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FM’s ‘day job’ reply cut because Reporting Scotland lacked capacity says Pacific Quay – Towards Indyref2…

FM’s ‘day job’ reply cut because Reporting Scotland lacked capacity says Pacific Quay

A key segment of a reply from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was cut from Reporting Scotland because the programme did not have enough capacity to show it, BBC Scotland chiefs have claimed.

The First Minister had been taking part in a five day visit to America where she promoted Scottish businesses and trade.

As the trip began, Ms Sturgeon was subjected to attacks from the Scottish Conservatives who accused the First Minister of ignoring her day job.

The attacks were reported by BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme Reporting Scotland on Sunday April 2nd and Monday April 3rd.  The news items included an interview with Scottish MSP Annie Wells who was heard complaining that the First Minister should have been at home dealing with education and the NHS.

Asked on April 4th by BBC Scotland reporter James Cook for a response to the Conservative attacks, Nicola Sturgeon replied: “It’s rather hypocritical, this week when I’m in the United States, the Prime Minister is in Saudi Arabia, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is in India and the Secretary of State for Scotland is in Burmah so the idea that somehow for political leaders to take their country’s message overseas is wrong seems, if you’re a Scottish Conservative to only to apply when it’s the SNP.”


However when the interview aired on that evening’s Reporting Scotland, the key segment of the First Minister’s reply was cut by the flagship news programme.

Responding to complaints that the editing of the First Minister’s reply amounted to bias in favour of the Scottish Conservatives, a BBC Scotland official refuted the suggestion.

He said: “James Cook’s report was focussed on what the First Minister was doing in the USA.

“The clips from the interview, shown on Reporting Scotland, covered subjects such as the purpose of the First Minister’s USA visit and her response to points made by critics.

“It is a necessity, and editorially justified, to edit clips from a long interview for inclusion in a short news report.

“We do not accept that the use of the material from the interview in this instance was inaccurate or biased.

“The interview itself was broadcast in full on other BBC outlets which have the capacity to do so. We are satisfied that we covered the FM’s visit to the USA fairly, accurately and impartially.”

Speaking to Indyref2, one person who complained to the BBC said: “The Scottish Tories had been attacking Nicola Sturgeon for days using the ‘day job’ barb, the attacks were broadcast on Reporting Scotland.  The First minister responded by pointing out their hypocrisy, it was cut from Reporting Scotland.

The complainant added: “It’s nonsense to suggest a lack of capacity was the reason Nicola Sturgeon’s reply couldn’t be broadcast on Reporting Scotland.  The segment they cut was barely twenty seconds.

“If Reporting Scotland includes Tory attacks on the First Minister then it is obliged to allow the public to hear Nicola Sturgeon’s reply, especially if it exposes Tory double-standards.”

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12 thoughts on “FM’s ‘day job’ reply cut because Reporting Scotland lacked capacity says Pacific Quay

  1. twathater

    I have read many blogs saying that we are over reacting to the deliberate bias being shown against the SG and the first minister by ALL the major msm outlets
    I and many others have expressed our disgust and anger at this blatant corruption of the media outlets , constantly lying , obfuscating and willfully misrepresenting anything to do with the SNP SG , make no mistake this is a deliberate assault on the people’s democratic right to balanced reporting and is anything but investigative journalism

    Thankfully we have independent REAL INVESTIGATORS AND REPORTERS in WGD, WOS INDYREF2 , and many other wonderful blogs and sites to digest and expose these liars and charlatans for what they are , but unfortunately these paid SHILLS and sycophants have the ability to stream their disgusting garbage directly into our homes and effectively BRAINWASH the citizens
    I am truly sickened by their constant abhorrent misreporting of the NEWS, and I know that an independent Scotland will require broadcasters and reporters to keep us informed and up to date , but I as a sovereign Scotsman demand that the government of our Independent country revoke the licenses of STV and BBC and remove them and their tractors from ANY broadcast media

  2. Arthur Martin

    It’s extremely frustrating when the BBC repeatedly fails the people of this country with its pretty obvious attempts to prevent balanced coverage of the news.

    I got that sick of it that I cancelled my TV license & SKY subscription fairly recently. I just reached a point where I knew that things won’t change until after Indy and decided that I wasn’t paying for their propaganda anymore.

    There isn’t much that we can do about this situation and as support for Indy continues to grow it will only get worse.

  3. Anne Meikle

    It’s those sitting at home watching the news at tea time. They will have seen the accusations on previous days and not know the FM replied. They are not getting the whole picture and the BBC reporting Scotland do this sort of thing All The Time.

  4. David Sillars

    Another one frequently used particularly the Guardian is “Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP” rather than the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon. How is this bias arrived at is it subconscious or is it editorially planned?

  5. michael boyd

    I remember the piece you did re who was more objective: Forfar lad James Cook or Glenn Campbell..it seems the BBC will find away to close down the objectivity.

  6. Clydebuilt

    Frequently noticed when an SNP person says something particularly effective for our side, it will be deleted.

  7. Robert Graham

    no reference to the little inconvenient fact that holyrood was in recess so in effect she was on holiday , i wish the SNP would refuse contact with this clearly biased BBC Scotland , they are never to be trusted and people might start to wonder whats going on .
    It must be made clear this propaganda mouthpiece will get no access unless it drastically changes and stops its dirty little tricks . we know they are at it on a daily basis its time the public learned also
    Even Trump called them out and he aint the brightest spoon in the drawer .

  8. JPJ2

    Unionists at the BBC have been employing people just like themselves for decades.

    What we are faced with is institutional unionism. Some of the bias is deliberately manipulative, some of it an inevitable consequence of de facto cloning.

    BUT they will continue to deny this bias until independence is gained in spite of them.

  9. Bob Nugent


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