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Making nonsense of the news – Towards Indyref2…

Making nonsense of the news

In it’s efforts to spin absolutely everything as anti-SNP propaganda, the BBC long ago abandoned any pretence to impartiality. It has now forsaken the need to at least make some kind of sense.

You might, if you’re aware of what’s going on, be scratching your head wondering why the Attorney General, no less, feels the need to shoot down a premise that is entirely a fabrication of the British media – principally, the BBC itself. Nobody ever claimed that Scotland had a veto over Brexit. Nobody! The whole thing was entirely a media concoction. The only plausible explanation for the AG’s “clarification” is that it is intended to make it appear as if there was some substance to the idea of a veto in the first place. There wasn’t! It was a fiction! Nothing more!

But if that is perplexing then the following is just plain jaw-dropping in the magnificent grotesqueness of the distortion. According the BBC, SNP MPs are “asking if “remain means remain” for Scotland”.

NO THEY’RE ******* NOT!

SNP MPs are TELLING the UK Government that “Remain means remain!”. There’s no doubt, ambiguity or equivocation. The people of Scotland voted Remain. What else could that possibly mean but that they want Scotland to remain in the EU?

Almost as ludicrous is the suggestion that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is looking for ways to stay in the EU AND the UK.

NO SHE ******* ISN’T!

Nicola Sturgeon is now as totally committed to restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status as she has been the biggest part of her life. She is the leader of a party which has independence as its principal aim, enshrined in the party’s constitution.

She was elected to lead the party on the basis of her commitment to independence. And the party was elected to government on that very same basis.

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t looking for ways to stay in the UK. Like increasing numbers of people in Scotland she is urgently seeking a way of getting out of this abominable political union.

The BBC is rapidly descending into self-parody.

One thing has been further clarified, however. There can now be no doubt that the British establishment is determined to wrench Scotland out of the EU against the will of Scotland’s people simply as a means of asserting its power. It is now all about the British establishment demonstrating its dominance, and Scotland’s inferior status in the union.

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3 thoughts on “Making nonsense of the news

  1. Lisa Smith

    My fears for Indyref 2 are not that YES won’t get a legitimate majority over NO, but that the British state will rigg it again to ensure they don’t “lose ” Scotland….or rather “lose possession/ control of” Scotland – its resources,assets,land mass, Faslane….as well as losing the control to prevent a social democratic government,which will cause revolt in England threatening the continuation of the establishment.

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