I don’t think they’re ‘Proud to be Scottish’ at all

mundell-and-davidsonIt was the mantra of the Unionist activist during the independence referendum.  How many did you hear proclaim they were ‘Proud to be Scottish’?

The phrase was appended to almost everything the Scots-born British Nationalist said.  Scotland was a semi-civilised beggar nation, but they were proud of it.  We couldn’t possibly be trusted to govern ourselves, but they were proud of it.

These ‘Proud Scots’ cheerfully relayed threats from London-based politicians to sabotage Scotland’s economy if we voted Yes.  They nodded in approval when told the centuries-old currency Scotland had helped create, was England’s alone to keep.  They cheered Jose Manuel Barroso when the then EC Commissioner told them their European Citizenship was worthless junk.

Like many independence supporters I have always had my doubts about those who felt the need to inform their fellow countrymen and women that they were proud of their nation of birth.  That doubt has increased ten-fold since Brexit.

lord-darlingTheir ringleaders disappeared after the 2014 independence referendum.  Alistair Darling sits in the House of Lords and both he and Gordon Brown now rake it in on the international finance circuit.

Meanwhile the nation both insist they are proud of, sits defenceless as a Xenophobic Tory government prepares to drag it out of the European Union.  Something only independence was supposed to bring about.

At least with independence, according to Darling, we would have been in a queue to get back in.

Brown and Darling don’t give a tinkers’ cuss about Scotland.  If they did they’d be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our First Minister as she seeks to protect Scotland’s interests.  They’d be joined by the so-called internationalists within the ranks of Scottish Labour and what’s left of the Scottish Lib Dems.

None of them care a whit.  The Brexit-beating Scotland will take is merely a price worth paying if it keeps the ‘greatest ever Union’ alive.

Ask Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie to articulate a plan to protect Scotland’s European benefits and all you hear is that they’re against a second independence referendum.  They can’t even back terms that will both protect Scotland’s EU status and place Indyref2 on the back-burner.

may-rebuffNicola Sturgeon has already confirmed her terms for removing the immediate threat of a second independence referendum.

Theresa May needed only agree to protect Scotland’s single-market status and Indyref2 was off the Brexit table.  She has refused.

A deal that will benefit Scotland within the Union now looks dead in the water.  Why wasn’t it embraced and promoted by the ‘Proud Scots’?

We know why.  The priority for ‘Proud Scots’ isn’t Scotland.  It never has been.  The Scots-born British Nationalist puts Britain first.  It’s Britain that they give loyalty to, even at the expense of Scotland.

It’s the Brexit vote.  It’s Trident.  It’s rusting nuclear subs on the Clyde.  It’s nuclear power at the expense of Scotland’s renewable industry.  It’s aggressive foreign policies.  It’s the realm and the empire … or what’s left of it.  It’s British isolationism over Scottish inclusiveness.  It’s anything but Scotland.

And it’s lying, as David Mundell proved when claiming Scottish voters knew prior to the indyref that an In/Out EU referendum was inevitable.

There was no such inevitability about the EU referendum because Labour didn’t officially back one until May 2015.  Ed Miliband’s Labour Party U-turned after Cameron’s Tories won the general election.

But Mundell and his British Nationalists won’t be pressed on this.  Because the Scottish media has more than its own fair share of ‘Proud Scots’ as well.  It’s why Ruth Davidson is never pressed on her own claim that voting No was the only way to protect Scotland’s EU membership.

The phrase ‘Proud to be Scottish’ means almost the exact opposite of what Unionists try to claim it means.

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26 thoughts on “I don’t think they’re ‘Proud to be Scottish’ at all

  1. Jimbo

    Proud Scots whose priority is to look south for instructions on keeping their country in thrall to another. Their reward is personal advancement within their chosen party and financial enrichment at taxpayer’s expense.

