GMS presenter claims Scottish Govt in “a very lonely position” over Power Grab row

BBC Scotland presenter Laura Maxwell has become the latest figure at the station to claim the Scottish government is on its own over the issue of the Westminster Power Grab.

During a discussion on the weekend radio programme Good Morning Scotland, Maxwell claimed the decision of the Labour run Welsh Assembly to agree to hand over devolved powers to Westminster for up to seven years left Nicola Sturgeon’s administration in “a very lonely position”.

The presenter said: “Earlier this week […] we saw the Welsh government agree now to go along with what the UK wants and to allow the UK Govt to take control over some devolved powers.  It leaves the SNP government in Scotland in a very lonely position doesn’t it?”


Maxwell’s description of the Scottish government as the “SNP government” whilst using the correct term for its Welsh and UK counterparts, will further fuel suspicions that BBC Scotland is employing anti-SNP rhetoric in its reporting of the Power Grab issue.  A recent complaint to BBC Scotland highlighted the ‘SNP government’ habit amongst many of its reporters whenever controversial issues arose.

The presenter’s comments are the latest in a string of similar remarks from BBC Scotland presenters and reporters in recent days that have appeared to target Nicola Sturgeon’s administration in relation to the Power Grab row.  BBC Scotland’s Political Editor Brian Taylor made similar claims during a TV discussion, accusing the Scottish government of being “isolated” and “under pressure”.

Last week Reporting Scotland presenter Jackie Bird told viewers the Scottish Government was “under pressure” over the Power Grab row.  The claim was repeated on multiple news bulletins on Radio Scotland.

On Thursday however, heated exchanges at First Minister’s Questions on the issue were dropped from the programme which instead devoted nearly four and a half minutes to a promotional item about Ruth Davidson’s pregnancy announcement.

The Scottish government’s stance has been backed by former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish and former Labour Cabinet Minister Malcolm Chisholm.  Neither intervention has led to headlines on BBC Scotland.

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, BBC Scotland chiefs continue to insist the broadcaster’s coverage of current affairs and politics north of the border is neutral and impartial.


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6 thoughts on “GMS presenter claims Scottish Govt in “a very lonely position” over Power Grab row

  1. Alasdair Macdonald

    Clearly, HMG is under significant pressure at the moment – Windrush, persisting factional fighting in the government over Brexit, the failing negotiations with the EU, continuing problems in NHS England, rising knife crime in London, flagging economic growth – and, it is clear that the BBC, along with the rest of the Unionist/Tory Press, is attacking the SG and others, such as Russia and Syria, antisemitism in the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn for being on earth, to divert attention from the Tory problems. Several times last week on GMS, Gillian Marles simply dismissed, matter-of-factly, various allegations against HMG. The Ruth Davidson pregnancy is getting coverage matching the forthcoming Royal Weddng.

    Ms Maxwell is fulfilling her role as spinner of propaganda.

  2. Cassandra Lee

    Well at least hardly anyone listens to GMS these days. I used to, but now I can’t bear to it’s such dreck.

  3. Cubby

    The people who work at Propaganda Quay clearly have no shame.

    Piss off to England is what I say – you are all a disgrace.

  4. john

    SNP Baaad , is a must for all the state broadcasters , it is a requisite for the job, they are handpicked for their Unionist allegiance’s , Isobel Fraser was frozen out for months because she was taking a more neutral stance when reporting , they probably sent her to SNP baaad school before they let her come back in a small way !

  5. Robert Graham

    After you wake up you are very alert to what the BBC in Scotland are up to ,they never give up because ultimately there is no control , nothing to make sure a neutral and balanced stance is taken , they do what they want when they want , complaints are filed away in a bin .

    This explanation of the powers is presented by the labelling of beans or the consistency of paint according to Brewer that is the simplistic explanation of whats going on , nothing to see move on dont worry your little head that it might involve GM foods – Fracking – the wholesale sell off of the NHS a multitude of things that will affect everyone’s daily life .

    This Action by the BBC is not just favouring one side its a sinister manipulation of known events that this propaganda organisation are activly trivialising this to further the Westminster programme of dismantling holyrood and ultimately removing all powers .

    Thank god a lot of people see what is going on , the SNP should require the head of the BBC appear in holyrood to explain their actions , arrest the b/rds if possible ,its that serious .

  6. Sheila Shannon

    Very worrying situation with BBC Scotland skewing reporting in favour of Tory government with May at the helm!🖤
    Hold firm SNP and Nicola Sturgeon!💜
    Scotland is depending on your strength and integrity! Watching from across the globe,

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