NEW FILM : How the voting system for the Scottish Parliament works, and why “tactical voting” is such a big risk

A couple of weeks ago, I jetted off (if you can jet off by train) to a top-secret mystery town somewhere between Dunblane and Bannockburn (it’s got a big castle in it) to record a video about the Holyrood voting system for the brilliant Phantom Power.  The intention was very much to avoid this being a “propaganda” film – although I do explain my view that so-called “tactical voting on the list” is an enormous risk, I only do that in the final few minutes.  I’ve felt all along that the main reason some people find the arguments of the tactical voting lobby so seductive is that the basic principles behind the AMS voting system aren’t widely understood.  So the bulk of the video simply explains in relatively neutral terms how AMS is supposed to work (with the composition of parliament determined by the list vote and not the constituency vote), but how the Scottish version of the system makes things a little less simple than they should be.  I then describe the theory of how “tactical voting on the list” is meant to deliver more pro-independence MSPs, before offering my own opinion that it’s an extremely bad idea, and could easily backfire badly.

Courtesy of Phantom Power Films.

If you have any problem with the embedded video above, the direct YouTube link is HERE.
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Also, if you’re looking for a video in which both sides of the argument get an equal airing, don’t forget my Independence Live debate with Tommy Sheridan from a few weeks ago – that can be viewed HERE.
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