  2. Angus Skye

    You have articulated something I have thought about for some time. To myself I have been calling these ProudScots “Brots” but I saw the term “Britjock” somewhere which I think is better.

    PS – The BBC Referendum documentary hasn’t yet made it’s way to the north-west but quite a few of us look forward to seeing it.

        1. FatCandy

          Funny that we all have names for them. As I said below, mine is “ProudScotButs”.

          The other ProudScotBut tell is at the start of an Indy conversation when the old “I’m not a Nationalist but a proud, patriot Scot…” line is rolled out in complete seriousness.

  3. David Hynds

    Same folk were for Scotland being shafted in the fiscal framework, where Scotland was to see a reduction in finance of up to £7bn when the guaranteed not to be touched Barnet formula was touched. Rhetoric of how snp were being childlike in nothing accepting the deal, one that damages Scotland and leaves our finance with thir friends in their motherland ??
    Proud to be Scottish – always..

  4. Macart

    No, they’re not proud to be Scottish, but they are proud to be ‘British’. May can’t afford to allow Scotland negotiating powers, or immigration powers, or indeed agree to a separate deal which would allow Scotland free access (even if they were constitutionally possible).

    She, I think, is well aware that she requires Scotland’s wealth as part of her already massively diminished bargaining power in a post brexit landscape and for that to be possible she needs to freeze our government out of the serious negotiation process.

    International trade is exactly what it says on the tin. The first question any country will ask is what do you have to trade with? What is the size of your market? HOW and with what, will you underwrite or pay your debts? What do you have that I want in exchange for allowing you entry to my market?

    May has the task of removing the UK from a market of 500m and renegotiating deals around the globe with other national markets to replace the inevitable fall in trade and revenue and the massive hike in prices resulting from import tariffs. The UKs debt ridden economy is on the cliff edge of catastrophe with soft recession an absolute certainty at this point. She has a very limited hand in the negotiating stakes and a major driver in supporting what is left of that economy (Scotland) her government has treated abominably for decades. The past four especially have been the highlight of a decades long narrative of societal division and abuse for political advantage.

    Her best bet in the middle of this galactof**k of epic proportions? Is to hope the FM is kidding around, or that the ground opens up and swallows Holyrood. Or, perhaps a name change and a one way ticket to Mongolia for a life on the open steppe?

    She’s in a pickle right enough.

    1. Aquiania

      I’ve been saying this since brexit won and we learned she’s freezing Scotland out and the main reason is she needs our assets to make trade deals, so it’s going to be fun watching the Tories fuck up when they’ve started their trades with our exports and assets, and then we get Indy and she loses all of those assets, what will happen then, England will have no access to the single market, no free movement to fill jobs, I feel England is looking at bankruptcy in the future.

  5. medium pace bowler

    The proud Scottish unionists are content with Scotland having subaltern status within a polity that is a ghostly yet dangerous wreck of a former world power. Scotland’s former prominent unionist MPs – who are mostly now all peers – make millions as players on the global finance circuit as well as the shady worlds of international NGOs and the arms industry.

    They make their megabucks while ordinary Scots will have to deal with the consequences of staying in the British union whilst being forced to leave the European one. Full TTIP, creeping health privatisation, nuclear power stations and ever greater government surveillance.

  6. Proud Cybernat

    Bottom line is – these ‘Proud Scots’ politicians just want to keep the door open to the Westminster trough – just like generations of Labour MPs did before them. And they will do and say ANYTHING to ensure their entitlement isn’t taken from them. They will say one thing and no sooner is it out than they say the precise opposite. Just look at Davidson’s and Dugdale’s backflips over the just the past few months alone.

    There truly is only ONE party that has the people of Scotland’s interests at heart. The rest are just in it for themselves and their careers.

    The English regard the term ‘Britain’ as simply meaning ‘Greater England’ (England with a nice northern garden). But they don’t regard themselves as ‘British’. They regard themselves as ‘English’. ‘British’ is just second-class English. And most of the ProudScotsButs are too dim to realise it. Desiring to be second-class at anything is nothing to be proud of.

