Newspapers forced to issue correction after smearing MP Michelle Thomson

record-fraud-probeTwo newspapers have been forced to issue corrections after publishing false claims regarding Scottish MP Michelle Thomson.

On Thursday the Daily Record and Herald newspapers each claimed the former SNP MP had been under investigation by Police Scotland.

The Record claimed Thomson was one of three SNP MPs currently being probed by so-called ‘Fraud Cops’.  An article in The Herald newspaper made similar claims.


However both newspapers have been forced to issue an embarrassing correction after Police Scotland confirmed it was not in fact investigating Ms Thomson.


The issue has also led to calls for BBC Scotland to issue a similar correction after the broadcaster made similar claims in its coverage of the story.  An article published on the main BBC Scotland news page on Thursday contained the following sentence.

[Chris Law] is the third of the 56 SNP MPs elected in last year’s general election to be under investigation by the police.

The story appeared as the second top item on BBC Scotland online news on Thursday morning and remained on the page until the following day.  However at 17:45 on Friday, by which time the article had disappeared from its main online page, the BBC quietly removed the erroneous claim.

BBC Scotland has yet to acknowledge the correction.

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9 thoughts on “Newspapers forced to issue correction after smearing MP Michelle Thomson

  1. Dawn Corbett

    I would like to know what is taking so long for Michelle to be “investigated” and when she will be cleared – or charged? The whole thing has been so sad. The news reports at the time showed a businesswoman buying properties from people desperate to sell after not managing it over a prolonged period, doing it up and finding a buyer for a profit. What was wrong with this?

  2. Arthur Martin

    Desperate tactics from the mouthpieces of our imperial masters. They’re obviously that intent on smearing the SNP, that any journalistic integrity that once existed has been cast aside in their haste to print SNP bbaaaddd articles.
    They are bricking it big time and these tawdry articles are symptomatic of that.
    No surprise then that their sales are falling faster than the pound after Brexit.

  3. Janette Greig

    Exactly when will we hear about the Tory electoral fraud investigations, we need to keep the pressure up and not allow this to be swept under the carpet!!!

  4. William Boyle

    The Quicker we Get Our Independence Back The Better, At Least, If There Are Mistakes Made,, They Will Be Our Mistakes,, In Saying That ,,,Are They ,Mistakes ??

  5. Robert MacFarlane

    Is there no way the public can ask for those writing this tripe in news paper after all if this was a TORY M..P wrongly getting degraded they would not be long in making a new law to clear their names and it would be made to write it in front page .one inch size letters. .I and thousands of other’s are getting fed up the way they treat the good people of Scotland try it out in others that do things like tis and get away with it.

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