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Fury as Ruth Davidson compares Scots to vandals and thieves – Towards Indyref2…

Fury as Ruth Davidson compares Scots to vandals and thieves

ruth_davidsonRuth Davidson has come under fire after joking that Scots aren’t usually invited to plush events for fear they might cause damage or steal items.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, The Scottish Conservative leader was speaking at an event attended by Prime Minister Theresa May when she told the audience: “I’m delighted we have such spectacular surroundings,”

The Tory MSP added: “Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter!”


The joke from Davidson, whose Scottish Conservative party recently overtook Scottish Labour as the second force at Holyrood, has been savaged on social media.  One angry respondent attacked the remark, saying: “What a distasteful comment to make about the people you represent.”

Another accused Davidson of having insulted the whole of Scotland, saying: “This has made me even more furious than @theresa_may saying we have no say in #Brexit. She has insulted EVERYONE in Scotland.”


The Scottish Conservative leader is no stranger to controversy.  In 2012 the MSP claimed almost nine out of 10 Scottish households take more from the public purse than they contribute in taxes.

More recently she attracted criticism after describing a lesbian Labour MP as a “short-haired, flat shoes, shovel-faced lesbian”.

Davidson’s controversial joke coincides with news that her party leader, PM Theresa May, is set to trigger Article 50 before March 2017.  The move is expected to set in motion a so-called ‘Hard Brexit’ that will see the whole of the UK leave the European Union, losing access to the Single Market.

Despite voting overwhelmingly to remain part of the EU, May has insisted there will be no special negotiations on behalf of Scotland.  During the campaign for the 2014 independence referendum, Ruth Davidson promised that voting No was the only way to protect Scotland’s EU membership.

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59 thoughts on “Fury as Ruth Davidson compares Scots to vandals and thieves

  1. Leslie cordingley

    Approx 20% of Scots agree in general with what she says , I know this to be true as I have met many of them and the one thing they have in common is the contempt ( Nazi ) like they appear to have for their fellow citizens .

    1. Lesley Ross

      Approximately 100% of Scots would not agree with Rooth the Mooth Davidson’s thoughtless comment. She is an affront to Scotland and you are not much better.

    2. Lisa Robertson

      Wow! Anti Scottish or what! Maybe you don’t understand the ethics of Politicians but you don’t stand on stage as a comedy act and take the piss out of the people you represent. I’m presuming you are suggesting that England or anywhere else in the world don’t have thieves,…I forgot, its racists and real fascists England has. You are your “Nazi” comment, to me with Scot/German I find that racist. I’m no Nazi and neither are SNP. If you compare internationalist, European SNP voters compared to British Nationalist racists/Fascists like it seems you seem to support, then you really are quite unintelligent and haven’t a clue what you are talking about. You most certainly have no understanding of Scotland as a country and even some of our Britnats happen to see themselves as Internationalist/European. By the way, for many years I was Labour unionist but I finally was sickened by people like you. Many who are pro Indy are highly intelligent and do not have to steal since many have small businesses, even Val McDermid the author is pro Indy, Tom Hunter the millionaire…the list is endless of all the pro Indy/SNP voters that you accuse of being thieves.

      1. DerekM

        Yea we Scots just love to burn our gaff to the ground and loot shops destroying peoples businesses and getting beat up by the French police for smashing up their towns.

        Oh wait that would be England.

    3. Sylvie

      I haven’t met many of them in Scotland but I have met some of them abroad. I am not Scottish and can honestly say that most people in Scotland are honest, generous and very helpful to others. There is good and bad in every country and Ruth did her country a great disservice by that comment.

  2. Molly's Mum

    Ruth, you think you are so clever with your little jokes against the Scots but remember you are a Scot too. Der Führer May will use you as long as she has to, but once your usefulness has gone she will treat you like she is treating all Scots and unceremoniously dump you without a thought.

    You think being a right wing little Tory will save you ? You think she sees you as “One of them”?

    Read Weber’s striation of society, see where you fit into Herr May’s hierarchy and if your future sounds like cool running water, that’s you getting flushed doon the lavvy hen, cheerio 👋

  3. McQueen

    Leslie can you tell us where you saw those figures of 20%, point us please to the source, thank you.

    1. SMcCall

      Creeping up May’s arse will do her no good, Davidson is a revolting little Tory mouthpeice and she does no favours for the Scottish people in general. Her and Fluffy, certainly do us no justice, they don’t represent my political veiws – they just make my blood boil every time the open their mouths.

  4. Ali

    How can this woman possibly represent Scotland. Shes literally talking Scotland down at every opportunity. Theres no way she can be allowed to speak for us.

