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Michelle Mone in ‘moron’ rant at SNP MP – Towards Indyref2…

Michelle Mone in ‘moron’ rant at SNP MP

Controversial business-woman Michelle Mone has been embroiled in a social media row in which she called an elected MP a “moron” and boasted of her unelected status as a life peer.

Mone took to social media to respond to criticisms leveled at her by SNP MP Stewart McDonald who said she had taken part in only two debates and submitted no questions in the House of Lords.

Responding, the unelected House of Lords member said: “What are u talking about u SNP MORON!I have voted over 78 times,not twice!I’m a Global entrepreneur with 9 biz interests not a full time MP like u!The difference is I’m a Baroness for life,whereas u will be out of ur MP job in no time…”

According to pro-Independence newspaper The National, official records show Mone has voted 68 times in the House of Lords but has spoken only twice.  She has submitted no questions to the UK Government.

The “out of ur MP job” jibe at the elected MP is a reference to Mone’s status as a so-called life peer, a status bestowed on her by the former PM David Cameron in August 2015.  Mone had been a vocal supporter of the Union throughout the Scottish independence referendum campaign.

Earlier this year Mone implied she could one day become First Minister of Scotland.

Responding to a suggestion she could emulate Donald Trump’s success in the USA, the former lingerie tycoon said: “I’m tempted Irene”.

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16 thoughts on “Michelle Mone in ‘moron’ rant at SNP MP

  1. Big Jock

    The vacuous empty headed vessel that is the worship of status and wealth over intelligence and humility. This house trained Scot is a puppet of the state too dim to know anything about life and respect for others.

  2. mogabee

    What a role model she is!

    How many of those businesses are making a contribution to any government coffers?

    I suspect none..

    yep welcome to the ‘aristocracy’

  3. Ken J

    So she has been there 78 times but only spoken twice?

    I’ll grudgingly allow that she earned her £600 on those two occasions – but fail to see why she should be paid £22,800 for turning up to vote on the other 76 occasions when the rest of us do that for nothing…

  4. 100%Yes

    When they rant is this way you know you’ve hit a nerve, Stewart McDonald keep looking after Scotland’s interest by posing these all to important questions.

  5. Big Jock

    Quite a nasty piece of work by all accounts. I have seen toddlers with better self control. I’m a Baroness mummy I am, I am boo hoo.

  6. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Lady Mone of Mayfair (nae doot the poshest place she could think of due to its value in Monopoly).


    I believe the business interests she mentions may be costume jewellery, fake tan, diet pills and she sold the underwear company but I might be wrong.

    £300 a day, plus subsided food and drink for life while we have extreme poverty and a growing class of working poor.

    BritNat utopia.

  7. Proud Cybernat

    But, but, but – she said she’d leave Scotland only if there was a YES win. Did we win?

    Truly surprised ‘The Pledge’ dropped her after a few outings – really miss her towering intellect.

    Will she still remain a Baroness after indy? Dont think so.

    “Out of a job in no time”? Em – does she no’ realise that Stewart McDonald’s entire existence at WM is to ensure that he himself votes himself OUT of his WM job at the earliest opportunity?

    I’ve seen more light in a dead match than in Money Myrtle’s numbnut.

  8. Robert Graham

    I thought she had left i seem to remember a crowd funder for her bus fare , christ did she buy a return ticket ,

    I could be wrong i seem to remember a wee stushie when she originally set up her Ladies chest supporting enterprize , something about who actually developed the product , as i said i am not sure of what went on ( in case the lawyers are watching ) ,

    I Guess Rod Stewart could maybe give an insight into her character at one time his wife was involved with promotion work i believe .

  9. alanski

    This grasping greedy fool has a chip on her shoulder. Nauseating character, and not too smart up top, she’s basically a waste of space.

  10. Lothian

    That’s the problem… she is a baroness for life due to being unelected and part of the disgusting unionist elite. No matter what she thinks she has achieved, she has given up dignity, respect and a spine to follow the unionist elite.

    Remember, it was people like her who betrayed William Wallace and sold Scotland out!

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