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Newswatch Scotland – Michelle Thomson – Towards Indyref2…

Newswatch Scotland – Michelle Thomson

This is the first in a series of short pilot videos.  The aim of the pilot is to demonstrate how a video based alternative media might challenge and weaken the hitherto impenetrable shield that surrounds BBC Scotland.

Beneath this first video is a donate button.  If you would like to see this project continue … please feel free to donate.  The hashtag, should you wish to share, is #NewswatchScotland.

Newswatch Scotland – Michelle Thomson

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26 thoughts on “Newswatch Scotland – Michelle Thomson

  1. Dave

    “I think BBC Scotland owes Michelle Thomson an apology”

    Not to mention her loss of earnings, and let’s see a couple of BBC jobs lost as a fair reckoning for the loss of Michelle Thomson’s job.

    No risk = no responsibility.

  2. Steve

    Loving the video format – much more engaging than the blog which I found too verbose and never had time to properly read. Five minute video is perfect and because it uses the same audio/visual delivery as BBC, carries equal weight IMO.

    Have to agree with Cammy though, audio needs work. Presenter sounds very echo-y and fills too much of the frame. Zoom out a bit!

    Other than that – fantastic. Hope the pilot is successful.

  3. George Moore

    Needed and appreciated thank you, perhaps this might make politically driven reporting by the BBC diminish. In any case it’s definitely a step in the right direction thanks again.

  4. Orlando Quarmby

    This is superb – well done all concerned. I do endorse what others say about your own studio sound – tinny and has the echo sound of being recorded in a bathroom. That’s easily sorted, though and you’ll go from strength to strength. Scotland desperately needs this kind of alternative news broadcasting.

  5. Alasdair Macdonald

    A very good clarification of the issues. The juxtaposition of clips from RS with comment was informative.

    I bow to the technical knowledge of the other commenters.

    Will such videos reach the same audience as RS does? Will it just preach to the converted?

    Unfortunately, broadcasting is not devolved to Edinburgh and it is unlikely that the unionist parties will be keen to do that. However, are there other ways, such as via business and innovation that a greater diversity of media in Scotland could be developed?

    Broadcasting might be a topic which people attending the Labour Party in Scotland leadership hustings might want to ask the candidates.

  6. Kangaroo

    The Indy movement desperately needs an alternative news narrative to compete with the MSM. This is a good start and builds on Misreporting Scotland. A nightly video news programme wouldmbe a great start and would enable you to state the truth at around the same time that the MSM were distorting things.
    There is so much content available that could be videoed, you just have to quickly reference Wings and you will have a story.

    Wishing you every success with this venture.

    1. alanski

      Thanks Kangaroo, although the chances of doing a nightly show is virtually impossible given the likely size of any future budget. Just not possible unless someone throws a huge amount of cash at us. We can only do what our resources will allow – appreciate your support.

  7. Robert

    Thanks for doing this.

    I wonder if it would be worth showing the BBC adding that footage of the judge saying “she should be ashamed of what she’s done” to the report, which made it look like the judge was talking about Michelle Thomson (she wasn’t), and thus implied that there has actually been some sort of fraud case (as the BBC kept trying to suggest).

    That added clip almost convinced my partner, so I reckon it would have been extremely effective propaganda for people who had believed the false “fraud case” narrative.

    Another good one to do would be when the BBC edited FMQs to make it look like Alex Salmond was ridiculing John Swinney over education “failures”.


    1. alanski

      Thanks Robert. The clip you mentioned about Alex Salmond and Swinney is in ‘London Calling’, my doc about BBC bias.


      Due to budget restraints, we are limited in scope in terms of quantity of stories. We are a skeleton crew producing something that should normally require a much bigger set up, but we’ll do our best with our very limited resources.

  8. Dave oh what

    If budget is limited, a robust weekly run-down of the worst Scottish mis-reportage could be sent out on social media; this would certainly be cost-effective as target audiences would likely be attained.

  9. Dougie Blackwood

    Great pilot. Pick up on the audio and give us more.

    I tried to donate but after several attempts I was recognised and redirected to PayPal which I don’t use. I gave up and a small contribution was lost. Accept donations without insisting the contributor jump through too many hoops.

  10. Ian Telfer

    Michelle Thomson was an excellent MP. She was forensic in her questioning in Westminster Hall and other committee rooms. Her brief in every subject was immaculately prepared. When she was appointed Director of BBC Scotland last December Donalda MacKinnon stated that her mission was to restore trust in BBC Scotland. An apology to M/s Thomson would be a useful contribution to this aim .

  11. Ian

    This is a brilliant, easy to understand and very effective using the actual tv clips One criticism though —it would be way better if your sound quality was the same as the bbc ones (and by the way they aren’t that good sometimes!)

  12. Jim

    Michelle Thompson is as honest and upstanding as Anas Sarwar. Did she act illegally? Probably not but that doesn’t mean offering poor people below market value for quick cash is okay. It isn’t and as a massive SNP supporter she is the kind of person that would make me shift

  13. Andy Hay

    Let’s project it onto the side of the BBC office at Pacific Quay and play the audio from big fuck off loudspeakers on a permanent loop.

    Do it every time. In fact, tour the country doing it everywhere you can.

  14. Mark Rowantree

    This is an important and much needed contribution in the fight against the overweening Unionist dominance of the airwaves. Obviously, it is unlikely to reach the same audience as BBC RS: nonetheless, I have increasingly come to doubt whether there is any point, let alone chance of convincing that particular demographic to question their manner of news consumption: let alone change their minds about anything.

  15. Brian McGowan

    Great video/news piece and superb idea.
    When you gain momentum perhaps you could add one or two of Prof John Robertson’s Good News Posts each week as a postscript.

  16. Helena

    Excellent. Have shared.

    What an utter disgrace that Michelle Thomson was accused, judged and found guilty by the bbc, when she had done nothing unlawful! Yes, being reminded of the clip also about the bbc even unlawfully misquoting an actual judge, in attempting to link two totally different reports as one and the same, to keep their lying, ie, ‘fraud’ story, going.
    I think even the judge was not happy about that.

    How can the likes of the bbc get away with not just telling outright lies and ruining a persons career, they can involve a judge in their total misreporting, misleading stories. These stories are piped into peoples’ living rooms, day in day out. Not sure if even the ‘News of the World’ rag of years ago, would have gotten away with that kind of dirty, undemocratic, dangerous tactic. But then, the bbc does not operate democratically, just wish more people would wake up to that fact.

  17. Col

    I’d like to hear the presenter call into question the BBC’s motives. Many in the indy movement know exactly what they’re up to but there’s still many folk out there who don’t have a clue and it’s not always easy to unpick the trust that folk may have in the BBC.
    Long held beliefs may not be easily changed but like many including myself when the veil is lifted there’s no going back because what’s underneath is truly ugly in the extreme.
    I’m sure the BBC will give you plenty more opportunities to expose them in the future. Let’s keep chipping away.

  18. Lorraine

    This is excellent and I’d definitely like to see more. This particular example might not be a wake up to many die hard unionists because of the obvious SNP connection though. Have you thought of doing it the opposite way around, are there examples of where the BBC have deliberately downplayed or glossed over something a Tory or Labour MP has done?

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