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London Calling – The Documentary – Towards Indyref2…

London Calling – The Documentary

The documentary the BBC would rather you didn’t see.  Please consider donating to this appeal which seeks to turn this documentary into 50,000 DVDs for distributing to those who may otherwise not see this film.

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36 thoughts on “London Calling – The Documentary

  1. ET

    Fantastic. Watched the preview and was very impressed by the production; it holds your attention.

    This needs to be shared, shared, shared. To that end, I have shared it via all my groups on FB.
    After watching this video, folk should never watch, listen or read the news in Scotland/UK again without questioning whether it is truthful.

  2. brobb

    Great documentary, well done to all concerned. I found the bit on the violence following the referendum result very moving and scary, unsurprisingly the clear links to fascism were never broadcast on the BBC and shamefully we had to rely on indy sites for information/video coverage. I defy anyone to watch this and not be seriously concerned about unionist propaganda – the rise of far right wing politics needs nationwide scrutiny. I hope that the BBC management and reporters involved feel ashamed of their role in this.

  3. Thepnr

    I had read the book but this is more accessible for everone. I loved this, well done to you Mr Ponsonby and all the production team. Will be sending to everyone I know that have doubts about BBC bias.

    The bias is blatant and this short documentary clearly shows that. Personally I wish it could be made into a series as there is so much more that could be said LOL.

  4. Sonia ewens

    Scotland needs to see this its brilliant and TRUTHFUL !!! Anyone voting no after watching this is crazy!!!!!!
    Time to put Scotland first

    1. Sonia ewens

      Sorry I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t give you guys any credit for such an amazing documentary …well done guys you’ve done scotland proud …saor alba [><]

  5. Kevin

    Difficult to believe that Scotland has so many enemies within, all working against the betterment of our country.

    On the evening I watched an STV News broadcast re the facial reconstruction of Robert the Bruce, I wondered how many ‘Proud Scots, but’ sat uncomfortably in their comfy chairs, ill at ease at the thought that 700 years ago they would have taken up arms against our greatest leader?

    Excellent work, Mr Ponsonby and all involved.

  6. Kupo

    I went into this knowing that the bbc was corrupt, so I don’t need no convincing, but even I was a little bit taken aback.

    Now imagine you have a family member or friend, whatever, who trusts the bbc and thinks your talking rubbish and you get them to watch this, I think the impact of this on their world view would have a devastating effect on their trust of the bbc then onwards.

  7. Anne Bruce

    Thanks to all involved.

    I was aware of some of their lies and behaviour but this film was an eye opener.

    I’m very sad, and angry, that Scotland was cheated in this way by the BBC. In a fair world we should have been given facts and allowed to decide, without such blatant manipulation, our own futures. The state broadcaster and uk government denied us that and we paid for the propaganda against us!

    I would like to say that I am going to cancel my TV licence but I’m not in a position to do that; I cancelled it on 19 September 2014.

    Spread this far and wide. Scotland deserves no less.

  8. Brian Curry

    I watched this with mixed feelings of anger, joy, despair and yet, it bolstered my belief that hope over fear will eventually come through in the end.

    Yes Yes and Yes always.

    Well done to all involved in bringing this corrupt and frightened bully of a corporation to heel.
    The MSM from a Scottish perspective has in the last few years been treated with the contempt it deserves and yet this BBC still treats Scots as conscripted zombies.

  9. chris mcgowan

    i was stopped by pollster in 2014 in Dumfries working for IPS mori.
    They asked questions on have you thought the media reported the independence debate, and asked on a scale of 1-5 who you thought was telling the truth EG 5 truth 1 pack of lies.
    I gave 1 to BBC and was told by pollster you can only give 2 for them?
    Anyway after the pol they asked if i wished to go to the Cairndale Hotel where there was to be an in dependence discussion and i would be paid £30 for 3 hours.
    Getting there they had like a dart board ,with stickers asking what you were most scared of about independence EG if you where worried about pensions you put sticker on the bulls eye.
    on entering the room i asked one of the facilitators ,did the bbc pay for this poll because i couldn’t give them 1 in the questionnaire ,so are you not manipulation this before it even starts? I was then told ,you’ve brought up a good point heres your £30 beat it,and was shown the door.i was in the room 4 minutes out of the three hours i was supposed to be there….

    1. chris mcgowan

      Sorry about the spelling above,i was mad.Anyway further on above ,the bulls eye thing.I thought after seeing the bulls eye board , this was ipsis mori gathering information for the BBC ,which the BBC could and would use to scare the electorate of Scotland.
      # my question “is this poll not being manipulated” resulted in me being jogged on…
      What could i do? i stopped paying my TV license in may 2014 and i will never pay it again…Look at FB tv license Resistance page on info on how to do it.
      I no longer watch QT,bbc news reporting Scotland and the news papers to me are when i read the headlines are ” what are they trying to indoctrinate me into today”

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  11. George Ramsay

    Thanks I have been getting a bit down on it all just recently but this has re awoken why I have been for independence since the early 70s , Stop the world Scotland wants to get on is my daily mantra it helps me get up and gets me through each and every day.

  12. Sandy

    Watched this last night, having just finished the book. Its an important piece of work that should be widely distributed to try and help persuade as many No voters to Yes or at the very least to get them questioning the BBC and MSM output of propaganda. Looking forward to seeing the DVDs making the rounds.

    If I can offer a small criticism – the start needs to have more impact in terms of drawing viewers in and not looking like an amateur conspiracy theory video. Is there scope for a re-write or editing of the first couple of minutes?

  13. Alex Wright

    A big thank you to all, who took the time and input to produce this. As shown at the end of the film, nothing has changed regarding the output from this disgraceful organisation. Hopefully, your effort to educate some of our people will be successful, and lead to an awareness of how media manipulation is a cancer on our lives.

  14. Catherine

    Great. Well done to everyone involved. Must have been so much work putting it together but well worth it. Learned so much more watching this. Hope it gets watched by lots of folks.


  15. Clydebuilt

    Just heard oor Donalda MacKinnon telling listeners to radio Scotland that it has not been proved that the BBC was biased during the referendum…… So we’re going to get the same old.

    Also said that while a lot of people in Scotland are not happy with BBC coverage …….. NOT EVERY LISTENER was unhappy with The BBC in Scotland.

    Need to get the Billboards up and get the 50,000 DVD’s made and distributed (with the message to pass on after viewing)

  16. Marsi

    Yes, she claimed no bias at all at the BBC then said they got it wrong on Nick Robinson”he didn’t answer!”

    Isabel Fraser seemed to do better than others

  17. twathater

    As said many times by many people , A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO TOOK PART in this project , hopefully this can be an acorn and bloom into ( the proverbial )

  18. Fiona

    Absolutely brilliant. Really need to get this out there. I’ve just sent on the link to 8 friends and hope that they will do the same.

  19. Kim Cuthbertson

    Great work….hope you will be doing one on the lies that followed a NO vote. All the promises broken,job losses,Pensions,defence,The vow etc…..and who were rewarded for their lies!!

  20. Speaks his thoughts

    Thought documentary was fantastic. Well edited, researched and narrated. How journalism should be.

  21. Roger

    Where do I send a donation to?
    Where can I buy the dvd?
    I remember a TV discussion where the comentators said Scotland cant have their on TV station as we dont have the know how, sure we do radio but TV is way too technical.
    This brilliant production kicks another to wee.. Stupid insinuation into touch

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