More anti-SNP newspaper smears broadcast by BBC Scotland

More newspaper inspired smear attacks on the SNP and independence movement have been broadcast by BBC Scotland using the station’s newspaper review programme.

Sunday’s Radio Scotland newspaper section featured two smear attacks on the SNP.  The first related to a story in The Sunday Post which attempted to link the Scottish government to the manufacturing of components for Turkish fighter jets.

Listeners to the programme heard Daily Record political editor David Clegg summarise claims published by The Sunday Post which included attacks on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.


Clegg, whose newspaper was behind ‘The Vow’ during the 2014 Indyref, went on to highlight another story in the Daily Record’s Sunday sister paper The Sunday Mail that smeared the pro-independence campaign Yes Scotland.

The programme also included a lengthy section that witnessed the recent Cambridge Analytica smear attack on the SNP again raised.  Listeners heard studio guests ‘review’ a Sunday Times article that claimed the SNP wanted the Pro-Leave campaign to win the EU referendum in the hope it would increase support for independence.


The use of newspaper reviews has come under scrutiny following the promotion of an edition of The Herald newspaper that contained accusations against First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, that the newspaper subsequently admitted were untrue.  The Herald published an apology as a result.  BBC Scotland refused to apologise for its own role in circulating the falsehood.

Concerns over political output at BBC Scotland have increased this week following claims of the existence of a blacklist containing names of pro-independence individuals.  Speaking at a pro-Yes event, comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli said he was told of the existence of such a list by a BBC Scotland producer and that none of those on the list would be allowed to present or participate in political programmes and current affairs shows. 

The broadcaster has denied the existence of any such list but failed to make clear whether similar lists existed in the past.


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9 thoughts on “More anti-SNP newspaper smears broadcast by BBC Scotland

  1. Lochside

    David Clegg resident ‘No Surrender’ Norn Irn loyalist drum beater on BBC Scotland and for the rag which perpetrated the foul lie called the ‘Vow’ ..having the temerity to keep stirring the shite about the non outcome of Cambridge Analytica and the SNP’ s ‘meeting’…No surprise there…again!

    As for ‘Leonardo’…he’s happy to see those Scottish workers lose their jobs just to ..once again… attack the SNP. As for social media being manipulated during the 2016 election…what about ALL lof the msm being manipulated AGAINST the SNP SG and that Cambridge Analytica are hoaching with senior tory party members…which Ruth the fuhrer denied…and was allowed to by Ken Macintosh… because of the spurious and nonsensical myth of her branch mob being designated ‘Scottish’ tories.

    The SNP or YES movement must raise a crowdfunded action against the BBC challenging the multiplicity of breaches of its charter….FFS there’s enough evidence from this site alone to sink them…add in Wings, John Robertson, G.A.Ponsonby etc. and at the very least it would destroy their credibility with a significant portion of the ‘No’ vote. In addition. it would signal to the world just what a corrupt, malign, politically biased and evil institution it really is.

  2. tarisgal

    Lesley Riddoch was talking in Arbroath week before last and she too talked off how most of her work had ‘dried up’ as a result of her taking on ‘YES’ work. She didn’t talk of a ‘list’ but she was once on BBC quite a bit. Funny how now she isn’t so popular with them and isn’t asked on any more. (They, Arbroath SNP, were filming it if you wanted to check that out).

    Hardeep Singh Kohli was the one that brought up the point about a BBC list, but the two other ladies present (Libby McArthur and Lin Anderson) also talked of their work ‘drying up’. Libby mentioned she hardly gets any work from ANYTHING to do with BBC, now.

    Is it a coincidence that all the YES people are finding it difficult to get work in Scotland? No other political activists are talking about it… just YES people. How strange is that??

    Which is why I now quite TRULY DISLIKE people like Billy Connelly. Not because he’s turned his back on the working people who put him where he is. NOT because he has politica leanings that don’t coincide with mine. I have no problem with either of these things. But because in using his platform of communication with all the UK and through giving vent to his hatred of SNP supporters, he has actively participated in and endorsed the policy of his ‘friends’ not hiring people who have differing political opinions than his or ‘the management’ that hires them. He is enabling the BBC to turn their backs on people who, being license fee payers, should expect equal terms of getting to air their views. But he thinks SNP SUPPORTERS are evil… Aye, right, Mr Connelly…

  3. Jo

    Totally mad attack on Billy Connolly. How on earth can you blame him for the way the BBC functions?

    He doesn’t “hate” anyone. You, on the other hand, seem full of hatred for him.

  4. Lochside

    Meanwhile…Cliff Richards is taking the BBC to task over his treatment regarding serious allegations it headlined about him without even a trial. Gary Smith BBC Scotland’s head of News , seconded from the same post in the BBC HQ since then, said in court ‘one consideration had been whether it would have been right to withhold information’

    “These discussions took place against the backdrop of (the) history of the Jimmy Savile allegations and knowledge within institutions which had not been made public,” he said.

    “An important factor in the editorial discussions about naming individuals who were the subject of police investigations was the issue of the media not reporting information it knew to be correct.”

    Mr Smith said editors had thought it right to name Sir Cliff because the BBC was confident it knew who the individual under investigation was.

    The hypocrisy knows no bounds: note the phrase’knowledge within institutions which had not been made public’ i.e the BBC he’s talking about!…Like Amber Rudd blaming her own Ministry, Gary Smith sociopathically distances the act from the perpetrator

    More importantly, an aged , but admittedly extremely wealthy ‘celebrity’ is able to bring the BBC to court and to explain themselves and their actions. So why can’t we collectively do the same in Scotland?…I think our case is stronger than this individual, don’t you?

  5. WeeBaldie

    Great comment, Lochside! Thanks.

    Surely the Scottish Government has more than sufficient grounds to bring a case for slander against the BBC and for libel against the Sunday Post and Sunday Mail?

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