  7. Taranaich

    Some people are so deeply embedded in the Cringe that the cringe itself is a source of pride. “Aye, we have a basket case economy that’s entirely reliant on oil that’s running out, have a Scottish Parliament run by dangerous nationalist anti-English racists, are constantly outvoted in the UK Parliament, would be kicked out of the EU if we dared vote for independence, and would probably descend into anarchy in a matter of months – and I’m DAMN PROUD OF IT!”

    When you’re so conditioned into believing your own mediocrity, that mediocrity becomes part of your very identity. Something to be proud of.

    It’s not for me, or other independence-minded Scots.

  8. Kevin Taylor

    I have acquaintances I went to school with, born and raised in east-end of Glasgow, they’re ‘proud Scots, but’ types and I cannot fathom what they’re about, they had nothing whilst growing-up and they still have nothing, and yet they ‘hate’ the SNP and its leaders, ‘hate’ their many successes and ‘hate’ the ‘Best quality of life in Britain’ they’ve achieved for us all. I’ve seen some of their ramblings, and while I have no love for Unionist Jeremy Corbyn, I can see why England need a left-wing influence – they ‘hate’ Corbyn, too.

    The common denominator as far as these acquaintances are concerned is their undying loyalty to what was the Rangers football club. They equate quality of life with a football team. It’s incredible, these guys I talk of are not dunces, they’re reasonably smart, holding down good jobs etc.
    I wonder, when we finally have an obvious majority for independence, when Labour in Scotland finally support us, when the Daily Record suddenly changes tack in a self-righteous front-page, when the unstoppable becomes inevitable, will these ‘proud Scots, but’ Rangers-supporting have-nots continue to ‘hate’ the majority of their Scottish neighbours? Probably, but for their stance against fellow – and genuine – Scots, I could honestly give a shit about them and they can fester in their own misery.

    I see Paul Mason has been advising British Labour in Scotland to ditch Blairist Kezia Dugdale
    and support independence. Good-man. It seems like every day now we have either a celeb, a political figure or a former No-voter proclaiming their support for Scotland’s future. It’s happening.

    Another great piece, GA, keep that stuff coming, man – we so need your work.

  9. RabMacPhoto

    That Unionist Mr Neil should have taken that Ruth Davidson quote about the Tories not winning in GE2015 and shoved it down Fluffy’s throat…

    Who am I kidding? We all know Andrew Neil is a very prominent “Proud Scot but…” so wouldn’t upset the apple cart.

  10. clipper

    John Wight, Edinburgh based author commentator etc and who sometimes is asked on to RT for an opinion about something or other, campaigned and spoke for a No vote in 2014.

    Next time he’s voting Yes.

  11. FatCandy

    An article about the ProudScotButs, I’ve been calling them that for years.

    Davidson is certainly trying hard to wrest the ProudScotBut crown from the elongated, Alien-like head of Jim Murphy.

    Time will tell whether she succeeds in her endeavour.

  12. Bruce Moglia

    I am not a proud Scot but, I am very proud of Scotland’s achievements. I am just very happy to be a Scot but, am also delighted in the direction of travel.

  13. Iain Barker

    In my eyes those who were the mouthpieces of the Naw campaign have no right to call themselves proud anything as they have no pride. How dare they call themselves Scottish for no one who switched on a megaphone and daily told the Scots they are too wee and too poor and too stupid to be Independent and to forever bend the knee and doff the cap to the British Establishment. Slaves aren’t anything but slaves! The Naw megaphones don’t even view us a human beings!

    Oh and the poisonous London calling Kay ran a phone in where she had callers phoning in to tell us we were even too filthy to be Independent. Tokyo. Rose could have learned a thing or two from that Proud Scot But.

