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Game on Indyref 2! – Towards Indyref2…

Game on Indyref 2!

To a standing ovation at the SNP 2016 conference in Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon announced that “I can confirm today that the independence referendum bill will be published for consultation next week”.

With those words, affirmed by Angus Robertson, the second independence referendum campaign has begun.

While we don’t know yet the timing of the referendum vote, next September would seem to be a plausible time. This will also be the time when Catalonia is scheduled to hold a referendum.

We’ll know more next week. In any case, GAME ON!

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7 thoughts on “Game on Indyref 2!

  1. Kate

    Right up there among her best ever speeches, you could tell by the determination on her face that NIC is up for a fight if a fight is what it takes… Gone Yerself NIC… we are with you..

  2. William Bryan

    Digging out my Yes badge,polishing it up in readiness.Let’s go for it and win.It’s a matter of survival now, more than ever.

  3. Jas

    ‘Overwhelmingly negative’? Is that Brit TVs impartial view? Last week they were creaming themselves over The Nasty Party’s every neo-fascist pronouncement. They just can’t seem to grasp the concept of Scottish democracy, the simple idea that all we want to do is run and control our own affairs.

  4. alasdairB

    On publication of the IndyRef2 bill we can be absolutely certain the Unionist parties & their friends in the MSM will make a concerted attack on the SNP. Unnecessary, unconstitutional, and beyond the remit of Holyrood will be attached to the wearisome mantra of Too Wee & Too poor.

    Only this time the ground has shifted and it is Westminster who will have to answer the searching questions on the economy post Brexit, the sinking pound, borders, freedom of movement & residency.

    There will be no easy answers forthcoming only platitudes at best and, as before , lies, lies and worthless promises.

    Best then to consider the words of John F Kennedy ” The greatest enemy of truth is very often not the lie – but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic ”

    You’ll understand Mrs May when we assert we’ve heard it all before.

  5. Kat hamilton

    No coverage on any channel today of conference , quelle surprise….only gem we got was Andrew Neil on politics prog at lunchtime doing his nasty, vindictive , condescending rant at Angus Robertson…hard to watch this, it said a lot that Angus gave him answers when he should have walked away in disgust…would have been totally justified. We are handling the BBC all wrong…stop appeasing these bullies and refuse to p!ay their game….learn from. Indy one and get tough on this propaganda outfit…

  6. Andy McKirdy

    Couldn’t agree more Kat. Had a conversation this morning, before Nicola’s announcement, about how I couldn’t go another 2-3 years of the phoney war without going off my head. It’s time to stop trying to appease everyone, allowing the narrative to be controlled by others, always trying to appear as everyone’s pal and worrying how we’ ll come across to all the terrified, uninformed, unenlightened, apathetic no voters, that care more about X factor than their country’s future.
    This time the Labour Party and their myth of championing Scotland’s working class is a busted flush, their selfish gamble of swapping Scottish Independence for the death of the SNP brought about their own death, and their audience has disappeared. The sales and viewing figures for the MSM tell you that their influence this time will be diminished.
    It’s time to go on the offensive, control the narrative and the agenda. When individuals or the media make statements that are factually incorrect, call them out, discontinue debates and highlight the shite their talking. Be assertive and confident and sure that we could do nothing more to make our country better.
    We started the last process on 29% and got to 45%(maybe more) the starting point this time will be parity and won’t go back the way.
    What’s coming after brexit will be not only economic disaster but also social disaster and if people still vote no in the face of that then god help us.

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