  5. Moira smith

    i just don’t understand why she said such an insulting thing about the people in Scotland has she forgotten that it’s the people of Scotland that has put her in a job. Cheeky bloody cow. Glad she’s no my msp. Wonder if her constituents are happy about this remark, I just don’t think it funny

    1. David

      Moira she is my msp and during the election campaign not once did i see a con canvasser or get a single bit of election material from then but the SNP were out in force almost every day me being one of them did see a couple of red torys nobody i know voted for her so how did she get elected fixed possibly

      1. John

        Agree. As 1 of her constituents, I had no bumf at alt from Tories, oops Ruth Daviidson Party, plenty from others & SNP had street stall locally. Can’t believe election result especially regarding EU referendum result in Embra central, highest remain vote in UK.

  6. billy strand

    Typical Tory hubris humour; Slightly offending but far from funny and threaded with psychopathy.

  7. Rory Forbes

    Just for one moment imagine Nicola Sturgeon had said this about Scotland. Go on … think about that for a minute or two, I will wait … … … finished? Exactly! We have the same conclusion. Ruth Davidson is boorish at best and at worst she, perhaps unwittingly (without wit!) plays to her non-Scottish fan club’s stereotypical assumptions about the nature of Scotland. This is a resignation issue for her.

  8. Graeme

    Sadly Ruth is all to typical of many Scots who have made a career out of demeaning their country and it people.

    The good news is after independence she’ll be quickly forgotten


    1. Morag Black

      Perhaps it’s us emigrants who care most…we miss it so much and would love to be back. But can’t 🙁

  9. Margaret Broadfoot

    Nothing has changed over the centuries. We Scots are treated with no respect and consideration as a race. Until it comes to wars of course and then we are expendable. Of course having so called leaders like RD only cements that opinion of us. Leave the jokes to real comedians Ruth and do the job you were elected to do…ie get the best deals for your electorate and Scotland.

  10. James Haltwhistle

    Ruth Davidson displays the other oft referred to (by the English) trait of Scots, their rnedency to embarrass. In this case she embarrasses only herself. Shame is she has ruled herself out of the race for Whitney where her views would have found a ready audience amongst the Cotswold Cavalry.

  11. Peter

    Say goodbye to your career in Scotland you fool. You think not remember what you have said we Scots never forget you brand us thieves well you have just had your votes stolen and your Scottishness stolen never again will we see you as one of us a Scot. Wee Nicola and crew will have a field day with you look forward to first Ministers session.
    We don’t you cosy up to the Labour contender who also has a thing about diloyalty.

    1. Gerry Imrie

      A comment that is beneath contempt. Do your research and just don’t listen to your own countries propaganda and lies. Your ignorance is astounding, that goes for your grammar too! No Freudian slip!

  12. John Docherty

    Don’t call me a lesbian or a dike .names that I don’t like, But I can call the whole Scottish Nation thieves ,and vandeils ,who are not to be trusted ,in any (deascent ) place,how low an opinion she has of the people who stupidly voted for her ?

  13. gerald keogh

    When one considers how she behaved checking the Postal Votes before the Official Count why bother with her at all she will be on the scrapheap sooner or later and, worthless to the Elite Tory Scroungers. May is just a copy of Thatcher without the lah dee dah put on accent, However she will dispatch anyone she feels she has no further use for.in the hope of finding a suitable new face replacement.

  14. Clydebuilt

    BBC Radio Scotland 9am News “Mike Russell Scotland’s So Called Brexit Minister”

    BBC Radio Scotland 10am News. The title given was so long winded I didn’t take it down ……. Basically I Think it ment Scotland’s Brexit Minister,

    So they probably got a phone call of complaint from the Government, and this was their cheeky response.
    Akin to refusing to call ISIL…. Daesh…..because that was Alex Salmond’s suggestion.

  15. peter reid

    She was playing to the crowd
    She knows theres a deep rich vein of anti Scottish feelings in England
    Remember Cameron ? The Scots are coming
    That won the Tories the election.

  16. Steve Mackie

    Davidson’s comments should be seen as the gift that they are and writ large on every Indie Ref Election poster and leaflet at the appropriate time.

  17. Gerry Imrie

    An acutely nauseous example of sycophancy if there ever was one. A Scottish so called leading politician, going into a gathering of the English so called ruling ‘elite’ and selling her sole once again, trying to confirm their beliefs and contempt of the Scottish people. This was no ‘joke’. An instant resignation is called for and a retirement from Scottish public life will only go some way in curing this atrocious betraying slight!

