Mundell “The rules are clear” as he signals Westminster *will* overrule Holyrood on devolved areas if no consent given

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has given the clearest indication yet that the UK Tory Government will overrule Holyrood if consent is refused to legislate on devolved areas.

The Conservative MP told BBC Scotland’s Political Editor Brian Taylor that the rules were clear on the issue.

Asked repeatedly whether Theresa May’s government would overrule the Scottish parliament if Holyrood refused to give consent on devolved areas, Mr Mundell replied: “The rules in relation to the constitutional arrangements in the UK are clear, the rule in relation to the Sewel Convention was clarified in the recent Article 50 Supreme Court case.”


The ‘Sewel Convention’ was the name given to the practice of allowing Westminster to legislate on devolved areas.  Crucially, the convention required the Scottish parliament to give its consent.

The statement from David Mundell is the strongest indication yet that the Westminster government intends to seize power over some devolved areas regardless of the Scottish parliament’s wishes, when the UK leaves the EU and powers are returned from Brussels.

The Scottish government stance has the backing of Scottish Labour, Scottish Lib Dems and the Scottish Greens.  Only Ruth Davidson’s party back the so-called ‘Power Grab’.

Speaking earlier, MSP Bruce Crawford, who Chairs the Finance and Constitution Committee at Holyrood offered a “reasonable solution” to the situation.  The MSP insisted a deal, whereby both sides agreed to be bound by an agreement, would allow an end to the dispute.

He said: “If both governments were treated equally and bound by an agreement then there’s an amicable way through this dispute.

“The Secretary of State told us he trusted the Scottish government, I welcome that.  It is now time to put that trust into action.

“Clause 11 should be removed, both governments should be bound by a political, reciprocal agreement and we have a solution.”

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12 thoughts on “Mundell “The rules are clear” as he signals Westminster *will* overrule Holyrood on devolved areas if no consent given

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    “Ruth Davidson’s party“!!!!


    Ruth Davidson DOESN’T HAVE A PARTY.

    Just like THERE ARE NO Scottish Tories.

    There ARE Tories FROM Scotland

    Ruth Davidson IS the Branch Manager of the Conservative and Unionist Party IN SCOTLAND.

    You let yourself down parroting this BritNat MSM/BritNat Broadcasting Corporation MEME regarding Scotlands Tories being a separate organisation.

    They are one and the same




    Military Industrialist Saudi Arming

    Rape Clause supporting

    Bedroom Taxing

    Universal Crediting


    Scottish Hating

    Conservative and Unionists

    The same as the ones at Westminster.

    When it comes to Colonel Yadaftie and her “Scotch Tory Party” all I ask of you is this:



    Other than that Fluffy stating what we already knew.

    Devolution is dead.

    Who’s going to back “Federalism aka The Vow 2 (this time we mean it, honest!)”

    It is now a straight fight between becoming:

    Indy Scotland


    North Britain

    Thanks for dispelling any ambiguities SoS (aka Last Viceroy of Scotland)


  2. Jason Smoothpiece

    I think this is rather clearly the end of devolution, if the regime goes ahead and does this the choice is between full independence or direct tory control.

    Is the regime trying to incite some sort of trouble? its difficult to say.

    I hope the less well informed folk understand what the British Nationalists are trying to do.

    Im glad we have the vow.

    Where’s Gordon Brown and the gang?

  3. john

    The Tories keep repeating the same mantra , we’ve heard it , we heard it the first time , “you will not be getting these 24 powers back , we WILL have them ” . The only way Scotland can now go forward is to the Supreme Court . I would rather it was the European Court of Justice , at least there we might have half a chance of not being told to get back in our box !

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      ECJ is after War Criminal Tony Bliars (no typo) finds against the Scots Govt.

      The howl in the Yoonstream when it goes to Europe for decision will be deafening.

      Express and Mail headlines will be even more batshit crazy than usual.


  4. Robert Graham

    I watched this Weasels performance before the committee , I say Weasel because this tory artical dosnt really deserve any kind of respect ,

    He was flanked by some English hatchet faced bint with the nose in the air attitude of i am here to explain to you Jocks what we have decided for your country dont interrupt i am superior to you all ,even the tory mugs on this committee .

    Again no Apologies as this one definatly will never get any kind of acknowledgement of her imagined position in the grand scheme of things.

    Probably just as well ordinary members of the public were not able to question this slimey lying f/kr as the room would have been cleared by the Polis in double quick time , being nice and oh so proper doesn’t cut it ,this Slimy rat who speaks in a perculure dialect will just continue to talk indecipherable tosh unless you get him by the throat and insist he answers the bloody questions , stop being nice he is being allowed wriggle room and by f/k does he use it , its like watching a Limbo dancer they way he avoids answering questions .

  5. Brian Powell

    Labour and the LibDems may be ‘opposing’ this but they gave their consent when they campaigned and voted for No, and to continue Westminster control of Scotland.
    They have nowhere to hide and will never be forgiven.

  6. Laurin Kirkton

    The People of Scotland Will ‘NEVER BEND a KNEE’ to these ‘Tory’, lying ,thieving SCUM !!!!. When the Court Case is over and Scotland WINS then Independence WILL Soon Follow !!. So come on STOP being so defeatist and Kick this ‘Mundell’ into the Long Grass so he can hop off to ‘Mama’ May to have his Pride Stroked !!!!.

  7. bringiton

    It’s that word “normally” inserted into the devolution settlement which allows it to mean the opposite of it’s intended purpose.
    Now,everything is reserved to Westminster unless they say differently.
    Ein Reich,Ein Volk,Ein Fuhrer.

  8. Big Jock

    David Mundell is just a wee lackie house trained jock. Sad thing is he doesn’t even realise his masters laugh behind his back. Clearly money is more important to him than his country.

    He will get binned once the Tories get what they want. I think it’s clear the Tories need these powers for sinister reasons.

    Time to call Indy ref 2 , there is no union.

  9. AngusSkye

    We cannot rely on continued support from Labour and the LibDems here. Some figleaf will be offered which they will claim makes everything fine (eg powers to be reserved for 6 years, 11 months instead of 7 years). End result – SNP will be seen as grievance-makers, intransigent, obstructive, unreasonable, etc.

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