  14. Norman

    Re FatCandy. “Jim Murphys elongated alien-like head”. It just goes to show that having a large head does`nt mean high intelligence.

  15. Robin Ross

    Pride was one of the seven deadly sins – I suppose it still is, so it’s always rather nice to hear people like Gordon Brown (a son of the manse) telling us he is a sinner!

  16. Jack Collatin

    I have no doubt that we shall be RUK’s strongest ally within the EU when we achieve Self Determination and continuer status.
    If Hard Brexit is the only option, England and Wales are going to need all the friends whom they can get.
    I have no doubt that inward investment into the New Independent Scottish State will be considerable, and that there will be a significant migration of global companies and migrant workers from the South to Scotland to remain within the EU Trade bloc. Many may even apply for Scottish citizenship, dual nationality, with the ‘best of both worlds’, dual nationality, with access to work and travel anywhere in the EU post Brexit.

    We shall still be RUK’s strongest allies, and life will go on.
    I shall never understand the Proudscotbut syndrome outlined very accurately in this excellent measured article.
    Davidson Mundell Dugdale and Rennie know that they lie when they slag off Scotland and its bountiful human and material resources.
    It’s not ‘just politics’.
    They do it for personal gain, and a Manchurian Candidate unquestioning devotion to a Union which has long gone.
    To be ashamed of one’s place of birth is a terrible thing.
    I doubt that they’ll survive in the reconstituted Scottish Tory, Labour and Lib Dem parties operating within an independent Scottish Administration.
    They are barely hanging on as it is.
    £15 billion black hole, it’s England’s pound, border guards, at the end of a long queue to re-enter the EU, the oil’s running out, your pension is safe in the Union, vote NO and 13 frigates will be built in Scotland.
    The Proudbutscots politico who uses any of the old Project Fear lies in any future Indyref 2 TV debate will be laughed at now .
    I’m dying to know who will front BetterTogether the next time.
    The scuttlebutt is that Farage is on the look out for a nice wee earner.

  17. Jim Gauld

    GMS, Reporting Scotland etc etc Not one of them collared Ruth Davidson on her “All Scots are Thieves” comments at the Tory conference, WHY NOT?

  18. Marjory Stewart Maxwell

    Ruth’s comment on her fellow Scots just showed that she really really wants to be in England,she wants to be in Westminster,her aim is exactly that,how on earth can a leader of a Scottish party declare to the world that she and her fellow Scots are thieves,and,that we don’t deserve to even set foot in any plush surroundings in England,OMG imagine having her as first minister and Teresa May as prime minister,Scotland will cease to exist and would simply be known as Northern England,

  19. Ian Smith Watson

    As a Britjock, Brot or whatever other uncharitable handful of verbal s***t you proud Scots can think of. I’ve heard enough from both you and your equally pig ignorant English counterparts who want the same thing as you, apparently, which is to take your independence and clear off. I personally do not want it, and yes I’m …. was proud to be Scottish and British. I’m reaching a stage now where all the purely anti-English xenophobia from Scotland is really burning away my own personal sense of accommodation. The SNP are not a Nationalist Party, they are a Socialist anti-nation state party, they hate the English because they are narrow enough to see them all as capitalist Tories. Should they succeed in getting an Independent Scotland into the EU, that will be the end of Scottish Independence once and for all. But I’m told the other day by one of your highly numerate supporters that Scotland is the 5th largest economy on earth, after Norway apparently. You all clearly believe that. So Good Luck!

    Sick of it all ad nauseum

  20. t

    It’s a sad state of affairs we are all in, the reality is that it really doesn’t matter what any of us think or even do, we are all just egged on to argue amongst ourselves whilst the people in power play games at our expense and make fortunes from our mental torment. We all need to grow up, it’s a terrible example to leave our children who are already being brainwashed by their friends, parents and schools. I myself am English, married to a Glasgow lassie with two Scottish children, this arrangement is becoming more and more common also.

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