SNP is ALWAYS committed to a referendum. Because the SNP is ALWAYS committed to independence. It’s right at the top of the party’s constitution. Unlike the OPIPs (other pro-independence parties) the SNP’s commitment to independence is unequivocal and unconditional. Given that independence requires a referendum, the SNP’s unmistakeable (except by the woefully prejudiced) commitment to independence necessarily implies a commitment to a second independence referendum. Regardless of what is in the manifesto!

This is the the only possible conclusion that derives from an informed, rational analysis of the situation, rather than a complacent parroting of the nonsense carried by the British media.

What we hope for from those who lay claim to being an alternative to the old media is that they will ask the questions that challenge the cosy consensus of a London-centric journalistic clique. What we expect is that an alternative media will actually be an alternative. Common Space can start to lay claim to being part of that alternative when it provides analysis which, for example, explores the reasons behind the SNP’s “cautious” approach to an unconditional declaration of a specified timetable for a second referendum.

A mature analysis would, at the very least, have examined the potential repercussions of such a declaration. It would have speculated on the likely response from the UK Government. It would have considered the wisdom, or folly, of the SNP narrowing its options in this way.

A thoughtful approach to the matter throws up countless points that the mainstream media would never address. And which Common Space just as assiduously avoids. A more searching analysis promises insights that would mark Common Space as something uncommon. Something different. Something alternative.

That opportunity is far too reliably missed by Common Space. It would be gratifying to think that this was due to correctable incompetence and indolence rather than the pursuit of a petty political agenda no more worthy than the puerile politicking of the British parties in Scotland.

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5 thoughts on “No alternative!

    1. MorvenM

      Would be just peachy if you could actually come up with some constructive criticism of this article or of the SNP.

  1. tarisgal

    At the beginning, I found Common Space a great place to get various views and different political slants… I loved it! Then it all went to hell in a handbasket. Those little criticisms of SNP voters started to creep in, those little criticisms of SNP policies that at least were TRYING to make things better for Scotland, like all the mitigating being done on behalf of the vulnerable on Welfare… Then it was little criticisms of the various SNP MPs who were gifting their pay rise and second salaries to charity rather than avoid tax… when it no longer became about getting away from the vile policies of Westminster & rather ‘more radical reform in Scotland’… When little egos started to surface, when little ‘names’ with big ideas decided they wanted to be bigger names…

    Yes! By all means criticise the policies or the governing people! ‘Constructive’ criticism is good for what ails them! Yes – offer alternative views on what can be done! But when it becomes obvious that the criticism is purely self-indulgent and self-serving, it has NO value whatsoever. ‘Alternative’ media has the same power to wound and destroy as does MSM, and to criticise the voting public because they don’t/won’t/can’t/refuse to see things their way, and insult through name calling & generally made to feel like intellectually inferior fools, that’s when it stops for me.

    At first I thought it was just me – that I MUST be intellectually inferior (I managed to get a degree okay!). Was no one else getting the feeling that Common Space had altered its position, very subtlely changed direction somewhat? I decided enough was enough. I could get that kind of negative political manoeuvring from the Daily Mail & Telegraph thank you very much. I don’t read the DM or Tel etc – and I didn’t go back to the ‘alternative’ either…

    Thank you for this article… it restores my faith in my ability to discern quality from nonsense. I’m just so sorry that it was necessary you had to write this piece! ‘Alternative Media’ was SUCH a good idea and had such promise… *sigh*

    PS: A blog that “can’t cope with anything critical of the SNP”? Oh yes, ma’am, I can. The SNP have faults, no doubt about it! And I’d say so to Nicola’s face. I’d also say that it is YOU, Julie, that can’t take Peter Bell’s criticism of whatever it is you stand for. We don’t know that, because of course, you only offered criticism… nothing to back it or offer any ‘alternative’! Lol!

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