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Most voters would back indy if Brexit goes ahead – Towards Indyref2…

Most voters would back indy if Brexit goes ahead

A shock poll has revealed that Scotland would vote for independence in the event Brexit goes ahead.

According to online site Wings Over Scotland, 47% would back independence in the event of Brexit, against 43% who would opt to remain in the UK – 10% are undecided.  Stripping out the ‘don’t knows’ gives a result of 52% in favour of independence with 48% against.

The results of the poll, carried out by British Polling Council members Deltapoll, will send shock waves through the pro-Union establishment in Scotland.  Equally worrying for Unionists is the fact that the survey fieldwork took place between 27-30 August, which was after the sexual harrassment allegations against Alex Salmond were revealed.

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union by a margin of 62% to 38%.  However with England and Wales voting to leave, Scotland along with Northern Ireland faces being dragged out against its will.

The Scottish government has called for a compromise which would allow the UK to retain membership of the Single Market and Customs Union.  However this has been rejected by the UK Conservative government.

Nicola Sturgeon is expected to make an announcement on a possible second independence referendum this October.  The First Minister has confirmed she will make a decision once the result of the UK government negotiations become clearer.  There are signs though that the talks between the UK government and the EU may slip, which will likely delay any Indyref2 announcement.

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13 thoughts on “Most voters would back indy if Brexit goes ahead

    1. Me Bungo Pony

      It would be unsurprising if it were so but, as the polling took place after the Salmond story broke, it is unlikely. Though all the scarier to unionists for that reason.

  1. Peter A Bell

    The polling illustrates the consequences of focusing on the Brexit that is being imposed on Scotland rather than the Union which makes this imposition possible. #CringeNoMore #DissolveTheUnion

  2. John

    The poll , having been done during the hate – fest in all the MSM against Alex Salmond , shows that the people of Scotland are waking up to the fact that very dirty tactics are used against the SNP and they didn’t let it cloud their judgement . Brexit is far more important to people’s everyday lives than Unionist hacks going helter- skelter after an ex-MP.
    Onwards to Independence , convince the ” don’t knows ” and we are there !

    1. Sam

      If the poll had been carried out before the Salmond hate fest had started, would the vote for Indy have been even bigger?

  3. bringiton

    Many Scots still don’t get it.
    The UK union is a tale of two different countries who should never have been forced together.
    Brexit has shown that we have different and opposing requirements but when push comes to shove,Scotland’s interests will always be subjugated by England’s.
    When these Scots realise that the “union” was designed from the outset to benefit England and has been wholly successful in that respect,perhaps they may come to the conclusion that we are not better together and that we should go our own way.

  4. Independent Woman

    I think people are disgusted by the behaviour of the sewer-press. However, the result of this poll might result in the Establishment scratching around for more dirt and more topics for Project Fear.

    Get out on the streets with the street stalls. Talk to people wherever possible. Help people make up their minds.

    1. John

      Yes and get the leafets delivered , write letters to the press discounting fake news , be a foot soldier , they are rhe ones that win wars !

    2. Jason Smoothpiece

      You are right I have said elsewhere the Regime will resort to madness as the inevitable march to independence picks up pace.

      Hold onto your hats keep working away we are slowly getting there.

  5. Bibbit

    This YES win poll is despite the never-ending, anti-SNP, anti-Scottish Government BBC/MSM propaganda, which has continued unabated since 2014 through the General Election in 2015, the Holyrood Election in 2016 and the snap General Election in 2017. Truly remarkable.

    If YES leads before Indyref2 has even fired its starter’s gun, shouldn’t we expect the final result to be 20 points higher by the end? That happened in 2014, when Yes went from circa 25% (excluding Don’t Knows), at start of campaign, to 45%, on 18 September 2014.If that was repeated then the current 52% (excluding Don’t Knows) would convert to 72% for YES.

    BBC Scotland’s Labour Britnat cabal must be pulling out their hair this morning in despair.

    Despite the Beeb’s best efforts, those thrawn Scots just keep ignoring them!

    1. scrandoonyeah

      For the last 18 months I have been predicting 58.3% Yes and 41.7% No.

      I guess I might have been a little bit conservative……..(big pun intended)

  6. Alan Johnson

    It is a pity that the figures remain so marginal. We need a really decisive swing so that Indy is a certainty!

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