    1. scotclogs

      Gerry the spelling is soul not sole, just wanted to point it out to you just as you did for Jean Slessor’s grammar, you where quiet nasty I thought and it’s Your ignorance is astounding not Jean’s, YOU MUST BE A SCOT’S TORY .,And who made YOU GRAMMAR POLICE Gerry, and who care’s.

      1. Gerry Imrie

        I missed your pathetic comment as it was made the following day and not brought to my attention. A typical cowards comment from someone that hides behind a nom de plume. It’s Davidson who’s being ‘nasty’ also anyone that agrees with her i.e. Jean Slessor and you, calling me a Tory, which I find highly offensive, which you no doubt are or you wouldn’t be defending her. Ms Slessors ignorance of the UK’s economics needed to be pointed out to her. Who made you the spelling police? lol My error was made from of being annoyed at the time, also I would have thought you would have at least checked your own Grammer before sticking your neck out. lol

  18. Dan Huil

    The Scottish Cringe is alive and well. Dear god, how sick is it having to get before Scots wake up and do something about it?!

  19. John Maan

    Ruthie you are nothing but a sidewalk tramp Thayer use her own people in order to climb the ladder but the zcons will dump you like dirty clothes

  20. Alexander

    Ruth the mooth makes herself easy prey once again at FM Question time- I’ve said it before, I’m sure she’s been secretly planted there by NS for a laugh!

    Btw-I know who the theives are and it’s not the citizens of Scotland.

  21. Kat hamilton

    Truly despicable comment…think Nicola and co should take off the kid gloves when dealing with this charlatan….at fmq she should be asked to apologise, though still waiting for the slur against Christian allard, being up using the England stats as false and deliberate , and Mrs Mays contempt for Scotland’s say in the EU…time to stop being nice and throw some of the brown stuff at this odious redcoat…

  22. Bob Nugent


  23. Huvtae Case

    As a vandal I will smash the Union to steal back what is rightly mine, I think I am getting the gist of this Tory double speak or am I just reading beyond the Lines

  24. Lochside

    As expected, her disgusting racist comments are suppressed by the BBC and STV. So that the majority of Scots don’t hear about it. Like her disgusting inuendos about ‘large Johnsons’ after the EU vote. She is a shameless, opportunist, without loyalty to anyone or anything but her own miserable career.

    The sadness is that even if her brass necked behaviour was broadcast and highlighted, there would still be a substantial number of so-called ‘Scottish’ voters who would just shrug and view her as ‘decisive’ and ‘strong’.You don’t jettison three hundred years of Brit brainwashing so easily it seems. i despair for Scotland’s future.

  25. Jack Collatin

    Perhaps she is merely ‘craving the social status’ to which other semi educated tenement dwelling Scots aspire, according to Cleese, the Minister for Silly Talks.
    This follows her Laugh In with Brewer on Sunday. She appears to think that £1.6 billion in cuts to public services, welfare benefits, disablement benefits, and now the Bedroom tax being introduced for pensioners is one great big jolly hockey sticks wheeze. Oh, how she laughs and cackles heartily.
    She may be considered by some to be a psychopathic idiot, who cares not a jot for her fellow Scots’ wellbeing, social organisations, reputation, or prosperity.
    Some may say that. I couldn’t possibly comment.
    She should resign immediately, and publish a page long apology to us all in the Unionist MSM tomorrow.
    She shames our nation in front of our English neighbours. For that, she will never be forgiven, nor will we tire of reminding her every day henceforth.

  26. One eyed rober

    Lol hoo voted for her not me she is just ther to shout down nickala sturgeon every time she says some thing for Scotland she has keywords to start here mouth going thay are independence NHS trident and eny thing to do with all the cut back’s I hope that nickala gives her it tite for us the Scottish theves and if there ever is a war the English can fight it the Scots don’t look after back stabers like her

  27. Iain

    One of my cousins is married to a Zimbabwean who talked about how his parents (born 1930s) and grandparents (1900s) used to believe sincerely that they were lazy, stupid and incompetent. How sad that Ruth Davidson has adopted her superiors’ opinions about herself. That really is very sad.

  28. Anonymous DisinfoSec

    Clearly having a dig at Tory leadership….

    If Sturgeon had said it would it be misrepresented??

    No coz SNP bully media to preach there divisive narrative..

    comments just prove people just read headlines !!!!

  29. Scott

    Being one of the vandals and thieves the tank bull referred to I emailed her asking an apology but so far no reply so I take it she is exactly the type of person I think she is a typical craven tory wanker.

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