Labour MEP would consider voting Yes to independence

A Labour MEP has confirmed he would consider backing a Yes vote if another independence referendum was held.

David Martin MEP, who was a leading figure for the No campaign during the last referendum, said Brexit had made him think again.

Martin was being interviewed on Radio Scotland when he was asked how he would vote if a second independence referendum was to be held.  The MEP replied, “In truth I have no idea at the moment, there are too many factors to weigh up.”

Asked if he was open to the idea of voting for independence, the Labour MEP said: “Well the very fact I can’t give you a straight answer indicates that I’ve moved.”

He added: “If you’d asked me that question eighteen months ago then it would have been definitive that I would vote to remain in the United Kingdom, now I think Brexit has put up a whole lot of questions that have yet to be answered.”


David Martin was a key figure during the last independence referendum and frequently highlighted what he argued were the risks to Scotland’s EU membership of independence.

The admission from the Labour MEP that he has moved from a confirmed No voter will come as a blow to the pro-Union camp.  It follows comments earlier this week from Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis who confirmed Spain would not veto an EU membership bid from a newly independent Scotland.

Asked if Spain would seek to block a post-Brexit move from a newly independent Scotland to become a full member in its own right, Dastis replied “In principle, I don’t see us blocking it.”

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13 thoughts on “Labour MEP would consider voting Yes to independence

  1. Big Jock

    Ian Murray could be next. If rumours are true he is considering resigning from Labour! Are the doors gradually opening for others to follow.

    1. Puzzled Puss

      I suspect that as soon as the opinion polls start showing a clear majority for independence, we’ll see a number of labour and liberal defections, maybe even changes in their parties’ policies as regards independence!

    2. bringiton

      He was only elected by the skin of his teeth last time and since then the large number of professionals in his constituency have had a change of mind,seeing an independent Scotland within Europe as a better deal than a dependent one outside.
      They know which side their toast is buttered on and so does he.

  2. william forbes

    If labour had only backed the last independence vote things might have been a lot better for the party. Its the only way forward now.

  3. Frank Halligan

    Rats in sinking ships I understand people can and are allowed to change there minds but I can’t help being suspicious about his motives. If previous No voters change there minds and back yes then I welcome them with open arms. I just have a nagging doubt about people who where part of a project dubbed Project fear and yes they did put fear into a lot of our people and where part in parcel of a campaign of lies and deceit to subvert the will of the people. Yes join us in the persuite of independence I welcome one and all to join. I just have my suspicions about some politicians and there motives.

    1. Alasdair Macdonald

      Mr Halligan,

      Let us just welcome a possible change of mind and a change in the direction in which supporters of independence desire.

      What evidence do you have for your weasel words?

  4. ScotsCanuck

    as to the above, it may be true that certain politicians are thinking of their political futures ….. and it maybe they are motivated by the shifting political landscape …. however, what I will point out is that given the closeness of the YES/NO IndyRef 2 Polls we observe at present, then every “Road to Damascus” convert we accept …. the closer we are to our goal.

    Be magnanimous Independestas …… we need every “recant” and every vote !!

  5. Robert Graham

    Well as a lot of people have said ,sinking ship and rats , penny finally dropping as to further gainful employment , comes to mind .
    However distasteful we need these people to change their minds , we need the ones who voted no to convert after all the day after Independence is announced all of us will still be living here, so it’s better instead of fighting old battles we work together .

  6. manandboy

    Only the votes count.

    A voters’ personality, character, motivation , history, health or wealth, these are not counted.

  7. norwaywalker

    “Only the votes count.”

    When it comes to the Indref – yes, only the votes count.

    And if former No voting Labour politicians are having a change of heart (or at least of opinion), let us welcome them to the side of light.

  8. commonoldworkingchap

    I would consider voting for many things. I might even campaign for certain things ( Brexit anyone, Better Together anyone ).

    Another UKIP guy , has went back to the Tories today and IMO we are going to see a lot
    of this. I am not convinced. Politicians nowadays are only interested in one thing ,keeping
    their place at the trough. Where I work if someone had espoused views like his or Davidson,s
    or T. Mays ( about Brexit, for example ) then changed their mind, then I think that they may
    be ostracised ( to put it mildly ).

    Strongly held ( and voiced ) views are part of the character of all of us. This guy was happy to play ball with the Tories in telling us we would be better in the UK. His party voting through
    ( or abstaining ) in a full frontal attack on the weakest in society. I,m sorry I SMELL A RAT.

    I welcome ,and I am heartened by NO voters changing their mind and realising that they were conned , but in this instance, the classic ( when we used to have TV for Scottish tastes)
    sketch says it all. I SMELL SHITE!!!!

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