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Fury after BBC Brexit documentary ignores Scotland – Towards Indyref2…

Fury after BBC Brexit documentary ignores Scotland

brexit iplayerPoliticians and commentators in Scotland have demanded answers from the BBC after a documentary about the Brexit vote completely ignored Scotland.

The documentary, Brexit: The Battle For Britain, was billed as an examination of the inside story of how David Cameron’s referendum plan backfired – and Vote Leave won.  It asked ‘How will this political revolution reshape Britain’s politics?’

However, despite promising a UK wide examination of the EU referendum, the programme failed to make any mention of Scotland’s remain vote whatsoever.  The omission prompted angry calls from Scottish politicians and leading political commentators, with MSP Kevin Stewart and broadcaster and journalists Lesley Riddoch amongst many who called for answers.

riddoch tweet

Another who questioned the programme’s geographical focus was writer and commentator Gerry Hassan.  In a tweet the day after the programme aired, Hassan said the failure to include Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was “Part of problem” at the BBC.

hassan tweet

Claims that Scotland had been ignored resulted in a spat between journalist Michael Gray and BBC Scotland’s political correspondent Nick Eardley, with the latter challenging claims that Scotland had been ignored.

eardley spat

Eardley later claimed not to have been defending the programme but to have been challenging claims that the BBC ‘taken as a whole’ does not serve Scotland.

eardley challenging

The row comes in the midst of the debate over the so-called ‘Scottish Six’ which will see national and international news being produced and edited in the BBC HQ in Glasgow for the first time ever.  Unionists have criticised moves to replace the current Reporting Scotland tea-time programme with a more internationally outward looking show, claiming it will be ‘parochial’.

However one of the key arguments in favour of a Scottish Six, which is that Scotland is increasingly marginalised by a London centric news agenda, will have been bolstered by the omission of Scotland from a major BBC network programme.

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16 thoughts on “Fury after BBC Brexit documentary ignores Scotland

  1. Dan Huil

    More proof, if any were needed, that the britnat bbc follows the old prejudice of England = Britain.

  2. baronesssamedi

    Yes, very old and due to lack of education, really. However, they do seem to be afraid to actually use the word ‘England’, even when to do so would be correct, as in the case discussed.

  3. Jill Nicoll

    Yes, I watched it last night too, and wondered why Scotland, Wales and NI didn’t merit a mention. Of course we all know that there is nowhere else in the British Isles bar England . Really brings it home does it not. Get on with the next Indy ref for goodness sake

  4. dave o what

    I need a Scottish 6 like a (what shall I say this time) a giant styrofoam courgette. Point has been made again by others that we shall never have balanced unbiased reporting from BBC so back heel it and MOVE ON. Let them all debate the fibre out of it all day long to keep them amused. Go for digital sound, vision and text media formatting – see what 60North in Shetland has achieved; http://www.shetland.org/60n/video/1

  5. Andy Borland

    The BBC takes aim and blows off both its constitutional feet.
    Aided and abetted by arch anti Corbyn hack Laura Kuenssberg.
    Plus ça change ….

  6. Stephen McElroy

    The BBC shamelessly view the world through the prism of Anglo-Britain; a version of Britain that is skewed by the economic power and cultural dominance of the south of England. Laura’s is typical of the London-centric political and media classes.
    There is no Union; there is a predominant nation forcing its will on the substates – with Scotland seen as a troublesome ungrateful sidekick that has periodic ephemeral spasms of rebellion.
    We need to do better if we ever hope to free ourselves from this clawing, self-obsessed bully.

  7. Iain Barker

    I am not going to apologise for my bad language but I didn’t watch it because I expected no less from the Cuntsberg.

    Vichy Eardley is just the latest in a line of Brit Nats at Disreporting Jackie.

    1. Brian

      Don’t do that C*** thing. It diminishes your argument. It makes it seem like your a complete prat, which of course you’re not, are you?

  8. Kevin Taylor

    BBC: a political television channel with some side-shows, sport etc, First broadcast, 1953 – rebellious Scots to crush – still representing that era.

    Stopped watching their brain-damage on 19th Sept ’14 – haven’t missed it, not a bit. Happier

  9. carthannas

    Once again Laura Kuenssberg proves what a pathetic Westminster lackey she is. No wonder the BBC love her.

  10. Bob Nugent


  11. Carol

    Englands own BBC and as always they are so fat headed they believe England is the UK baism reporting making us pay for a tv licence lying to the Scots Indy baist media stay out of our country Scotland if you cant report our views on crucial events that affect us like Scots being dragged out of the EU by ignorant middle Englanders who know not what they do through lack of education or racism there i have put it right for us Scots hey BBC make a big documentary on that !

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